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Friday, February 3, 2017


750 AM KFQD , Online 750 AM KFQD Radio internet, 750 AM KFQD USA Radio So you're the daughter of the man whose business is built on... taking our designs and turning out knockoffs... and you'd like a job? Yeah. Uh, well that's actually why I went to fashion school. Dear, you're obviously very talented... but with your pedigree who would hire you? Nice meeting you, Kate. Ow, ow, ow, ow... Shouldn't you be in bed? I'm allowed to stay up to these days. Hello, my darling Kate. You look so thin. We need to get some soup into you. Richard's here. Richard. Did you call your Dad... or is this another secret visit to Montreal? All hail the conquering heroine. There she is. Hup. You look more like your mother every day. Doesn't she and she has the talent to match. My goddaughter can make a ball gown out of a burlap sack. Oh, such fond memories of burlap. Not for mixed company though. Vino, Tinto? Yes, please. Who's that? It's Dad. He's sorry that he missed my showcase... and he's asking if I want to work at Kassell. Seriously and work for my stepmom and her two devil spawn. Forget about them. You could design. You could learn the trade. I want to work in a couture fashion house, Bella. And I want to perform 'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert' on Broadway opposite Channing Tatum. I'd pay to see that. Honey, anyone would... but sometimes even the best ideas don't work out. What'd you do if you were in my shoes? Get new shoes. Amen. If I were you, I'd take his offer. You have nothing to lose and you never know... where this might lead. But seriously, new shoes. No one wants to see a dentist with bad teeth. Okay. Who's pouring me some of that vino? You're going for a job in fashion... and this is what you're wearing? Oh, stop fussing. Well, at least let me add some colour. Humour me. Are you okay? Ow. You okay? Just... I'm a little bit nervous and um, it's my first day. So... It's gonna be fine. Just go slowly. All right, I'm going to try this again. Kassell Clothing. One moment please. Kassell Clothing. Hi. I'll see if he's in. I'm here... She's in a meeting. Excuse me. Can you just... With whom? Hello, girl who can't work a door. Hi. Um, I'm here to see Lee Kassell. You can speak to the Vice-President, Elise Kassell. Fantastic. Let me be very clear. The price I will pay is the price I was quoted. I don't care about the shortage. I didn't cause the typhoon. So what you need to do is get me that shipment at that price. You got it? Fine, thank you so much. Yes, okay, thank you, bye-bye. Katie. Oh my goodness. Is that really you? It's been so long. Look at you. What a cute hat. That's so brave. It's good to see you, Elise. What are you going here? Well, uh, I was going to see my dad. Oh, your dad's in London for the week. Yeah... It doesn't matter. Y'know your stepmom is here for anything you need. Just ask away. I'd like to take him up on his offer of a job. Wow. That's great. I... you know what I think I'm just surprised... because there was that, you know, difficult separation before you went to New York. Yeah, um, here's my portfolio. It's just... it's some mock ups and sketches. I thought you wanted to work in couture? I'd love to work here. I grew up here and it's the family business. The business has changed so much since you were young... and so has the family. Oh Katie, we are thrilled to have you back. There's just a long queue. Everyone wants to design. Well, I don't want any special treatment. Really, you would just work your way up... and pay your dues just like everyone else? Of course. That... that's just such a great attitude. You know what, I'm going to put you under Tannis and Simone... and just keep it all in the family. Your daughters are designing? You'll see them in the meeting. What meeting? Everyone, this is Katie. Go take that seat, dear. She is fresh out of design school... and here for some real world experience. I see everyone has a water and I don't. I guess I'm not thirsty. You okay? Yeah. It's really... It's okay. It's-it's... I'll take care of it. I'm sure no one noticed. So sorry. Don't worry. Nobody here thinks you're awkward or anything. Oh my God; No one. We're all just embarrassed

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