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Saturday, February 11, 2017

102.1 Fm Oldies 102.1

102.1 Fm Oldies 102.1, Online 102.1 Fm Oldies 102.1 Radio internet, 102.1 Fm Oldies 102.1 USA Radio It takes balls and I could learn a thing or two from you. Hmm. Does Mr. Bergeron carry a little torch for someone? Nope. Really. No one? No. Nobody? Aw, come on. You can tell me. She's a designer. Kate. She was working here before you arrived... and she's talented but humble. She has no idea how beautiful she is. She's the opposite of everyone here. And, um, I don't know. I just can't stop thinking about her. It sounds too good to be true. Yup. Y'know, I've been burned before. She doesn't really look interested anyway. She is... I wager. You simply must find out. I'm dying of curiosity. Yeah, you're right. What, um, are you calling her right at this moment? Yeah. You're right. I'll-I'll give it one more try. You know, I-I just... I left something... I'm just gonna give you privacy. Okay? Daniel? Hi. Hey, I was just, um, thinking about you. Yeah. I've been, I've-I've been working at this vintage shop... called After The Ball, and we just got... these 's stilettos in, and I was like, Daniel has to see these. You should, um, you should come by. Yeah, sure. Seriously, drop by any time. Okay. Okay. Okay, bye. Yes, I... you know... Yes. Why is he so happy? So how did it go? Thanks, I mean, you-you were right. She-she invited me to stop by her work. So, um, I'm knocking off early. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. No, no, no. You're-you're going right now? Yeah. Wait, oh you can't. Why? Um, oh gosh, look at, look at the roads. There's traffic just... Wish me luck, buddy. Halt. A man is just about to come out and get in this cab. It is very important that, um, you don't take him on expressways. He has a real, uh, dizziness problem on expressways. Oh, man. Sounds like you want me to delay him, uh? Uh? Ohh. bucks. Yeah. Vintage clothes? Like old clothes worn by other people. Ew, I need a shower. Why are you singing that? Oh, because-because we're spies... we're spying. Is that Daniel? Daniel drives a cab. No, getting out of the cab. Yeah. Getting out. Going into the same place. Maybe they're working together. Or maybe they're having an affair. Okay. Hey. You came? Wow. You look great. You've got something... Oh, yeah. It's, uh, a cheek cleanser. Um, come in. Kate lives here too. Of course. Daniel and Kate are the spies... leaking Kassell designs, Simone. Phew. Solved. I just solved it. It's us, dummy. Us. We're leaking the designs. Mm hmm. Do you remember...? Yeah, no I just... that... you make a good point. I'm quite impressed. I didn't take you for a chocolate connoisseur. There's a world of things you don't know about me. A world of manly things you don't know. Hmm. I tried to call you a couple times since you left. I tried. I didn't succeed. Why not? Um, I don't know. I'm a little bit out of practice and an idiot. Well, don't let that stop you. Hah. It's not easy for me asking out the boss's daughter. Well, we're out right now, aren't we? It's not the same. I didn't ask and you know. Okay, well ask me. Where do you wanna go? Anywhere. I promise I'll say yes. No matter where? Mm hmm. You name it. Do you want to go to the Fashion Week Ball with me? Oh my God. I... yes, yes. Of course, I'll go with you. It took a long time. You're sure. Yes, yes. I would love to. Okay, good. Okay? Okay. Hello. I'm calling about Nate Ganymede. We have just hired him here at Kassell Designs... and I was just wondering, did he work well with others? Really. Team player. Employee of the month. What month? Versace. Sergio,. I'm sorry I do not speak foreign. Buongiorno. Gucci. Come va? Bonjour. Chanel. Dolce Gabbanna. I'm telling you this for nothing. If he had worked here another month... he would have discovered the cure for cancer. Everybody loves Nate. I think I might be starting to love Nate. We are so screwed, Simone. Don't worry. We'll figure it out. This is it. Are you nervous? Oh, I may faint. This is good, right. I mean, it looks good. Elise, let's uh, set Nate up with press for the trades. Is it worth it for a dress? No, but they want to talk to the designer of the new fall line. This early fall? Mm hmm. Oh geez. What about Tannis and Simone's line, Touch of Glam?

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