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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

KSKA 91.1 FM Anchorage

KSKA 91.1 FM Anchorage, Online KSKA 91.1 FM Anchorage Radio internet, KSKA 91.1 FM Anchorage USA Radio our ticket wins a million francs Monsieur,Loterie Nationale does not make mistakes,this ticket wins francs Yes.But we won the first price and come from England to collect it The name is de Lisle.Be so good,please, to look it up again Eh bien -Du Pruy? Lisle Voila,that is correct,de Lisle, he wins the first price I'll speak to the chef of personnel,moment,Monsieurs Monsieur,I have spoken to chef of personnel, the claimed ticket and the official letter of notification was presented and the money paid Paid to whom Whom to Monsieur Jules de Lisle Jules de Lisle.What are you talking about I'm Jules de Lisle It's me I'm telling you,I'm Jules de Lisle Jules This man was a criminal But you try my patience, the ticket was correct, the letter was official, we follow regulations The Loterie Nationale doesn't deal with criminals The Loterie Nationale does not make mistakes Perhaps.Perhaps Barney made a mistake No.Barney didn't make a mistake.It was Mike Bergen Yes Please pardon me while I prepare my lunch But I don't care for anything but my own cooking The ticket you said was taken from you in France? We've told you it was stolen in England That rises a very interesting viewpoint The ticket was bought in France. Allez s'il vous plait It was taken to England,stolen there and presented again at the Bureau National Loterie Bank,you say Yes.We have told you the whole story We want to know how we can get our money back It is a point in Law In fact ,gentlemen,the legal process of two nations are involved France and England In my opinion you shouldn't be advised to proceed against Monsieur Bergen in the French Court for safe But it might be possible for you to return to England and then apply to the English Courts for Mr Bergen's extradition Georges,we are wasting our time Please If Mr Bergen will be convicted for theft in England And then after he has served his sentence You could apply for civil proceedings in the order to recover the proceeds of the sale of the ticket You could take civil proceedings either in France or England Such process of course would involve in very heavy expenses and you may find that Mr Bergen is insolvent and then for him good money after bad How much will all this cost? Who knows? francs How long? How long will all this take? Who can say? Six months,one year two years Don't you understand what this man, thief has done to us? Yes.Yes.Your money No not just the money He tricked us into fighting. The only person who ever made my brother and me fight You,scab of points of law Did you nearly killed your brother? I nearly dropped him feet I'll have a wretch of a woman set upon him by a man Break the brace between us We must find Mike Bergen First we must get back to work and get some money Jules,your hands all right now You did your act very well He is doing fine.Aren't you Jules? Ca va You acrobats Now when I was bitten by Lulu Who is that? A girlfriend? That's his lion.She likes him with his fur on I'm sorry Monsieur Bergen doesn't live here Thank you He is short,he is dark. His name is Mike Bergen His name is Bergen Bergen? Never heard of him Your friend can see this young lady,his name is you say? Bergen -Mike Bergen -Bergen? You cannot direct describe him? He is a man, a bit short,dark,he's got more money to throw about than usual Mon Dieu.Many people will do that His girlfriend she is English too She is fair,very beautiful And one thing,when he smokes,he's got a funny way of smoking,he bites his smoke He might do though Yeh Bite his smoke Hello Mike Bergen You haven't forgotten us have you? Hello Penny,how is it? Or is it Gloria Gregg now? If it isn't the famous de Lisle, our friends emerge We are no friends of yours,Mike Bergen We are here on business What can I do for you,boys? The ticket.The ticket you stole Stole? That's a harsh word to use to an old friend We want our money You thief No education.No manners They are bothering you,boss It's all right.My friends just looking confused,that's all You are pushing us too far,Bergen You stole that ticket you and that girl of yours Leave her out of it And for the ticket and you remember pooling your agent I bet you don't remember I won it from you in a game of poker You'd better watch out. We'll have the police Police? What for? You can't prove anything. If you could,you'd done it long ago Run along like good boys Here is a couple of hundred francs for you I'll get you I'll get you -Good Night ,boys -You hear what the boss says? The boss says good night boys,just walk Would you go to the law and they hurt you No,you wouldn't You'll scratch and bite and Sixteen minutes Due to indisposition of his brother Monsieur de Lisle will appear this evening on a trapeze alone,in his great solo act Ladies and Gentlemen the great de Lisle Come in Inspector Breuville,gentlemen From the prefecture,you are Georges and Jules de Lisle? Yes There are one or two questions I should like to ask you We are prepared to answer any question I'm very glad you are defending I want you to spare no expenses,whatever, you must do everything humanely possible I'll look after

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