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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

KZND 94.7 FM Houston

KZND 94.7 FM Houston, Online KZND 94.7 FM Houston Radio internet, KZND 94.7 FM Houston USA Radio (Young girl) That's my sister. We're twins. It was nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too. Nice to meet a... nice to meet a real poet. (engine turns over) Do you like Emily inson? I do, yeah. She's one of my favourites. Awesome, a bus driver that likes Emily inson. "Water falls from the bright air, "falls like hair, "falling across a young girl's shoulder." (♪ instrumental music) (bell dings) (clattering) (Laura) I'm so excited to see what you'll think. Some fresh basil. I grew it myself on the windowsill. (Paterson) W-we're having pie for dinner? (Laura) Yeah, but a dinner pie. Oh. What do you think's inside? Uh, inside the secret pie? Uh, I don't know. Fish? No, not fish, silly! Want me to tell you? Uhh, yes, please. OK. Cheddar cheese and Brussels sprouts. Seriously? Yeah, baked into a pie. Doesn't it sound delicious? You love Brussels sprouts and you love Cheddar cheese. (Paterson) I do, yeah. No, that sounds very original. Is it a new recipe you found? No, I made it up. Secret pie. I made a small one for Marvin. He really seemed to like it. (snoring) Mm-hm, secret pie. Honey, I'm glad you like it. Speaking of secret pie, I wanted to tell you something about your secret notebook. What? Did you ever hear of the old Italian poet called Pet-ra-rch, is that it? Mm, Petrarch. He perfected the sonnet. Um, I read online that one of his early books of poems was called The Secret Book. Just like yours. I didn't know that. You read that? You just happened upon it online? And also that he wrote all his love poems to a beautiful girl called, ta-dah, Laura. That's true. So you have many things in common with other great and famous poets, you see. Do you like it there? It's the waterfalls, your favourite place. I'm not sure. Yeah, it's nice there. So remember, you promised to finally make copies of your poems this weekend. I will, as soon as I have some free time. You promised me. This weekend. I will, no, I-I promised. So why don't you recite me something? Just a few little lines, maybe from the love poem. Well I- I can give you a few lines I didn't write. Are they by your hero, Carlo William Carlos? William Carlos Williams. I know, darling. I was teasing. (laughs) No, it's a poem by a... by a girl I met. A girl you met? Yeah, no, like a little girl. Like a t... like a ten-year-old girl. Oh! She was on the bus? No, I met her on my way home from work, near the old factories. She was waiting for her mom and her sister and... and I noticed she had a notebook of poems, and she read one to me. From her own secret notebook? Yeah, exactly. The picture of the falls made me think of it. I just remember how it started. "Water falls from the bright air, "falls like hair, "falling across a young girl's shoulders." Nice. Almost like one of yours. Did she have long hair? Uh, she did, yeah. Hmm. Laura, what's all that flour and stuff for? For my cupcakes, remember? Saturday is my turn on the baking booth in the farmer's market. I remembered this morning that, oh, my God, it's the day after tomorrow. I have so many cupcakes to make. Oh, my! You don't like your pie? No, I do, yeah! (exhales sharply) (Marvin snoring) (♪ instrumental music) (Doc) Our own Romeo and Juliet. Or, maybe, more like Antony and Cleopatra? Speaking of Romeo and Juliet, Abbott and Costello. Look, Lou Costello has got to be the most famous person from Paterson. Yeah, probably, yeah. I mean, he... he's got that statue and he's got his own park. Right, I mean, Alexander Hamilton has a statue, others got statues but not their own park! Hell, even Fetty Wap don't have no park. (laughing) Yeah, Lou Costello. I wonder where Bud Abbott was born? Uhh, that I know. Jersey, also. Asbury Park. Uh, , maybe. You knew that? Oh, hell, yeah, man. I know a lot of shit about a lot of shit. (laughs) And Lou Costello. "Who's on first?" Uh, who's on first, what's on second, I don't know's on third... Wait, who's on first? (Elle) Who's on first? Who's on first? I'll tell ya who's on first. And I'll tell ya what's on second too. But you ain't gonna wanna know. I can explain, sweetheart. No, let me explain. That is my cookie jar money. That is money I've been saving up so I could get my hair fixed to go to your damn niece's wedding. That is my money. Mine! I promise, I will replace it. I-I will replace it after this weekend's chess tournament. Chess tournament? Doc, you gonna need a chess tourniquet if you don't put that damn money back. (sighs) (door slams) (cell phone beeps) You OK, Doc? Paterson, you still don't got a cell phone? Uh, no... no, I don't want one. It would be a leash. What about the better half? She got one? (Paterson) She's got one, yeah. And a laptop. And an iPad. She doesn't want you to get one? No, no, she's OK about it. She understands me really well. Lucky guy. (Marie) You don't listen to me at all! The friendship can be folded into something greater. I don't want to fold it into something greater! Hey, Doc, what d... what does Abbott and Costello have to do with, uh, Romeo and Juliet? Wait, wait, wait, please. Everett! I would rather drop dead. (♪ music continues) Is there anything we can do?

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