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Thursday, February 9, 2017

103.9 Ted FM

103.9 Ted FM, Online 103.9 Ted FM Radio internet, 103.9 Ted FM USA Radio Hmm. Nate was just telling me that he finds Kassell boring. It's a bold strategy for a job interview. Boring? How so? Oh, honey, I can handle... I'd go to Kassell to see something new. Now I go there and see what I see everywhere else. I don't think your designers are being challenged... to come up with surprises. Well, surprises can be disastrous. Exactly. Take this jacket, for example. It could have been a disaster but it works... and the customers told you that. Yeah, we sold a million of these coats at least. Literally a million, uh huh. And we opened six other stores with this. Kassell's one of the few companies left with, uh, in-house manufacturing. Only for samples. Why not try limited runs. Lee, what luck. Nate is not only a designer but also a businessman. Yes, but we have discussed limited runs haven't we? But every sample costs us thousands of dollars to make. I mean, this is all very inspiring but talk is cheap. You're right. So Nate, you, uh, you like surprises, do you? I do. Yes. Well then, surprise me. Bring me something unique but simple enough... to build in-house. Consider it done. If I like it, we're going to put your theory to test. You won't be sorry. Oh, come on. Let's have a little fun. Friday. Friday. Friday. I still can't believe that worked. What? You guaranteed me it would. Well, I'm on medication. Strong medication. You should never listen to me. Congratulations. You are now a designer. That's exactly my problem. I don't have anything to present. Elise has already seen my portfolio. There is nothing that they have not seen before. No. There must be. Yes. Yes. Dad and Elise missed my school showcase. They haven't seen this one yet. If you had an attentive father, you wouldn't have been able to... trick him into distributing your designs. Ahh. Oh Kate, that is absolutely stunning. The hautest of haute couture. Kassell should be knocking you off. And that's just what they'll be doing. Welcome, everybody. We are here to reveal our new line: Touch of Glamour. So it's a mixture of glamour and touching. Go ahead, touch it. We also have a variety of animal prints for a sustainable living... and you can really mix it up with this piece. Work at drinks; Your choice. A couple of accessories in the bathroom and tada. Is this daywear? Yes. Because it looks like eveningwear. Yes. All right. Thank you. Love it. Practical and affordable. Boring, predictable. Wait. We have one more pitch from a Mr. Nate Ganymede. Present. I don't think you go from day to nightwear... by adding earrings and a pair of sparkly heels. Now that's just me. All right. This is Everyday Princess. Trust me to transform. Women don't want a Touch of Glamour. They wanna be the belle of the ball. You know what women want? I wanna be the belle of the ball. I thought we agreed you weren't gonna speak. Just because you work a to ... doesn't mean you don't dream of becoming someone else. Here we are. Who wouldn't want to take this lovely lady for a spin? You made that sample in two days? Yeah. It's just something I whipped up. Forget about : cocktails.

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