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Saturday, February 25, 2017

93.7 Fm Z 93.7

93.7 Fm Z 93.7, Online 93.7 Fm Z 93.7 Radio internet, 93.7 Fm Z 93.7 USA Radio manhattanites experienced A series of small earthquakes today Measuring from . to . on the richter scale. There were no reports of damage or... knocking Seismologists say the tremors were centered In the battery park... Hey, roberto, what's up? Diane, you've got to get out now. There's a gas leak. The fire department's here. Now! Excuse me. We're headed entirely in the wrong direction. heavy accent ): Do you think? Yeah. Gracie mansion, that's behind us. That's a good start. But we're going uptown. Up! Please, not to worry. I'm not worried. It's just that we're going to be driving an awfully long time If this is how... I have a confession. I don't know where this crazy mansion is. Gracie. Gracie mansion. All right. Whatever you call it. I don't know where it is. I don't know where anything is. I should never have taken up this line of work. Complete mistake. Okay. My mistake. Okay, okay. Hang on a minute. I should sit back there. You should drive. How about this? You drive And I'm going to tell you how to get there, okay? Okay. sirens wailing Company . You must be bruce summerlin. That's right. Chief ahearn. Oh, I know who you are, sir. Man: Hey, chief... We're hanging in there with you. You put the mayor back in his place. No, don't hang in there too tight. It's one thing to fight city hall It's another thing to win. Doesn't matter. You're taking care of your own. Sir, I've got a gas line rupture Somewhere in this building. Probably in the basement. Yeah. -year-old lines, they blow from time to time. Where are you? We've got the building evacuated But we're still waiting for utility To shut down gas and electric. Yeah. Well, it's chilly out. Most of the windows are closed. You've metered the explosive limits? We're smack in the middle of it. Best we could do considering our response time. Gas is pretty strong. You'd better deploy ventilation equipment. Well, yes, but without con ed Killing electric at the pole We're risking an explosion. I don't want to get my men hurt. Nobody wants your men to get hurt. But somebody's got to make a decision soon. Okay. Let's deploy this equipment and air this thing out. O'leary, get that fan installed. Nickerson, mcauley, you two go in. Let's open every window in the place. Man: Get back! Get back! Are you all right? Are you all right? Now, breathe easy. Just breathe easy. Oh, my god. Hank, I'm so sorry. This never should have happened. The building was empty. We should have waited For con ed to cut off the power. It was a bad call. It was the right call, summerlin. With all due respect You've been sitting behind a desk for a long time. I admire what you're doing for the department But you should keep your fire fighting to city hall. Hey! Get those lines over here! Cabbie: Is it your home? Evie: It belongs to the city. The mayor lives here. The mayor? You know the mayor? A little. I'm his daughter. No! Well, this is very something. I will introduce myself. Nicholai karvoskya. Evie lincoln. Nice to meet you. How long you been in the city? Three months. Three long months. Don't worry. It only gets better. See ya. horn beeping loudly It's about time you got here. Nice to see you, too. I like this. Well, let's say it shows off the best and hides the rest. Which is most of me by now. Grandma... Man: Now here's a sight For sore eyes. My two favorite women in the whole world. Always the politician. You're right, mom. You're right. Aren't mothers Always right? Ladies and gentlemen, mrs. Lincoln, my mother. applause And ms. Lincoln, my lovely daughter. applause And dinner is served. Shall we, ladies? Daddy. Evie, I understand you have an upcoming meeting With bickerton, craig and coleman. How do you know about that? I was in law review with bickerton. He called me. Daddy... This has to be on my own merits. If he's looking for city contracts... Take it easy. Take it easy. Stop selling yourself short. Last time I looked, you were the star Of the public defenders' office. Just not sure if I want to work there. Maybe... I'm not ready. Nonsense. Big paycheck, big office...

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