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Friday, May 19, 2017

KBBO-FM 92.1 Bob FM Houston

KBBO-FM 92.1 Bob FM Houston, Online KBBO-FM 92.1 Bob FM Houston Radio internet, KBBO-FM 92.1 Bob FM Houston USA Radio boxes... with dark and light blue and white labels with words lettered in the shape of a megaphone, as if to say even louder to the world, "Here is the most... "beautiful... "match in the world, "its one and half inch "soft pine stem "capped by a grainy "dark purple head, "so sober and furious "and stubbornly ready "to burst into flame, "lighting, perhaps, the cigarette "of the woman you love "for the first time." (♪ music continues) Dante Alighieri. Italiana. (♪ music continues) (siren blaring in distance) (Laura) Because of the bake sale this weekend, I thought that if my cupcakes sell really well, it might be kind of a sign. (Paterson) Sign of what, honey? My dream! To have my own cupcake business, of course. Oh, that'd be nice. (♪ music over radio) Thank you for dinner. You're welcome. I made these myself. What do you think? Oooh, yeah. That's really good. (Laura) I painted them. I like how all the circles are different. Was your sandwich for lunch OK? (Paterson) Yeah, it was a really great sandwich. (Laura) Good. I'm glad. Did you get a little writing done? (dog groaning) I did, yeah. You know, darling, I really think you should do something about those beautiful poems. They should belong to the world, you know? The world? Well, now you're trying to scare me. I am not! I'm serious, you big dumbbell. (chuckles) Do you think having such wonderful feet helps you as a bus driver? (Paterson chuckles) Driving that huge machine? Mmm, yeah, maybe. (Laura) Does somebody need Daddy to take them for their nice little nightly walk? (whimpering) Just remember. What? Cupcakes. We could be rich from cupcakes. Really? I'm ready for that. (dog panting) Stop. (dog barks) (♪ music playing in bar) Oh, come on, Marvin. (Marvin growling) Stay. Sit! Stay. Thank you. (Marvin barks) (♪ jazz music) Hey, Paterson. Right on time. Hey, Doc. Look what the dog dragged in. How you doin', Paterson? Sam. Good to see you. Good to see you. I don't think you ever met my brother before. He lives in Philly. This is my brother, Dave. Oh, wow. Uh, nice to meet you. You too. You too. So, uh, Sam and Dave... Our folks are big soul music fanatics, so that's, that's their story. Oh, I see. And you know that Dave Prater from the original "Sam and Dave" used to live right here in Paterson. Oh, yeah, I know. Got him right here, baby. On the wall of fame. Well, it was nice to meet you. You too. You too. (Doc) Well, Paterson, my friend, how's life doin' you? Uh, it's... you know, no complaints. You? You know. Same old, same old... Yeah. Yo, Doc, the Rutgers game is on. You're never gonna get a damn TV in here? Hell, no! (Sam) OK, OK, I'm just asking. (sighs) I'm getting my ass kicked today. Who you playing? Myself. (birdsong) Mm. Mm. Mm. Cold. You look beautiful. I was dreaming that we were in ancient Persia. (chuckles) And you were riding on an elephant. A big, silver elephant. A silver elephant? Yeah. You looked so beautiful. Did they have elephants in ancient Persia? (chuckles) I don't think so. Not silver ones, anyway. Mm. (♪ instrumental music) "Here's the most beautiful match in the world, "so sober and furious and stubbornly ready "to burst into flame, "lighting, perhaps, the cigarette of the woman you love "for the first time, and it was never really "the same after that. "All this will we give you." That is what you gave me. I become the cigarette and you the match or... I the match and you the cigarette, blazing with kisses... that smoulder toward heaven. Morning, Donny. Ready to roll, Paterson? Yeah. Everything OK? Well, now that you ask, no, not really. My kid needs braces on her teeth. My car needs a transmission job. My wife wants me to take her to Florida. But I'm behind on the mortgage payments. My uncle called from India and he needs money for my niece's wedding, and I got this strange rash on my back you name it, brother. How 'bout you? I'm OK. OK, well, have a nice day. OK, you too. Yeah. I doubt it. (engine sputtering) (engine revving) (brakes screeching) (church bell tolling) (siren wailing in the distance) (horn blaring) (Jimmy) You know the... that cute little brunette from the, uh, from the doughnut place? (Luis) Yeah, yeah. She's pretty hot. Yeah. Turns out she lives in my neighbourhood. Yeah. The other day, I come home from work. I'm, you know, tired, I'm having a beer, all right? I hear a knock at the door. I open it and it's her! Really? Oh, man! (Jimmy) She is all made up, looking, like, really good. (Luis) So what happened? Well, we just talked there at the door for like a while, you know, and she was, like, laughing a lot. She was, you know, making eye contact, you know... I... She wanted to hang out. So then what? Well, we just, you know, we had, like, a really nice conversation and then, you know, I-I-I was really tired and everything. I hadn't really showered or anything, so she left. (Luis) She left? (Jimmy) Yeah, but you know... I mean, I know what she wanted. Right? Yeah. Yeah, for-for sure, Jimmy. These females are outta control. Right. You know? Yeah, yeah. They're out of control. (Luis) Yeah. Well, I-I had a similar thing happen

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