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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

105.9 Fm KDFJ-LP

105.9 Fm KDFJ-LP, Online 105.9 Fm KDFJ-LP Radio internet, 105.9 Fm KDFJ-LP USA Radio Now obviously this is not going to work out. Clearly. You need to clean out your desk... and I will have HR arrange two weeks of severance. Can I have my phone back please? She totally played me and I walked right into it... and now I can't even work at my own family business? How could Lee be so blind? She's driving the company into the ground. She's stifling the designers like some evil corporate witch. No offense to witches. I have gotta show him who Elise really is. We have to do something. That's it. Let's do something. That's the spirit. Let's egg their house. What are you, twelve? You know, shame on your father. Why didn't you tell Lee that Tannis and Simone... stole your designs... in the first place? I tried but Elise. I don't know why I'm so scared of her. I open my mouth and nothing comes out of it. I know exactly what you mean, buttercup. I have the same problem. You do not have the same problem. He just says what he thinks and then regrets it later. You need some of Richard's chutzpah. Yeah. Richard you stand there and people listen to you. You know, they make space for you. Come. Let's have them listen to us. We'll tell them, 'Make your own damn designs.' Make your own damn designs. Make your own damn designs. Or I'll kick your ass. Your surgery enhanced asses. Yes. All the way back to the tanning salon. Kate. Richard. What-what if Richard applied to Kassell to design? See this is when Bella's had too much wine. And the mind. It's the first thing to go. I don't mean you as you. I mean you as him. We could get some clothes from the shop. Think Twelfth Night in disguise. Good Madonna, please give me leave to prove you're a fool. Why? To do what? You need to get back into Kassell. You need to get close to your dad again. You can't do that as Kate. Where's that picture? There. The little boy model didn't show up... and your mother used you instead. Oh, is that you? That's her. She said it's all in the attitude. See, he didn't even recognize you. Wow. Oh, no, no, no, no. I know that look. No way. You need to go back to Kassell... as someone that they will listen to and take seriously. I'm a man. Here I am. Yes. No. No, no. No, no. If you walk like this, people are gonna think... I have my hands here... look. See? Look at this. Look. No, I haven't done this since we mounted 'Cyrano' at the Centaur. We also did a little play. Can't remember the title. Just turn your chin. Last night, this was really funny... but I just... I don't... Don't talk. You know the sideburns and the eyebrows could be better... but the jaw; That's the real giveaway and that is... let's go show Bella. It's Nate Ganymede. Sergio, you will not regret this. You haven't seen a designer this good in a very long time. Trust me. Okay. Ciao, bello. Oh, yes. Hello, may I help you. Jaw line's a real giveaway don't you think? Ah, Kate. Fooled you. Oh geez, Richard. Are those contacts? Are you ready to go for a test drive? No way. No way. No, no. Just remember... remember do the opposite of what Kate would do. Just be me. Be me. Wait, no... Help you with something, pal?

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