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Monday, May 15, 2017

KNBA 90.3 FM Anchorage

KNBA 90.3 FM Anchorage, Online KNBA 90.3 FM Anchorage Radio internet, KNBA 90.3 FM Anchorage USA Radio the French Riviera But he says it keeps us fit So it does Old fashioned Blackpool custom,have one? -Jules? -I'm Georges.No thank you I think I swallowed a few in their natural state You have Punch and Judy in France? What do you call it? Punch and Judy Punch and Judy.We call it Polichinelle Polichinelle Shall we get a look? Don't you like it? Oh Yes fun for children Then I'm a child,I'm a kid You'll be very handsome when you grow up Mr de Lisle My name is Jules Are you with the circus? I didn't see your name No,I'm not important.I'm just programmes,shop-lists,cigarettes Of course I'm really a singer, but you know how it is these days a girl must live I'm sure you are a wonderful singer It's nothing compared with you Will you sing for me sometime? Perhaps -Jules -Yes You'll be late for the show,Mademoiselle -I'll see you later -Au revoir -Excuse me -Got a light? I've been telling Georges,you two being a couple of twins is obviously a good story We can do that by twin competition Very lovely idea Nice lighter -I hope to see you again -Love to -Au revoir -Au revoir -See you after the show -I'll be there Au revoir His lighter? Mike He loves it,see,and you found it, it may be worth a million francs Oh Mr de Lisle How nice meeting you again Hello I was hoping I would see you You live here? Yes,Mademoiselle,I was just going out for a walk,nice evening May I come with you? Yes.Certainly.Enchanter -I simply love walking -Do you? Let's walk You know.It'll be very good.I have something nice for you Thank you very much it belongs to my brother So you are not Jules? No,I'm sorry,I'm the other one,but I'll give it to him No,I will.Is he inside? Yes.He is in the restaurant and finishing his coffee but Then I'll see you later,bye bye Mademoiselle I thought you loved walking -Good evening Madame -Good Evening.I was looking for someone -Mr de Lisle -Mr de Lisle.Yes Thank you Hello -Hello -How nice meeting you again I was hoping to see you My lucky day.Won't you sit down? Thank you Do you live here Mr de Lisle? Please,Jules All right Jules Yes.We live here.Would you like a drink,Mademoiselle? -Penny -Oh,yes But I thought your name was Gloria Yes Gloria Gregg,that's going to be my stage name one day Then we must drink to Gloria Gregg,Penny Waiter! What would you like? A gin and lime please Won't you have a nice French drink? -Yes -Two Benedictines,please My lighter? You lost it on the beach. I found it.I'm so glad So am I Thank you You know,you are so careless, looks very expensive You should keep it safe where you keep your other valuables Thinks I like I'll like to keep with me Thank you Tell me.When you saw me here in the lounge,you knew I was Jules? Of course But how? People as a rule cannot tell who is who How did you? Intuition or something -To your intuition -Thank you Or something A million francs Haven't you ever wished you had money so you could give up the act? If we had enough money,we might People are lucky sometimes,a cousin of mine won £ on the Irish Streak Your cousin was lucky Georges and I have tickets for the Loterie Nationale ever since we were so high But all we win is francs Have you got one now? Yes,but we never win anything I know.Let me touch it. Then it will bring you luck People call me lucky Penny I have never seen a French Lotterie Nationale ticket before Don't know where it is You haven't lost it? No.I know..Don't worry.You'll make me lucky You think so You have already It's you Yes.It's me.I'm sorry When you hold me in your arms.. Poor Georges to sleep on a wonderful night like this I could sleep if you'd be quiet I tried to be quiet,but I failed You wake everybody.Are you drunk? Yes.I've drunk but not with wine. Do you know Georges? Those English girls,you think them beautiful but cold No.If you know them a little closer.No They are not cold I see It leaves Monsieur Jules de Lisle from Paris to bring about this miraculous change Perhaps Perhaps it does All right.Who is this wonderful girl? Not cold English girl Don't you remember? She brought back my lighter Penny My lucky Penny Yes.And Mike Bergen's girlfriend Perhaps she was But she is no longer I tried to get it out of him.He said it was safe but where somewhere But where for Pete's sake In the bank,under the mattress, behind a picture,where? How do I know? I asked him to show me the ticket I can't keep asking him, he'll get suspicious Listen,there will be somebody else asking questions before long And it will be the French Lottery People Lottery officials? You haven't thought of that,have you? Blimey,I have -And I'm writing them a letter -You? Sure,I'm putting myself as de Lisle personal representative de Lisle? All Lisle they have had an accident,see, and they are sending me to collect the money for them,see It's a good thing someone has got the brain and the size fit How would you say Dear Sir I've received your letter of the th Chere Monsieur Juswin Chere Monsieur Don't know I've been spending all that time with a French With my education I could expect I could do the wording Well I hope you will But I have better go now.He's waiting Don't worry.He is crazy

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