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Thursday, February 23, 2017

94.3 Fm Wild 94.3

94.3 Fm Wild 94.3, Online 94.3 Fm Wild 94.3 Radio internet, 94.3 Fm Wild 94.3 USA Radio the big move and everything. What do you mean by "everything," mom? Danny! Don't want to be late! Morning, danny. Mrs. Thorell. How are things at home? Fine, thanks. And for you? Fine, thanks. truck rumbling church bells ringing Man: You're crazy! Oh, no. I'm not crazy. I'm mad. What did I ever do to you? You lied. Wait a minute. I think you're a little confused, noname. You're not doing anything to me You're doing it to yourself. And take that thing off your head in here! Yo, I'm telling you You've got me mixed up with somebody else. You're getting all over my nerves now. 'cause that sure don't sound like the me I know. Well, you just keep kidding yourself, hear? Wait. Yo, I'm telling you you've got this all wrong. Yes, I got this all wrong. You came in here last week Begging for a job. Playing on everybody's sympathy. You got me so sucked in I made a plea for you to the pastor. "he's a nice young man," I said "from the neighborhood. Just trying to make a little pocket change." You really think he's going to remember who the hell I am? I do. I loaned you $. I didn't take no job! Listen, you asked for the job. You got the job. Now, do the job. A man is only as good as his word. Look, my word is good enough on the street. Now hear my word. If you ever try to get over on me In front of my pastor You will be the sorriest young man That ever lived. Now sweep. Has the jury reached a verdict? Man : We have, your honor. Judge: What say you? Man : We find the defendant, joshua theo bingham Not guilty. doorbell tinkling chuckling Hi, baby. Hi, dad. Nice suit, that's new. How can you tell? I can tell. You are such a creature of habit. You get the same thing every time. Uh, maybe I should order you something else? Oh, actually, I don't have time. How's ballet? It's fine. Choreographer's still picking on me. And of course you don't deserve it. Absolutely not. Honey, you have talent and opportunity. If you don't want to work at a job Why don't you work on dancing? Yes, sir. So, the usual? Oh, I hate when you say that. If history serves You'll have an incredible story For why this is necessary. You're making fun of me. No, I'm not. This is my favorite part of this whole ritual of ours. Now, come on. I'm waiting. My apartment building blew up. What?! Yeah, it did. Gas leak, boom! Oh, diane, your life is complete chaos. I know it must seem that way From your ordered and organized life. But it's not that crazy. tears paper All right. Thanks. I'll be staying at a friend's. I'll let you know the number. Why don't you stay with us? Because then we wouldn't meet For these lovely little lunches. chuckles All right. Here's cab fare. If you see your mother, spare her the details. She'd only worry. And take care of yourself. I promise. All right, honey. Bye-bye. You're my hero. Love you. Hey... Hey! Get in. Where to? th and fifth, please. Is that a map? Yes, but no problem. I know the way. Big streets, no problem. inhales exhales New york air never tasted this good. They say the best things in life are free. Well, all I know is I wouldn't be here Without you, miss lincoln. They believed in you, joshua. I don't know what to do to thank you And I don't want this to sound Out of line or anything But could I buy you lunch? Thanks. But I have an appointment already. A big law firm wants to offer me a job. This may be my last case as a public defender. Big changes. Yes. And the question is, do I want them? Are you afraid to get what you want? Maybe. Don't be. Don't let anything stand in your way. If there's something good out there for you, take it. What happened to my mild-mannered accountant? sighs I just want you to get everything that you want. You deserve it. Thank you. Take care. Okay. Cheers. Dostrovya. phone ringing Hello? Woman: Daddy! Hey, evie. What a pleasant surprise. I'm making good on our agreement. I only have a minute But I wanted you to know I'm taking that meeting. Congratulations. How does it feel to be moving up in the world? I have to admit, it feels pretty good. Mind you, I didn't say I'm taking the job.

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