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Thursday, May 11, 2017

89.3 K-LOVE Radio KLOV 88.5 FM Saint George

89.3 K-LOVE Radio KLOV 88.5 FM Saint George, Online 89.3 K-LOVE Radio KLOV 88.5 FM Saint George Radio internet, 89.3 K-LOVE Radio KLOV 88.5 FM Saint George USA Radio Great slip. That's a great dress. Oh, you know, same one as before. GEORGE: All right. Break's over. I'm gonna capture your bish... Hi. LUCY: Hi. We were just playing a little chess. And doing some laundry. Oh, well, that's okay. 'Cause I was just about to go off and have some myself. I mean, not by myself... but with somebody. Somebody else. Oh, you don't know him. He's in my apartment. Yeah, in my bed. His name is Barry. Yeah. Barry in my bed. Okay, bye. JUNE: That was embarrassing. LUCY: Hey. Hey. What's wrong? Thanks for your shoes. Hold on, lady. Look at me. What happened? Nothing. Something happened. I've known you since Brownies, I've never seen you cry. Except when Bush won. Which Bush? Both of them. So maybe you cried twice. This is a different George. MERYL: I'm sorry. It's not supposed to be like this. Maybe it is. Maybe it's like the philosopher Sri Yogananda says: "Only that which is the other, gives us fully unto ourselves." Look. I had to fight for Tom. It was the best thing I ever did. Really? Everything okay? Not now. Everything is not about you! Okay. [MUMBLING] Quiet, everyone. Quiet down, please. Thank you. I have a little poem I wrote for you, Lucy. If you could just come up here. Please. Okay. You ready for this? Rhyme away. A rolling stone gathers no moss. So. You're leaving With your antacids and floss. Our hair perhaps we will toss But we are at a loss. Because you are the world's best boss [CLAPPING] Well, that was a very nice speech you just made... and I'm going to really miss everyone here at Wade. There are a million memories I wouldn't trade... and if you ever get accused of murder, you can find me at Legal Aid. What was that? Well, it was the same thing you just did. Bye. Bye. Thank you. Thank you very much. Nice... FEMALE EMPLOYEE: Bye. Bye. I'll really miss your comprehensive reports. Me too. Me too. Lucy. Thank you so much for everything. No problem. Well, good luck with everything. And I'm sorry about last night. That was awkward. Oh, not at all. Brian was unbelievable. I thought it was Barry. Well, Barry was first, and then it was Brian, and it was just crowded. I almost forgot my stapler. Is that...? Oh, God. What? Never mind. No, no. What? Well, it's just that technically... the stapler belongs to the company. That's right. But... No, you know what? Whatever. It's... The stapler just goes way back with me. And I... Well, no, no. You keep it. It'll be our little secret. Really? Yeah. Oh. Great, thank you. Thank you very much. I have kind of earned it... working here hours a day, seven days a week. Wow. Yeah. Guess that makes you a workaholic. No, actually, those are the hours when you work with George. Well, no. I mean, I can be a workaholic too. That's why I'm vigilant about separating my personal and professional life. Really? Well, I guess that would explain the late-night meeting in your slip. I'm sorry? What? That is absolutely none of your business. My God. Fine. How much does a stapler run? Here, here's $. Ridiculous. It's not yours. What's the matter with you? Give me my stapler. Look. You didn't pay for it. Give me... You have more of these! JUNE: It's not your... Oh, my God. No. No. All we're missing is the mud. All right. Enough. Enough. Leave. Ow! She's hurting me! Leave, leave. Off, off. In here. You are dead! GEORGE: What was that? She wouldn't give me my stapler. Part of a new office supply strip search. Your stapler? Are you still knocking down the community center? Listen. I know you're upset about last night. Still knocking down the center? I've been trying to call you... Still knocking down the center? What is wrong with you? Are you incapable of talking about your own life? Still knocking down the community center? All right. Let me remind you. You came to the hotel. I was with June. We were unusually dressed. You must... You must have some feelings. [LUCY CLEARS THROAT] I don't have to listen to this. God, this is ridiculous. You know what, where do you come off? Where do you come off? Believe it, I didn't take this job to sleep with you. I took this job for a cause. You are a cause! You make Gandhi look like a used-car salesman. My God. You know what I can't believe? How easy you are being on yourself. Why don't we go over this again, okay? You promised me a community center. Yes! I promised, I promised, I promised. I'm sorry. I can't control the economy. I can't control my brother. I did promise, and I did let you down. I'm sorry. You know what? I'm human. I think you'll find a lot of people are! I'm human too! Well, are you? Because you're too perfect, too wonderful. None of us can keep up. That's probably why... all those other guys bolted as fast as their Birkenstocks could carry them. 'Cause you're intolerable and no one wants to be preached to! No one wants to live with a saint. Saints are boring. [DOOR OPENS] WOMAN: Mr. Wade, your brother wants to see you. Right. [LUCY COUGHS] LUCY: Hi, Mr. Wong? Yes, Lucy Kelson. Yeah, it's been a long time, huh? I'm back at my parents' house. It's kind of fun being in my old bedroom and in the neighb... Sorry. Can I have two number sixes...

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