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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

98.1Fm K-Wolf 98-1

98.1Fm K-Wolf 98-1, Online 98.1Fm K-Wolf 98-1 Radio internet, 98.1Fm K-Wolf 98-1 USA Radio Publicly. At the press conference. Yeah and recommending us and saying that we're awesome. Yeah, cause we are. Nate can't get into the press conference. Don't worry. We can get you in. Did you make samples of Alien Chic? Yes. It keeps me up at night. To get the fall line designs for the press conference. Let's go. You gonna change into Nate? Or do you need a phonebook? It's a phone-phone booth. I need Maurice. Finally. All right. I'll be quick. I'm getting pretty good at this. Wait. What are those? It's Nate's fall line designs. There are samples? Just two. I've gotta be quick to make the announcement. No, no, no. You're not gonna wear them. We should wear them. We should wear them. We're gonna wear those. Why would you wear those? Don't try and trick us and take all the credit, Kate. We're smarter than that. Give those to me. Excuse me. We will wear them. Okay. Shh. Help me. Help me. Okay, here. The fourth largest apparel concern in North America. I'd now like to invite Lee Kassell to say a few words. Mmm. Yeah. How many? 'Kay, coming. I built Kassell to last. When my first wife, Amanda died... Stop. How'd you get in here? I need you to know, Colin, before you sign... that I have no intention of joining you at Frost. Furthermore, I recommend Kassell's power duo, Tannis and Simone would be far better... to head the Frost design department. They are awesome. Don't laugh, peasants. This is the new fall line. That is not the new fall line. I dunno what the hell is going on here... but that is not the new fall line. It isn't? It isn't but Elise thought it was. Security. Please escort this man out. Maurice, the video. Get out of my way. Don't. Don't. Don't touch me. My Colin is gonna have to have design files... if we're gonna get a jump on production. Oh, there it is. The early fall line. This is even better than how we got Kate. You should really consider bangs. It would be really cute. This is our ticket to better, girls. You would turn me against my own daughter? Lee, no. Lee, you misunderstand. Just stop. You've hurt my dad long enough, Elise. Oh my God. Is that you, Katie? Only my mother called me Katie. The name is Kate. Ohhh. Kate? Oh. We figured that out already. Like a long time ago. It all makes sense. You see, Katie the traitor came back as Nate the traitor. That's-that's what happened. I would stop talking unless... you want us to play the next video? A little number I like to call 'Storage Room with Colin.' What? I-I... It was me that you heard in there. Remember. You wicked, wicked girl. No, it's not true. It's not true. Maurice, the video. Wait. Stop. I think it's time for these two gentlemen to escort you out. Goodbye. You'll regret it. I've ordered , units of that monstrosity. Ladies and gentlemen, Frost's new fall line. No. Go you half-wit, moronic baboons. Go. Move, you bobbleheads from hell. Just move. Kate. I'm so sorry. Can you ever forgive me? I wish Mom were here. I think she is. I know she is. Ladies and gentlemen. I present to you Kassell's fall line. 'Girls Will Be Boys.' Bravo. Bravo. Maurice, this is Jennifer. She's thinking of joining us here at Kassel. Hi. Hi. Thank you. Mm hmm. If he ever asks you out dancing, make sure you pick the club. Oh my God. Is that Daniel Bergeron? His shoes are to die for. Not just his shoes. Hi. Hey. Kate. Come see. Hey, dad. Here's the creator of our new runner. Not a runner yet. Let's wait until it's in stores. No. So what do you think? Oh, I couldn't say. I just say what I think and regret it later. I think it's beautiful. And... Um, I would maybe add a trim. Why not? Yeah. Yeah, good idea. What do you think, Dad? We could embellish the waist line. Yeah. We could embellish... Colin, I want you to know that we will be happy... to do whatever it takes to help Frost recover. Oh, I think I found the perfect job for you. This room hasn't been sorted in years. Enjoy. Buttons. With as much as you've seen, can you rule it out? The criminally insane don't need magic as an excuse. I recommend spending more time on the streets instead of flying over them. Hmm. He's even friendlier

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