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Sunday, April 30, 2017

KTKN - 930 AM Ketchikan

KTKN - 930 AM Ketchikan, Online KTKN - 930 AM Ketchikan Radio internet, KTKN - 930 AM Ketchikan USA Radio Well, I feel like celebrating it. Can't open it till the day though. Then why give it to me now? Call it delayed gratification. Is that... Is that Mount St. Helens? I changed the flight plan, get us home sooner. Great. You realize that's a volcano, right? Relax, Ros. If it goes up, you'll have a ringside seat. Ah. Lucky me. Christian, what is that? Don't worry. Oh, my God! Christian! Shit. Shit. Christian, what is going on? Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! What is happening? Damn it. Oh, my God. Oh, my God, Christian! Stop it! Christian! There. There, there, there, there! Oh, you remember this guy? Kate! Hi! Oh, my God! You're so tan and glowy. You want a beer, Ana? Yes! Please. Please. Hi, José. Hey. Hi! How's it going? So? Congratulations, Fiction Editor. Right? She's a big deal now. And how's, uh, your hottie? Uh, Christian is good. Um, uh... He asked me to move in with him. What? Ana's moving in with Christian. Oh, that's great. You know, we could use the privacy. He's so subtle, it kills me. Stop. So you're serious. But are you happy? 'Cause that's all I care about. I mean, it's complicated, but I've never been happier. Hey, Mia, what's up? Did you hear about José's show? It was incredible. Really. He was amazing. He got rave reviews. I gotta check it out. Wait, wait, Mia. Slow down. Shit. Okay. Yeah, yeah, we're on our way. Um, Christian's chopper went missing on the way back from Portland. They're sending out search parties right now. Come on, let's go. For more on this breaking story, let's go out to the field and our reporter, Rachel Taylor. Rachel? Thank you, John. I'm speaking to you live from the private helicopter terminal at Seattle... They'll find him. He'll be okay. It's Christian. The helicopter was an Airbus helicopter H-... Is there anything we can do? And Christian Grey, although only years old, had extensive flying experience. All right, bye. One of Seattle's youngest billionaires, Grey's the charismatic head of Grey Enterprises Holdings, a multinational conglomerate... Jesus! Will someone shut them up? No, please. Leave it on. Just turn it down please, José. Thank you. You're shivering. I'll get you a sweater, okay? Ana. Tea. He's gonna be fine. He has to be okay. We haven't had any time. We need to have more time. You're going to have plenty of time. We're so glad that you're here with us and in Christian's life. You've made such a difference to him. He never let anyone get close until you came along. Grace, he adores you. I know, but children grow apart from their parents, and that's fine, as long as they're happy. And he is happy with you. And that's all I ever wanted. Turn it up. Christian Grey and his colleague Ros Bailey have been found safe and well and are, at this moment, on their way back to Seattle. What the hell are you all doing here? Christian? Oh, my God! Christian! How did you get here? Later, Mia. What happened? Oh, my God! Why didn't you call? I had an accident. I lost my phone. We know. It's been all over the news. I'm fine. Ros is fine. Dad, he's here. He just walked in. I'm okay. He looks like shit, but he's in one piece. No, he doesn't. Yeah, he does. Guys, relax. I'm fine. Come here, man. Need to say hi to my girl. Okay. Come on, Mom. I need a drink. Me, too. Miss me? Oh, my God. I thought... Hey, hey, Ana... It's all right. Ana, I'm here. I was so scared. I was so scared. I thought I lost you forever. Not a chance. I'm here. That's when all my instruments lit up. Had a fire in the tail, lost both engines. Both of them? Yeah. Thank you. I tried to find somewhere safe to land, but it was all trees. We hit them pretty hard, but luckily we were both able to crawl out of there. Thank goodness. Thank God. Sorry, guys, but I gotta take off. Okay. José, thanks for being here. Means the world to Ana. Of course. Hey... Welcome home, Mr. Grey. Christian, please. Well, it's late, and these two should get some rest. Grace, shall we? Yes. Yeah, I think we're gonna head home too, bro. Cool. We'll walk you guys. Kinda hate to say this, but your guy's all right. I'm glad he's okay, and I'm glad you're happy.

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