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Sunday, January 29, 2017

1290 WOPP Country Radio

1290 WOPP Country Radio, Online 1290 WOPP Country Radio Radio internet, 1290 WOPP Country Radio USA Radio Video Production Services at the bus stop across the street from your father's store and I saw you cleaning the garbage cans." So, I went up to my father and I said "Boss," I always called him "Boss," I said, "Boss, I can't clean the garbage cans anymore." You were ashamed? No. No, you see, that's what he thought. To me, it was practical. How am I supposed to ask them out, if they know that I clean the cans? Well, you asked me out. But you didn't see me clean the garbage cans. I could have guessed. So what did your father say? Did he let you off the hook? No. He said, "What, you're ashamed? What are you ashamed of? All you have to be ashamed of is stealing. Nothing else. Clean the cans." He could have told Big Mendelson to do it. Big Mendelson? Mm-hm. He worked there too until things slowed down. Boy, did he have a nasty mouth on him. He belonged in the back, trust me, in the refrigerator. I thought he was hilarious, but we had to let him go. What did Big Mendelson do? Well, on Thursdays, my father, he would come back from the chicken market, he'd dump all the chickens in a pile and people would come in and pick whatever chicken they wanted for the weekend. Anyway, this one woman, Mrs. Sklon, she would always come in, she would pick up a chicken and she would smell its mouth and then smell its rear end. It got to the point that one day Big Mendelson couldn't contain himself. He said, "Mrs. Sklon, could you pass that inspection?" I swear I've never seen anybody get more mad in my life. She picked up a knife, tried to stab the big guy. So that's why your father had to let him go? Well, he had to. He had to. By then he said lots of things like that. But about Mrs. Sklon, Big Mendelson was right. She was no picnic not even for me, and I was the nicest boy in the world. Oh, I never doubted that. For better or worse that's what I was. Am. Are. You had humble origins. Like Abe Lincoln. Honest Marcus. Working side by side, every day with your father. He was, mm, he used to be, something great. That's true. Used to be? He is. So what about your father? He's a doctor. What kind of medicine? You ever see him working, at his office? My father? There's nothing to tell. Nothing? Nothing. Nothing at all. Surely there's something. Marcus Games practice tact. You know, I can give you a recommendation. For what? A summer job. At Anker's Flower Shop. You're a natural. knocking at door Hm? You have a guest. Markie! I don't know what it is. Is he sick? Does he have something? Markie, I think he's losing his mind. You know how he was with you on the phone about the operation? That's how he is with everyone, about everything, all the time! At the store, he's yelling at the customers. And my God, in the car, in the truck, he's been driving around Es County all his life and suddenly everyone on the road is a maniac except for him. The horn, he honks the horn from the second we leave the driveway. We're losing customers, Markie. They all go to the supermarket now, and who can blame them. People call, I take their orders, make some conversation. He used to like that I talked to the customers. Now he grabs the phone from my hand, "You want to talk to my wife, you call at night, not during business hours," and he hangs up. What's happened, Markie? Have I been living all these years with a time bomb? All I know is that-- something has made my husband into a different person, into a monster. You should have told me, Mom. You should have told me how bad it was getting. I'm sorry. Why should I bother you? At school, with your studies? Take him to a doctor. Take him to Dr. Shildkret. Maybe he can give him something to calm down. He won't go. He refuses to go. There's nothing wrong with him. It's the rest of the world that's in the wrong. Then you see Shildkret. Mom, you're as strong as a person can be and you've become a wreck. He's killing you. Oh, Markie. Darling. Should I? Can I possibly? I came all this way to ask you. You're the only one I can ask about this. Could you possibly what? What? I can't say the word. What word? Divorce. Oh, Ma. You're in a state of shock. You don't know what you're saying. You've been married to him for years. You love him. I don't! I hate him! I sit in the car as he's driving and screaming at me and I hate him and loathe him from the bottom of my heart! That is not true. Even if it seems so, it's not a permanent condition. Just see Dr. Shildkret, please, at least as a start. Do it for me. I'm seeing a lawyer. What? Yes. I've already seen him. I have an attorney. So you met in American, you said. American History to . I'm also taking Principles of American Government, but Olivia is just in American History. That's why she brought the textbook. So I could study. Your son, Mrs. Messner, is a star student. He always asks the most interesting questions in class. I wouldn't be surprised if Professor Sundquist weren't a bit intimidated by Marcus. Marcus has always been a straight-A student. It's because of that he has been awarded the scholarship. And you, Miss Hutton, do you - are you enjoying your studies? I enjoy the books, yes. I'm going to be a French Literature major. French literature? Is this something of which your parents approve? Well, my father is a very practical man. But he hasn't suggested any alternative, so I have to assume that he believes, from a practical perspective, that it would be a waste of his time to think about it. And your mother, Miss Hutton. Oh. My mother isn't very practical at all. But she has visited Paris, and loved it, so I think I should have her vote if it should come to it. It sounds like you have a very democratic household. That's very American. Yes we are American. Though as a student of American civilization, Marcus, you must remember how Benjamin Franklin once defined democracy? Democracy, he said, is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. bell tinkles Ma. Marcus, I won't divorce him. I'll bear him. I'll do all I can to help him. I'm sorry I even allowed myself to have such thoughts. I'm sorry I told them to you. The way that I did it, here at this hospital, with you just out of bed and starting

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