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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

95.9 Fm KXLR Rock

95.9 Fm KXLR Rock, Online 95.9 Fm KXLR Rock Radio internet, 95.9 Fm KXLR Rock USA Radio We had a deal! Five hundred years, I've waited. Five hundred years, I've planned. Really? I guess must be the new . What say we share your beauty secrets over a pint, eh? A god does not prattle with mortals. She gonna be okay? I... I don't know. The amount of magic she's used, sometimes you don't recover. I should have never led her back. Selfish bastard, I am. You've done what you can for now, but we have to stop destiny, or everyone's at risk. He's right. He'll have this city by midnight, the eastern seaboard by dawn. Then, what's to stop him? He'll be a god. We don't need another one of those mucking about. All right. Get them! They're everywhere! Everywhere! Yes. Yes. My will be done. Fool! How can you hope to defeat a god? Not only can I sense you, you cannot defeat my shield. Since when does god need a force shield? The justice league are on their way. Suppose that couldn't be helped, but make sure they stay well away from destiny, to not be struck mad, unless you want a bunch of crazed super blokes ripping apart the city. A little late for that, my friend. John, listen to me. You've been affected by magic. Get away to space now. Sorry to have to ask this, Jason. At least you're asking. Gone, gone, the form of man. Rise the demon Etrigan! So Constantine calls once more. Just like a greedy, wanton... Save the bloody rhymes, and top that git! Killjoy. I've had many years to think about you, Etrigan. Call this poetic justice. Holy crap. Looks like you've finally beat the curse, my boy. Wish it were under happier circumstances. What are you doing? Calling for help. I just hope he doesn't realize it's me doing the calling. Who dares strike at me? The defender of the green, swamp thing. Perfect. Glad to see you back on your feet, Zatanna. Whatever you're gonna do, do it fast. The so-called guardian of the green who secretly hopes to be human again. Let me dispel you of that notion. Back to the dirt, where you belong. He's getting more powerful by the second. What the hell are we gonna do? I say we go and talk to a man about a horse. Did you hit your head or something? You're babbling. A Trojan horse, Boston. Come on! Over here, you wanker! You are puny and disrespectful. Let me see your madness. Well, that's the trouble with someone like me. Been there, done that. I shall make you beg for death. Can I beg you to stop talking? I mean, all wizards are touched, but you, you're a full-blown nutter. I will tear your soul apart. And what happened to not prattling with mortals, eh? You chatter like my grandma at a book club. Now, Boston! Trick or treat, freak! Is that a sword in your chest, or are you just glad to see me? Merlin sends his regards. Oh, and by the way, you lose. I don't think so. Johnny, I was... I was under a compulsion. You've got to save me. You owe me. You owe me! Sorry, mate. Can't take the chance that destiny is still pulling your strings. John, please! Help me! Help me, you bastard! Help me! That was unpleasant. What the hell did I miss? Z, you're okay. I thought... My head feels like the morning after Brixton. Surely not that bad. So Merlin's spell hath ended. It would seem so. Though it's a "good news, bad news" sort of thing. What's going on? Yeah. He wasn't wounded. Unless I miss my guess, that happened on the day he was bound to Etrigan. And now that I'm not... I'm truly sorry, Jason. Don't be. It's a welcome end. For years, he and I have been bound. A demon from hell, a knight of renown. Though we were cursed to be slaves to each other, I know of no man I'd want more for a brother. Farewell, mortal. You couldn't have picked a better place. The village where he was born was over there. Too bad it took this to get him home. Batman asked me to be in the justice league. And you're considering it? I visited their headquarters a few days ago. It's interesting, and like you said, maybe it's time to make a difference. Listening to me now? Uh-oh. They want you, too. Good one, Z. Too right, they do. You have got to be bloody kidding. No way. Batty would go mental. He was the one who asked, and I told him that's what you'd say.

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