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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Movin' 105.7 Fm

Movin' 105.7 Fm, Online Movin' 105.7 Fm Radio internet, Movin' 105.7 Fm USA Radio Add to your site. Always having to accept something so you don't leave again. l have a limit. Enough Matheus, please. What next? Soon he'll be on high heels at grandma's house. What's wrong with high heels? lt'sjust clothes! Don't speak back, please. Stop touching me! Enough, look, please. Stop it! Did you push your mother? Don't you ever push your mother! Don't push me, damn it! -You don't push your mother! Don't touch me! Let go of me! Get the off! Do you think I chose to be here? Let go of me, Gloria! Do you think I chose to be stolen twice? Twice! lwas sto A Catholic queen rules a band protestant heathens. I fear you speak too plainly. Forgive me, My son, Sir John, He's not yet married Your Majesty. Forgive her, Your Majesty. I can scarce believe such a man came from my womb. Look at your thighs, your Majesty, have you ever seen such powerful thighs? I confess I have not. He could Sire your children, your Majesty. Scores and scores of years of Catholic children. Shall we proceed? Mary, run. Mary. Mumma. Long live the Queen. Catholic devils. Your Majesty. May I, advise the adviser? Si, My Lord. Go home, wee David. When the time you govern Scotland,huh, but no more, for the Queen, she has returned. Go home, it will soon be too hot for you here. My mother died here? Aye. I should have been here. You're not to blame for that, the English are. Lady Huntly. Your Majesty, you are attending a Catholic Mass. A Catholic Mass in a Protestant Scotland. Bring me two dozen men, armed to the teeth, "The body of Christ," First we had the mother, and now the daughter, and nothing deliver us from this monstrous regiment of women. Mr. Knox Si Why do you force your way into the house of God Because this is not a house of God's, This is a Catholic chapel. I am a Catholic And this is a Protestant country, Your Majesty, I have no wish to change that I would practice my religion in private... as I was doing until I was so rudely interrupted. I will not impose my religion upon my country. The Roman faith is a pernicious weed. It must be trampled down, down. less they spread and strangle the country. Do you accept me as your queen Ay And my conscience tells me to practicing the Catholic faith Do you wish the Queen to do something against her conscience Conscience must be formed of knowledge. You're a wee girl with little knowledge, My mother wrote to me often, Mr. Knox, She mentioned you. Did she, Your Majesty She told me that you thumbed the Bible morning and afternoon and then at night, went home to your years old wife a wee girl...with little knowledge, Mr. Knox and the craved pleasure in ravishing her. She mentioned it, Mr, Knox for, she knew I was missing Scotland. and she thought news of such hypocrisy as yours, would make me miss it slightly less. It worked, for you visited Scotland not once. Not even once. during your years in France. God deserves greatly does he not, Mr. Knox and making a weak girl such as I.... your sovereign. God has not erred. You must learn. We must teach. And thus we build upon..... Majesty It is a sad day, when the Queen of Scotland... takes advised from an Italian. You must obey your queen, Ay. Then go. I can not. But you have just said that you must obey your queen I have to obey Almighty God, and only then.... only then, my queen, Majesty, Your Majesty, Anyone who puts a finger on this Queen, and he will die To the people of Scotland who fought to rid their country the Roman Catholic devil and here it is in the guise of a woman. Disperse, disperse. or suffer your fate. Move. Do as I say, make way for Scotland They are only Catholic devils Anyone who harms this Queen, he will die. Disperse. Disperse. They are most barbaric. Thank you. They hate me. No. They hate your religion. Thank you Bothwell. Yes Your Majesty, Stand for your queen, You will stand your queen. Mary, these men are Protestants, they cannot for a queen that practices the Catholic faith You will stand for your queen, you will stand, Lord Gunn. I will have no violence. I saw violence enough for when I was a child I've come to bring peace to Scotland, I'm sorry I have caused you such great offense, I an newly arrived from France, and Mr. Knox is right, I have a lot to learn, Scotland is indeed a Protestant country. I am however, a Catholic Queen. My conscience... be formed as it is, Mr. Knox tells me to practice my Catholic faith, perhaps, with your prayers, and with Mr. Knox's guidance, that will one day change. I can rely on your guidance, Mr, Knox Indeed, Your Majesty, I humbly thank you. In the meantime my Lords please, join me in a toast to Scotland that it is Protestant, and will always be Protestant, To a Protestant Scotland, My Lords To Protestant Scotland. To Protestant Scotland. Your Majesty. You called her a wee girl, a silly young thing. Ay. She is not, she is shrewd. She takes advice, shrewd advice from an Italian named Rizzio, Destroy him. I shall. I was told she practices the Catholic faith and the Protestant Lords accept this. Her conscience... It has nothing to do with consciousness, She practices the Catholic faith, so that the Catholics of my country will want her as their queen. You must stop it.

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