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Monday, May 1, 2017

KFSK 100.9 FM Petersburg

KFSK 100.9 FM Petersburg, Online KFSK 100.9 FM Petersburg Radio internet, KFSK 100.9 FM Petersburg USA Radio the millions we contributed to the pediatric wing. But as it turns out, I had my appendix removed earlier this year... and under anesthesia, I apparently proposed marriage... to every nurse in the hospital. Including the many attractive male nurses. REPORTER: Why are pediatrics so important to Wade? I think feet are very important, aren't they? I'm just teasing. I know there's more to pediatrics than feet. Thank you very much. Thank you. Always nice to see you. TERRY: George, congratulations. Terry, how are you? Still slicing? TERRY: Indeed. GEORGE: I bet you are. Hi, there. Oh, yes, the Emile family. Lovely. So good. Hi. Nice to see you. Take care. Melanie Corman. Administration. Ah-ha. My friend Elaine Cominsky wants to meet you, but she's shy. Is that okay? That's fine. I've been too nervous to meet Elaine myself. Good. Don't move. Great tie. Thanks. I was rather nervous about it. Hey. GEORGE: Hey. Hey, your brother wants to see you. What? Now? Tonight? That's what he said. Although sometimes it's hard to tell with the accent. This is Elaine. Oh, hello. Hi. Would you sign my GQ? [ELAINE CHUCKLES] GEORGE: GQ! I see what you mean. Sorry, I thought it was a medical term. You had me all excited. "To Elaine, George Wade." Thank you. Hang on just one second. There's no way I'm running up to Westchester just because he calls. It's absurd. He'll just have to wait. Right on. Hey, man, forget him. Yeah. Should I get the car? Yes, get the car. [DOORBELL CHIMES] Good evening, Mr. George. Good evening, Rosario. Excellent new hairdo. Mr. George. No, I'm serious. You look like a young Imelda Marcos. Hello, George. Hello, Helen. Don't you think Rosario looks particularly lovely tonight? I hadn't really noticed. Rosario, the children need baths, please. Yes, Miss Helen. So how are the kids, apart from dirty? HELEN: They're fine. Can I get you anything? I'd love some Milk Duds. We don't have any. I could send out for one. Oh, no, don't be ridiculous. If you're going to send out, get a whole box. Howard is in the gym. Right. Forty-five minutes, . miles an hour, at an elevation of three. It's incredible how much more relaxed I feel. Helen does an hour a day too. Yes, you both seem extremely relaxed. You can cut the relaxation with a knife. So why am I here, Howie? We lost the West Side waterfront deal because your chief counsel... your latest model-slash-attorney... forgot to file an Environmental Impact Report. I will admit that the law is not Amber's strong point. That's why I fired her. HOWARD: No, I fired her. Just as I fired Debbie from St. Barts' Law School... and Stacy from Online Law School. I want someone from Yale or Columbia or from the continental United States. Women of that level of intellectual ability often find me shallow. HOWARD: Then hire a man. Don't be absurd. Because they wouldn't sleep with you? No, because it would make you and Dad too happy. Dad has been dead for years. Well, there is no reason for him to start enjoying himself now. HOWARD: Get someone who can write a brief instead of removing yours. And she can handle your divorce while she's at it. You are still getting divorced? Unless my ex-wife decides to fall in love with me again, or for the first time, yeah. HOWARD: No! Why do you always find that so funny? It's very hard to say. Hire a real attorney by tomorrow. Don't! Hello, have a good day. MAN: Thank you, ma'am. GEORGE: So you're Russian, you say? TIFFANY: %. Hence, blond hair, blue eyes, cheekbones. Sorry to have kept you so long, but at least I feel I know everything about you. And I you. You know, usually I'm so nervous at interviews, but that was fun. Yes. Isn't fun fun? It's been a pleasure, Tiffany. LUCY: Mr. Wade? Mr. Wade? Hi, I'm Lucy Kelson. I'm an attorney. Have you ever heard of Saint-Tropez Law School? No. What a shame. Where did you go to law school? Harvard. Harvard? Yes. Intriguing. Tell me more. What's your background? I don't see how that's relevant. I work for the Coalition for the Homeless. At Legal Aid. That can't pay much. I'm not very interested in money. [CHUCKLES] Wait a minute. You're Kelson. You lie in front of our wrecking balls. You attacked the Zegman brothers... I did not. It's not my fault they walked under a protest sign. You're not here for a job? I'm representing... the Coney Island Community Center. It was built in . It's the heart of Coney Island. It has adult education, basketball... CPR, Lamaze, water ballet, senior's tae kwon do. It's great. For children, it's a home away from home. I mean, I practically grew up there. It's lovely, but Trump has the inside track. Nice to meet you. No, Mr. Wade, you don't understand. I live there, as well as my parents. They know Assemblyman Perez, who's on the board. If you can guarantee the preservation of this center, I'll guarantee you the build. But why us? Why Wade? Well, I can't get in to see Trump and the Zegmans have a restraining order. MAN: Mr. W? You're supposed to be taping The View in half an hour... and Public Policy needs a quote on the challenges of urban planning. Hey. Right. Yes. Quote, quote, quote, quote...

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