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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Mix 103.1 Fm

Mix 103.1 Fm, Online Mix 103.1 Fm Radio internet, Mix 103.1 Fm USA Radio Add to your site. Only Kaalinga could check the lab report except the Doctor. When we lose something close to our heart, it makes us feel that it is still with us! How did you come so early ? Who was he ? Nobody... Who ? Was he him ?? Angaraa.. Anusuya, Did you sleep well?! What do you need ? Anything to ear or drink? I have got your favorite sweet laadu.. eat Why?? Didn't you like it ? Don't you like it if I feed you ? Do you want your Angara to feed you?! Dint I keep you happy ? Why did you need him ?! Don't you like me ? What do you like in him ? His charm?? His body ? or the costume he puts ? Would you like me if I wear costume like him ? How do I look now ? You like it this way right ? tell me.. How is my costume ? Do you like it ? Are the colors nice ? Please leave me, this will not happen again. Please.. I am in lot of pain. Do you know what day is it today ? It has been days since you Angara died. This is his funeral food! Eat... eat Nobody is there at home. I have called the police. WHY THE HELL DID YOU CALL THE POLICE? Every year you hear that screaming sound right ? In the evening? Even Doctor told the same thing about Anusuya. Yes, from that mountain, there is Kaalinga's old house present near by. th day means, July th... means today! I don't know what Angara had to do with this. But we do not have much time left. Come this way. Anusuya, see what I have got for you ? Do you know what day is today? your Angara's Funeral day!! Please take me to the doctor. Not to the doctor. You want to go near your Angara. I do not know who Angara is! YOU ARE LYING! ANGARAA.. Many politicians and even police officers are also involved in the illegal sand mining. The police officer has been suspended. I have to tell you something. Yeah, tell. Come, I will introduce you. Someone else if waiting for you inside. ::, --> | see. That's why I'm worried, he has... But the procedure is very simple. No, no, no! I need you to keep your arm still orlmay hurt you. I'll ask you to close your fist. That's it. Well done. Right, just a little. Are you OK? He's dizzy. Take a deep breath and you'll feel better. Can you get up? Let him take some air first. Here, have some water. -Would you like somejuice, mom? -Yes, please. Pierre? I want to take a shower. Just a second. Look, I'll say it one last time. Gas. Gas, when you leave home, close the tap. It cannot be open. And there's that trick. Yes. The oven knob doesn't work. It's simple. You're not . Now this is important, look. The chicken is here. It's enough for two days. Tuesdays and Thursdays, chicken. Mondays and Wednesdays it's meat. The other days are free. Rice's here, all ready. What's in the fridge? The little one, the ground beef. In the blue tuppervvare, right? The soup also, ok? In the round tuppervvare. ltold you, . Money... Right. The money's here. lfl need more, who do | ask? Vania? Ask Vania, sort it out. Vania you're gonna do the washing, right? Yes. Vania will do the washing. She'll come once a week to wash it. Don't forget their uniforms, huh? -I know. They don't have many t-shirts. Don't worry. Okay. lt's them. It's alright, sweety? It's alright, ok? Give mommy a smile. Mommy will be back to fix you dinner. Don't worry, don't worry, ok? Mommy will be back to fix you dinner. Stay here with with auntie Vania. Come on, mom. God be with you. Go, Go. Vania. Go. Pray for me, my friend. Be strong. Pray for me, everyday. Cuffs in front of her family? Mom! Please, that's not necessary. What are you looking at, damn it. off, this is a lie! Pierre, Pierre! Go to hell all of you! Aracy! Get lost! Mom, let me go too! Sweety, go back! Pierre! Pierre! Pierre! Cut if off! Cut it off! Go mind your business. How shameful! Go mind your business. ldiots. Eat a little, dude. Eat some. Pierre, you spent the whole day here... You need to eat, get some glucose into you. You need to eat something, dude. l'll speak openly with you, you're seventeen and... I think you deserve it. -I know I was adopted, ok? My mother told me and I'm ok with that. You weren't adopted, Pierre, you were stolen. It's quite different, you know? Adoption is when a mother doesn't want her child and hands it to another to care. But someone got into that hospital and stole you. You're a miracle, dude... It's been seventeen years looking for you. Think, times . It's more than days, man. offerings, prayers. lthink your mother prayed so much that the saint got fed up and handed you over. Here's some pictures of your family. This is yourfather, his name's Matheus. -l have a family already. Look, Pierre. Look, those people spent ages looking for you, dude. This is your mother. Her name is Gloria. And you have a brother, dude. Joaquim, his name is Joca. Pierre... Do you wanna know your real name? I already have a name. Just a few words, please. Pierre... Pierre? Pierre? Move away. Please, just a statement, Felipe. Please, Felipe? Felipe? Felipe, talk to us. Felipe, what do you think about your mother's behavior? Please, move away. Please, just a few words. lt's Pierre, damn it! MONSTER Pierre... l'm Sueli. How do you do? I'm lara, I'm the aunt. I'm the social assistant.

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