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Sunday, May 21, 2017

KFAT 92.9 FM Anchorage

KFAT 92.9 FM Anchorage, Online KFAT 92.9 FM Anchorage Radio internet, KFAT 92.9 FM Anchorage USA Radio What am I gonna do? Marie, baby, I need to talk to you. No! Please. Just talk to me for a few minutes. No, Everett. We've talked enough. More than enough. Please. Hey, Paterson. Hey, Everett. Thanks, Doc. Man, what would you do? You love somebody... more than anything in the whole damn world. You... worship her. You don't wanna be alive without her and... she says she doesn't want you. You're just... dirt. Damn, brother. You should be an actor. I am an actor. (chuckles) Oh, yeah, that's... that's real funny. A man dying of heartbreak. That... that's hilarious. No. We are sympathetic. Have another drink, Everett, on the house. Thanks. (birdsong) Good morning. (moaning) (dog groaning) You up? Uh-uh. (spoon clinking) (♪ instrumental music) (Paterson) Another One. When you're a child, you learn there are three dimensions - height, width, and depth. Like a shoebox. Then, later, you hear there's a fourth dimension - time. Hmm... Then some say there can be five, six, seven... I knock off work, have a beer at the bar. I look down at the glass and feel glad. (♪ music continues) All right, watch out, watch out, watch out... (indistinct chatter) (engine rumbling) (♪country music) Poem. I'm in the house. It's nice out. Warm. Sun on cold snow. First day of spring or last of winter. My legs run up the stairs and out the door, my top half here writing. (crows cawing) (bird screeching) (♪ country music over radio) Hello, darling! Hello, honey. I'm painting! Hello, Marvin. I see that. What do you think? Doesn't it make everything more interesting? Yeah, it's very interesting. How was your day? Eh, the usual. (Laura) Get any writing done? I did, a little, yeah. I'm working on a poem for you. A love poem? Yeah, I guess if it's for you, it's a love poem. It's kind of inspired by our, uh, Ohio Blue Tip Matches. Really? Does it mention the little megaphone shape the letters make? Y-Yeah. Actually, it does. How beautiful. I can't wait to read it when it's done. I also painted new shower curtains. You should see them. (Paterson) Oh, OK. You know what else I did today? You, uh, planted an unusual vegetable garden in the back yard? No, silly! That you have to do in the spring. Oh. No, I ordered my present that's from you. P-present that's from me? What? The guitar! The Esteban Harlequin model. Oh. I'm so excited. It comes in two days. I didn't get to speak to Esteban on the phone, though. Well, I'm sure he's really busy, honey. Don't make fun of me. Hey, look out, though, cos Nashville, here I come! Look out, Nashville! (Laura) I'll get dinner ready! We're having something new! What is it? Quinoa! It's like a grain, sort of like couscous, but different. I read that it came from the ancient Incas. A-And it's really good for you. Oh. We're having quinoa, Marvin. (barking) ♪ They call me Paul Laurence Dunbar ♪ Huh, no, they call me Paul Lawrence Dunbar ♪ I wear the mask ♪ Hmm. No ideas but in things. ♪ They call me Paul Lawrence Dunbar ♪ A paradox of stray shots and gun bars ♪ I shoot the gift, no gun charge, I run yard ♪ You millionaires get killed here, I'm slum, dawg ♪ Who wanna squab? Well, then, en garde ♪ Just one God ♪ And I don't spar with the sub-human or sub-par ♪ Mmm, see I go hard when it jump off ♪ KO rappers, a slow rapper get bumped off ♪ I'm proactive. Them bad habits done rubbed off ♪ Now y'all have 'em ♪ Negroes with attitude, whole squad is all Madden ♪ All Madden... ♪ So Staten ♪ So... ♪ Hey, pugsley. What're you lookin' at? Ah, I'm guessin' this is your human ball-and-chain, right, pimpin'? Yeah, sorry, I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but I think it's something really interesting that you're working on. Yeah. I'm still workin' on it, you know. I'm trying to figure out how... how to spit it out. But thanks, I really appreciate that. Your laboratory? Wherever it hits me is where it's gonna be. Ah, well, good luck. Thank you. Yeah. Thank you. Appreciate it. Later, pimpin'! A'ight! Peace! (Marvin barks) ♪ Just call me Paul Lawrence Dunbar ♪ All right, sit. (♪ instrumental music) (indistinct chatter) (Doc)...he comes back with a shotgun. Now the bear comes over, taps him on the shoulder,

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