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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

KSTK 101.7 FM Wrangell

KSTK 101.7 FM Wrangell, Online KSTK 101.7 FM Wrangell Radio internet, KSTK 101.7 FM Wrangell USA Radio In English, although I can follow you in German and Japanese if you prefer. She wants double the alimony. No way. [SPEAKS IN GERMAN AND JAPANESE] Given the situation, it's not an unreasonable request. You're referring to the alleged infidelity, are you not? Alleged? He was having with her in our bed. I knew you were worried to get anything on that sofa. How dare you come in here... I shouldn't have said that. Sorry. Please. So you are saying that infidelity is worth twice the alimony. Using your reasoning, any infidelity on her part... would have to be held against her in a monetary accounting. What are you suggesting? The soon to be ex-Mrs. Wade did a little couch time with a company accountant. And he's willing to testify. I have loyal employees. I think it's the health plan. The health plan is excellent. Thank you. You're welcome. We will not agree to pay any... We will pay the alimony... plus $, and a generous property settlement... if you release me from further obligation. You son of a ! What? Watch it or you will not get the estate, Mrs. Wade. Don't call me that! You're just another one of his stupid bimbos! Now, wait! She is far from stupid... What do you think you're doing? LUCY: Went up my nose. Water went up my nose. GEORGE: It's only water. LUCY: Yes. This hankie is very nearly clean. LUCY: Okay. I'll dab you. You may blow. LUCY: Thank you. GEORGE: Good. Divorce always gives me an appetite. Kebab? No, I've never warmed to the idea of a flesh Popsicle. One, please. Chicken, thank you. Why did you give her the money? She'd never have stopped till she got what she wanted. You always say I have a responsibility towards those less fortunate. Everybody is less fortunate than you... so just give the money to someone who's not gonna spend it on collagen. You only want me to be generous to those you approve of. No. I only want you to finally allow me to do my job. You did your job. This morning I was married, now I'm not. You did superbly. Thank you very much. Here, that's fine. You keep the change. Thank you. LUCY: George. Hey, that's my coffee, you jerk! Oh, sir, I'm so sorry. Moron! I thought you're needy. What's wrong? I thought you were needy. Can't a guy have coffee?! I didn't... GEORGE: Come on, Mother Teresa. MAN: My only cup! You ruined it! Jesus, is anyone not going to attack me today? I'm probably not. But I do need your help with something very important. Come on. Okay, now, what do you think of this? Too ornate or do you think it's belt-acular? I don't care about the belt. You're upset. Look, from now on, I'll get someone else to handle my divorces. It's not like I enjoy them. I should go somewhere where no one knows how much money I have. Where is Staten Island? Why don't we go there? You could pretend to be my spinster sister and help me find my new wife. I'm a lawyer. You're the best lawyer in the world. Thanks for the compliment, but Harvard doesn't give a degree in yenta. I'm not here to find you a wife or to pick out your clothes. Oh, sorry. My heroes are Clarence Darrow, Thurgood Marshall, Ruth Ginsburg... Who's another non-scummy lawyer? My parents! My father worked for Martin Luther King. My mother is a law professor. They taught me that lawyers should be treated with respect. I have complete respect for you. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Luce, wait. Wait! MAN: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to join together Meryl and Tom... as they stand before us on this joyous day... proclaim their love and enter into that most sacred bond of all... the bond of holy... [CELL PHONE RINGS] WOMAN: Is that yours? [CELL PHONE RINGING] I'm so sorry. Please continue. Everyone looks so beautiful. Just keep going. Bye. You guys, I'll be right back. Hold this for me. I'll be back. Twenty bucks for your cab. Keep the and let's have dinner. Uh... Keep your dinner. I'll keep my , we'll call it even. Okay, sounds good. Okay, bye. Go. LUCY: George, pick up. What's wrong? Don't tell me the construction permits didn't come through... because I had the application into the Zoning Committee by a.m. MAN: Evening, Miss Kelson. Willie, told you the Mets would sweep.

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