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Monday, February 13, 2017

100.7 Fm KXLL Excellent Radio

100.7 Fm KXLL Excellent Radio, Online 100.7 Fm KXLL Excellent Radio Radio internet, 100.7 Fm KXLL Excellent Radio USA Radio It's not a negotiation. You're going. Oh. Go on. What? It's not like... Nothing. Nate takes all of his his sketchbooks... home with him at night. Whoa. Forget sketches. My Colin is going to need the design files... if we're going to get a jump on production. Oh, there it is. The Early Fall Line. This is even better than how we got Kate. Way better. Oh, this is our ticket to better, girls. Oh. To bigger and better things. Well, I have a lot more if none of these work for you. Please stop, Bella. You don't understand. Eventually, one will speak to you. He wants me to do press and pictures as Nate. We have a winner. Okay. You'll look gorgeous. I have just the thing. Hang on. No. Bella, I can't. Can't? Can't. Buttercup, have you learned nothing. If you think you can't do it, then you can't do it. But what if you believe you can, and you arrive as Nate and you do your best version of me... and you answer wild and witty questions. Oh yeah, and then-then you-you-you whisk off... and you are Kate and then it's, 'I'm just a girl standing in front of a boy, ' and you steal his heart and you dance. Honey, I used to do five changes a show. You can do one. Sounds easy when he says it. It always does. Ohhh. Wait... this is mine. It's gorgeous, Bella but I'm arriving as Nate. I won't need a coat. What about the ride home? Hmm, hmm, hmm. Look. Nate. Well, how about that? Oh, it's marvellous. Isn't it. Come with me. Now, listen. There's gonna be lots of people you know... and those you don't know I'm going to introduce you. By the way, Ron is here. Who? Ron Sakamoto. From Zoom. You apprenticed with him. Ohhh. Ron. Yes, yes, of course. The Ronster. I'm just gonna run to the loo. Uh, I've got to freshen up. All right, hurry up and comb your hair. I want this interview over so I can zip outta here. I think you have to wait to be called. Why so glum, chum? Nothing. I've been stood up, I think. No, no, no. I'm sure you haven't. I'm certain of it. You know... She's probably just running behind schedule. Yeah. I'm sure he's... I'm sure you're right. Um, you know, excuse me. I gotta... I gotta take this. I'll be back. Come on, Kate. You haven't lost your prized show dog already have you, Lee? You should keep him on a short leash. Colin, you annoy me. Go away. I was afraid you changed your mind. No, just my dress... about billion times. Nate. Gotta go. Ganymede. Oh, Mr. Frost. Colin, please. I am a big fan of your work. Wish I could say the same. Look who's getting cozy with the enemy. Aren't you a little glass of sass? Ho, ho, ho. Are you worried your prize designer will jump ship? Don't worry, Ron. I won't make the same mistake you did... by letting talent slip through my fingers. I've never heard of him before your runner. Nate didn't work at Zoom? Did he say that he did? I'll call HR. Why don't you come work for me? You're young. You should be with a winner. I prefer to work somewhere with a little bit of legacy. Nothing lasts forever. Glare away. Okay. Ha, ha, huh. Ugh. Hi. Wow. I'm sorry that I was late. It's okay. Um, I want to dance with you. Okay. So formal. Trying. Look at you. Barely recognize you. You're all coordinated. Shut up. You're not so bad. Mm hmm. Hmm. Excuse me. Kate? What... I didn't expect to see you here. I'm with Daniel. Oh. Yes. Hello, Daniel. Ah well, uh, Daniel have you seen Nate? Uh, yeah. He's around somewhere. Uh, he's got a very important press interview. I can't seem to find him. Anyway... well, enjoy yourselves. Uh, will you excuse me for a second? You okay? Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. I'll be back in one minute. Hello. Oh, you're going to mess up my lipstick. Are you always this pushy? Only when I want something this badly. How would you like Nate's entire fall line? Oh, you wicked, wicked girl. I think it's a good time to finalize deal points. You'll have papers ready for Kassell. Mm hmm. And for me as... Full partner in every sense. And my daughters? Huh, fine. You have to bring Nate with you. Mm. Well, I can't promise that he'll come. Where else is he gonna go? What was that? Hello? Hmm. Something must have tipped. Let's go.

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