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Saturday, May 13, 2017

KATB 89.3 FM Anchorage

KATB 89.3 FM Anchorage, Online KATB 89.3 FM Anchorage Radio internet, KATB 89.3 FM Anchorage USA Radio I need three number eights, no garlic. It's good your parents went to the movies. We'd never fit. I need one number seven and... I can walk from one side of this apartment to the other in six seconds. Where have you been? Where did you go? What happened to you? Why didn't you come to me? I was your friend de Lisle.You were a great act. Yes We were The de Lisle brothers.Jules and Georges Which are you? You could never tell us apart,Monsieur Barney Which are you? You never tell me you know Another greeting magician, anyway it's a darn good act Thank you You know in that big trick of yours the crowd was so quiet you could hear a twin drop It's a good gag,isn't it? I am very glad to came and passed to see the act Very nice of you,Mr Barney.I have a set of cigars here.Won't you sit down? No thanks.I say did anyone know you two apart? I think even your wives get mixed up sometimes We are not married Not yet That coin spinning routine for the dangerous job very impressive good for the showmanship I know,it's quite true,the coin decides who'll jump You don't say ,well it is a very original act I've never seen such sort of work done before ,you know Don't you ever use a net? No.We don't need one Well,you are very plucky Well,boys What about signing on the dotted line? Monsieur Barney.Will you be our guest? We can discuss it at Café Du Mont Café Du Mont,oh I know thanks very much In,in half an hour? And after you'd have to show me a bit of Paris,you know All right,dear boys,let me give your trade secret Which is which? Shall we tell him? Well,he offered us a contract And the biggest publicity England ever seen So perhaps we tell him.This is Georges And this is Jules As like as two peas in a pot, you boys get away with murder I'll see you half an hour at Café Du Mont Cigars,Monsieur? What have you got? Coronas,Corona,Bulevar, Maestro cigars I'll have two Curados not a corona corona,two Curados One corona,two? Forty francs How much? Francs Monsieur There you are a very,very,lucky face, Mercury the God of luck is in your eyes, certainly pity,if,so I must,help yourself,this I must do for you I will give you one million franc for Oh yes.I've heard that story before,what's the racket? You buy one ticket for the Loterie Nationale win million francs like that Lottery -Hello Mr Barney -Hello There you are boys Sit down Monsieur for only francs Come on you rogue leave our English friend alone Allez, allez vite! Monsieur,I maybe a rogue but the Loterie Nationale no rogue This lottery is it genuine? Yes.You can buy tickets for years and never win anything I'll have a try,give me the book Perhaps I'll be lucky What about you? No,thank you Mr Barney With my compliments I'll have one for both of us Leave my pen -All right,give him a paper around ticket -That's all right Merci Monsieur Merci Monsieur,may Allah bless you with great winning I'll keep the ticket.Jules loses everything Boys,to business,the full season, April to October,, oh, £ a week A hundred pounds a week Monsieur Barney Hundred pounds? I've never paid that to any trapeze act But we are not any trapeze act -£ a week,lot of publicity,star bill.. -We had a very good offer from Barcelona A hundred pounds a week Hundred pounds? Impossible.What about you? Sure you don't agree with your brother? I never do What's your figure? -Let me think.I prefer to accept.. -Yes A hundred pounds? All right,you boys,you win,it's a deal Hundred pounds is lot of money. Don't you drink? I always do it for him Adieux Paris Bon Chance to England Boys,here is success in Blackpool There you are Well, what did you ever assure yourselves like your act,didn't they? Just a moment,what's the meaning of this note,a gag isn't it? No,really,seriously,just a moment. No publicity. We quit.Kind regards. Yours sincerely. Georges and Jules It's a joke Oh,no joke.We have quit. We go back to France Back to France.You can't do a thing like that. Everything is all right for you here Monsieur Barney we do not like to be pushed around You promised us the biggest publicity England have ever seen -Have you seen any publicity Jules? -No I haven't seen any publicity -Have you? -No So we go back to Paris Paris,beautiful Paris Of course you're pulling my leg But joking apart,Georges, Jules, whichever it is Surely my publicity man Mike Bergen has spoken to you -Yes he was very nice -Good Came to say hello Oh it is Mike Bergen.I'll see to him myself All right boys,you won't have any further cause for complaint Mike Bergen Can I do publicity or can I do publicity? What a smasher,what a lay out Me or the poster? The poster What do you think? One day you will break down and say something nice to me I often wonder why I'm so crazy about you Because I'm smart that's why Because I will get somewhere and you know it I'm going to lift this fashion braid right out of Barney's left I'll pack the whole thing over and write it myself Maybe I do a tour,South America, before I am through it will be Mike Bergen fashion follies,you'll see Think we will get away with it this time? Listen,if this goes over big,we will sail out of this site in six weeks

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