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Monday, April 24, 2017

KBear 104.1 Fm

KBear 104.1 Fm, Online KBear 104.1 Fm Radio internet, KBear 104.1 Fm USA Radio Add to your site. Hi, yes. She's here. The Chief of Police is coming with her biological father. I can't speak now. What time is it, Matheus? They'll be here at any moment, calm down. Let me answer it. Hello? Yes, let them in, thanks. They're here. I'll go to the gate, OK? Yes, go. Marli... -Yes. Marli, they're here. Hi. Welcome! Hello, how do you do? lara, this is Marli. How are you? Look, Marli. The big boy. Felipe. Come in, come in, everyone. This way, please. Hi, what's up? Make yourselves comfortable. lara, do you want some whiskey? Yes, please. Juice? What a beautiful painting. lwork with art too, I paint. That's great. The whole house is beautiful, full of... Would you like to see the rest? Shall we see the whole house? This is where we have lunch and dinner. -Wow, nice. The dinning room. This way, look. Lilies are good to harmonize the room. I love lilies. This is the kitchen. Marli, when it's ready, can you serve it, please? OK. -And somejuice and whiskey, OK? Shall we go upstairs? See the bedrooms. This way. Joca, let's show your room. Come, son. Shall we go upstairs? Then you can see the bedrooms. This way. Come, lara. Wow, is this you? Yes, a portrait of me. Cool. This is Joca's bedroom. It's a suite. There's a climbing wall. -Yes. Cool, huh? Come see your bedroom, Pierre. Wow, big room! I didn't put anything so you can make it your way. lt'll look great. Shall we have dinner? It must be nearly served. Let's go. I've come straight from the class... I'm hungry. Let me know when dinner's ready. Excuse me. Hi. Hi, how are you? I'm lara. We are Cristina's biological parents. How do you do? Hi, my love! How are you? Cristina! Hi, beautiful. She looksjust like you. -Very similar. Hi, Pierre. How are you? Hello. Let's go, my love! Shall we? Where are your suitcases? -Would you like a drink? lthink we'd better go to avoid traffic. Let's go, darling. Come on. The coffee won't take a minute, you know? But the traffic... -Was it hard to find it here? -A little. Shall we go, love? Come with daddy. We're going to Disney. Did she tell you? Yes. She's excited about it. Yes, we're going to Magic Kingdom, you know? There's the castle of the princesses. Do you like the princesses? There's a dinner. The princesses dress up, do their hair... Let's go, darling. Come on. There's this costume... Darling! Oh, Cristina... I don't want to go, auntie. -I know, darling. I know. You are scaring the girl like that. For Jaque, it's like a bomb that felt on her head. For you it's great joy, I know and I'm happy for you... But you must be a little patient, take a seat, have a snack. It's gonna be alright. It's gonna be alright. Pierre is coming, right, Pierre? lara, you come too, OK? Bye, thank you all. Let's go. Cristina, shall we stop for a hamburger? Do you like hamburgers? Cheeseburger? Coke? Let's go to McDonald's. You'll love it. Bye. Bye. Thank you, Sueli. Do you want a cigarette? I don't smoke. Take one. Take one, man. It'll be good. No, I'm fine. l have an idea. Here. Here, your turn. ! Come in, put it here. So we can unpack it all. Look, there's a big wardrobe. With many hangers and drawers. Put it in here, Joca. Thanks, son. Go get grandma's little red bag. Sure, my pleasure! Oh, Joca. I'll get it. Pierre, your grandma sent you this. Did you like it? It's cool. Well, let's sort things... How do you want to organize your shirts? I can't open this. Leave it for later. No, let's unpack now. Right. Shoes go in the shoe rack. What are these? Shorts. Let's sort t-shirts, shorts. I can do it... I'll do it later. No, let me do it. Look, like this. Is this a T-shirt? Some things are a bit creased. I can iron them later. This too, lthink it's a t-shirt, right? Leave it for later, really. No, let's unpack now so you can relax. Are all of these t-shirts? T-shirt. This too. -And this. No, wait. Oh, a dress... Must have come by mistake. It's a friend's. Don't forget to return it later, OK? Leave it for later, really. Look, we can put it... l'll organize it my way. ljust want to help you, son. lwant to rest now, seriously. OK. You prefer to leave it like this? Then you can put it... I'll just take a shower. OK. If you want, call me and I'll help you. Is there a towel in the bathroom? There's a towel in the bathroom... Yes. Mayl bring you a sandwich, somejuice? Do you like it? I'll just take a shower. OK. Can I... Are you sure? Pierre... Are you sure? Pierre... Pierre, may! bring you the sandwich? I'll just take a shower. Mayl bring thejuice? Pierre... Darling, take a photo with Felipe. Take a selfie. Look, Gloria, get your phone. Let's take a picture. Joca, take a selfie with your brother. Dora, don't you think he looksjust like... He has the family's countenance. Shall we take a selfie, everyone? A selfie here with Felipe. Wow, look at Marli's effort. Spoiling the boy... We'll bring something to eat soon, okay? Sorry, it's just that today everyone's very nervous... Happy... What sort of music are you into? What style? Felipe, Lipe, Lipe, is back home... Felipe, Lipe, Lipe, is back home... Come back, Felipe! Come back, Felipe! Felipe, sing a song now. Sing, Felipe! Come on, Felipe!

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