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Sunday, February 5, 2017


720 AM KOTZ, Online 720 AM KOTZ Radio internet, 720 AM KOTZ USA Radio I mean, well you know, I mean, you've grown up. Yeah. Four years, you know. No, it hasn't been that long, has it? Okay. Um, I'm very sorry that I missed your graduation. No... No, it was-it was rescheduling the... Yeah. No, Dad. I'm sure that you were just really, really busy here and... He's a very busy man. Ah, here I am apologizing again. No, Dad, I'm sorry. I... We need to reconnect. Dinner, Friday. You pick it. My treat. Okay. Okay? Yeah, let's do it. Great. Yeah. Good talk. Hello? Are they alright? Oh. I'm so sorry. It's okay. Ow. You gotta start wearing a helmet... I'm sorry. They're really nice, these shoes. Thanks. Wanna try them on? Oh, no, no, no. It's okay. Come on. I've never seen... them with someone. I have to get back to work anyway... This is work. Okay. I'll do it. Safer that way. I'm an odd size. Yeah, they're a bit big. They're nice. Nice? Oh, you're a designer. You can do better than that. Okay. Um... the pitch needs work... and the width of the last is a bit narrow. I would actually close the peep and lower the vamps, and then you could just- just get rid of the straps. I don't know. I was expecting maybe like one adjective but... I asked. I'm sorry, I didn't... I-I asked for it and actually you're right. Yeah, you're right. Well, buttons await. If I can find my way back there. Do, uh, can I walk you there? Oh, yeah. Sure. Okay. Um, kids? Married? I'm quite unattached. Same for me. Yeah, Maurice was telling me... Ah, Maurice. I like the guy but sometimes... what did he say? I'm a broken man hiding in the basement licking my wounds. Cursing my fate. That you were single. Oh. So terrible, all these people laid off? Yeah well, back when Mr. Kassell actually gave a damn, this used to be a great place to work. Now he's like some mythical beast. You know there's been sightings but no one knows much about him. Including me. Well, you just got here. You do know that he's my dad, right? No, really. What? Oh. Just going over everything I said in the past ten minutes... Oh, uh, I'm... I'm sorry. I thought you knew. I thought everybody would know that. No don't-don't be sorry. Um, I'm the one that was bad mouthing him. I didn't mean to make you feel bad. Really? Yeah. Whoo. Ow. Huh. Looks like we're neighbours. Yeah. I might have taken you the long way. Hmm. It's a beautiful room. Very cozy. That yours? Yeah. They... it's-it's really nothing. They're just really loose, uh, sketches. Is that me? No. That's me. It was... I... it was another designer. The coat is awesome. It's a really nice coat. Thanks. It's yours if I ever get to design. Well, thank you. Um... Thanks. There you go. Have fun. I'll let you work. Try not to hurt anyone. Yup. Bye. Bye. Okay... I don't know why she hasn't quit yet. I dunno. I think buttons are kinda cool. Shh. If she won't quit. We'll just have to get Lee to fire her. Yeah. Hey, I just finished, uh, metals versus plastics. Follow me. I was just telling the girls... this is a waste of Katie's talent. It's time we moved you into design. Thank you, Elise. I promise I won't let you down.

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