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Friday, February 17, 2017

99.7 Fm Q-99.7

99.7 Fm Q-99.7 , Online 99.7 Fm Q-99.7 Radio internet, 99.7 Fm Q-99.7 USA Radio but with Boston, things tend to get complicated. His spirit was called by the goddess Rama Kushna. She took pity on him and gave him the power to possess the living, so he could bring his killer and others to justice. Hey, I don't wanna brag, but I'm good. Why did he feel the need to write on my walls like a child? Uh, yeah, he's sorry about that. Mmm. Where is this address? GPS doesn't seem especially useful tonight. It's not an address. The house of mystery tends to move around. I didn't put the symbols in there for the GPS to find it. I wanted the house to come to us. She can't hold it. Do something. There. Into the house! Z, you all right? Yeah, as soon as you get off me. I should have known you were the reason I'm not back in London enjoying a pint. The house always did like you better. Odd trio for a road trip. To what do I owe the visit? The league thinks that a recent spike in homicides may have a magical cause. Told you something stinks. Now we know someone doesn't want us asking questions. Looks like you've cracked it wide open, mate. What did he say? Uh-uh. I'm not playing telephone between you two. We online? Great. Sorry about the Batmobile. I hope your insurance was paid up. What, is there even a policy for something like that? Mmm. Hey, I told you not to do that, orchid. Use a bloody door. I am glad to see you are well. How new is this one? Not what you think. It's the magic of the house. Decided it wanted to experience humanity and gave itself a body. It sure did. A spirit whose existence is not its own, like myself. Interesting. Um, yeah, we are that. Dead smooth you are, mate. Hey, it's been a while, you know? Powerful in true magic. Angry at John. This, I understand. Yet you still have feelings for him. I could kill him. You exude pain. Your life is a patchwork of blackness with no time for joy. How do you cope with it? I have a Butler. That was enlightening. Well, I guess we should have that chinwag about now. Demons! It's not me! I've given birth to the devil. It's the... Rama Kushna says this will break down the walls between the planes. Even the afterlife will be affected. Yeah, it's dodgy, all right. I'll look into it. Meanwhile, the house will drop you wherever you'd like. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Rama says we have to work together. Come on! It's a dream team. You, me, Zatanna, Batman, maybe even the justice league. The capes and tights crew, useless against dark magic. That's why we need you. You can lead us. Boston, do I strike you as a team player? Much less a team leader. Point is, even deities can get it wrong. It's how we got the appendix, neanderthals and reality TV. Z, your help I could use. Okay, if we do it as a group. This is the monkey cage in Sumatra all over again. "Ooh, we need to save the monkeys," she said. You're such an ass. Oh, not the monkeys. Says the man who has Newcastle and other screw-ups on his resume, costing lives and souls. But not monkeys. You're still way ahead on dead monkeys. They used to be a thing. Mmm. You just have to make things... We're wasting time. He's dead,

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