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Sunday, February 19, 2017

96.5 Fm Radio Kenai

96.5 Fm Radio Kenai, Online 96.5 Fm Radio Kenai Radio internet, 96.5 Fm Radio Kenai USA Radio Damn it! Here it is. We've got to get out of here. One more second. Now, John. There's no time. Got it. Oh! Shit's really hit the fan. You had to go there, Boston. Let's get the hell out of here. Hmm. I don't recognize it. Me, neither. But if there's a person alive who can, it's Ritchie. Are you forgetting when you made your friend despise you? This is too bloody important for hurt feelings. Constantine. Bollocks. You've arrived in time to witness my... Ritchie! Get back, you bastards! John, help Ritchie. Take that! Boom! No pulse. We know! We know! Come on! Why? I see you have a few tricks of your own, eh? Not everything requires magic. Make sure he sees that right when he wakes up. If he wakes. We need to talk, you and I, but if you try and summon Etrigan, I'll fill your lungs with bile before the first verse is done. Savvy? The situation was not how it seemed. The apartment was like that when I arrived. Richard as well. Come on! You were all over him. I was attempting to help. When you burst in, I knew I'd get blamed, so I ran. Do you believe him? Jason's not the murdery type. He's chock full of honor, loyalty, and rubbish of that sort. Then tell us why you were there. Richard is known as a collector of the arcane and supernatural. I wanted to see if he had something that could gain me access to this place. Why would you wanna break in here? For this. The single most powerful conduit of evil in the history of the world. He named it the dreamstone, but it's really the stuff of nightmares. I was a young knight, green as grass. With visions of battle-won glory dancing in my head. Needless to say, these were dispelled thoroughly. He called himself destiny, but Merlin told us he was a man of science one time, before he went insane. Destiny forged the dreamstone with black magic and his soul. He used it to subject people to their most terrifying nightmares and then feed off their torment. It was actually the demon Etrigan who won the day. To battle, Etrigan. Should you succeed, I will release you of your bond to me. If freedom is what's up for trade, then destiny's as good as slayed. You haven't won, Merlin. This isn't over. I swear it. Release me, Merlin, from your care. My duty's done. 'Tis only fair. I'm afraid that's not possible, friend demon. I apologize to both you and Jason blood, but your future portends a shared destiny. Caught now, imprisoned in the form of man, I fix the demon, Etrigan. It was also the beginning of my eternal life sentence with Etrigan. I didn't think you'd give it up willingly, and though this piece is useless without the other half, it's far from powerless. Safe enough where it is. Displayed like a tourist trinket in a Karachi bazaar? Neat, isn't it? The house keeps my valuables out of phase, so they don't go wondering off. But, still, the timing of the stone's appearance and its power indicates that it's somehow involved with these crimes. Which is why it stays here, where only I can get to it. I think me, them, and everyone else who knows you might want it to be somewhere else. Your friend is awake. Ritchie, who was it? Who did this to you? Faust. Felix Faust. You sure? Mmm-hmm. There you are, you old bastard. I give you wizard and asshole extraordinaire, Felix Faust. Hell, I should have put it together. Conjuring a whirlwind is just his style. The league had a run-in with Faust, but his location isn't in our database. Yeah, well, wizards don't make a habit of signing up for credit cards or social media. His grandly named observatory of the cosmos is hidden from the likes of you and superman, but not from me. Felix Faust. What's happening? If this were a computer, I'd say it's frozen. Cheers. Felix Faust would take precautions against locator spells. There's another way, but it involves asking a favor of someone that I don't have the best relationship with. Someone else dislikes you? Shocking. Your friend slips from the mortal plane. John... Keep him alive and safe. Understand? That is not my purpose. I don't give a flying shag what you think your bloody purpose is. I order you to help him any

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