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Thursday, May 25, 2017

KXLW The Moose 96.3 FM Houston

KXLW The Moose 96.3 FM Houston, Online KXLW The Moose 96.3 FM Houston Radio internet, KXLW The Moose 96.3 FM Houston USA Radio You wanna see crazy? I'll show y'all crazy! (grunting) Smooth move, Paterson. (clicks) You damn chucklehead. Comin' in here. Clearin' out my place. I oughta kick your black ass. (Everett) Without love, what reason is there for anything? Thanks, Paterson. That was very heroic. Yeah, wow. OK. I don't know. (Doc) If it wasn't for you, crazy motherer might have shot himself to death with a piece of foam. (laughing) (birdsong) Good morning. What time is it? It's Saturday morning, baby. Oh. You were out a little late last night. (Paterson) Yeah. There was, umm... an incident at the... at the bar. Incident at the bar? What happened? Well... Oh, a guy had a gun. What? Well, he had what I thought was a real gun. And he threatened this girl and... Oh my God! He threatened a girl? He threatened to shoot himself. All because he's in love with her. It's complicated. Anyway, I tried to stop him and I knocked the gun away and turns out it was a toy gun that shoots little foam pellets. Sure looked real, though. Oh, honey. Oh, that's so frightening. You acted so heroically. I told you that place could be dangerous. I mean, anyone could just walk in there any time with a shotgun or something. Now you see what I mean? Yeah. Yeah. But it was only... it was only a toy gun. Why are you up already? It's Saturday. I have to get my cupcakes to the farmer's market. Remember? I do now. I smell cupcakes. (moaning) Mmm, still smell a hint of beer. (sighs) Wow! This looks fantastic, baby. Thank you. Thank you. (Laura) Who's sitting in Daddy's chair? Who's sitting in Daddy's chair, huh? William Carlos Williams? Oh, no, uh, Carlo William Carlos. (Laura) Will you read me that one I love so much? (Paterson) "This Is Just To Say"? Comin' up. "This is just to say "I have eaten the plums that were in the icebox "and which you were probably saving for breakfast. "Forgive me. "They were delicious, "so sweet and so cold." Oh, I love that poem. Yeah, that's a good one. And some of yours are just as good. Well... Now, remember your promise. I promised. I better get going. Could you put the rest in the boxes? Sure. OK. This is the last of 'em. Oh, thank you. Thank you. Oh, wow. All together like this, they look great. I'm so excited. Good. OK, they should be good, if you just drive slowly. Yeah, yeah. I... I will. (Marvin barking) You're not taking him with you? Oh, honey, I can't. Maybe you could take him for a walk later, huh? Love you. Yeah, love you. (Marvin growling) All right. Come on, Marvin. (church bell tolling) Come on, Marvin. Can't we stop here for a second? (♪ instrumental music) Pumpkin My little pumpkin, I like to think about other girls sometimes, but the truth is if you ever left me, I'd tear my heart out and never put it back. There'll never be anyone like you. How embarrassing. (door opens) Honey? Down here. How'd it go? Oh, honey, I'm so happy! You won't believe this, but I made $. Wow. My cupcakes were a huge hit. Everyone's talking about them. That's fantastic. (Marvin barks) Marvin! $ cash money, baby. Wow! I know it's no big deal. It's just silly cupcakes. But I'm quite proud of myself. Oh, yeah, you should be. Can we celebrate? Uh, yeah, sure. What should we do? First of all, I'm gonna treat. OK. I'd like to go to dinner and then go to the movies. We haven't gone to the movies in so long. Uh, yeah, no... no we haven't. What should we see? You know that one theatre at the mall now shows old scary movies on Saturday nights? (Paterson) We could see an old scary movie. I'm gonna get changed and get ready. I'm very proud of you. And you, my little man. You're gonna have to stay here and guard the palace. Honey, should I change my shirt? (Laura) That'd be nice. This is so much fun. It's like, you're living in the th century. This is Mr Parker, Lota. How do you do? Don't be afraid. How do you do? Mr Parker has come to us from over the sea. She's a pure Polynesian. The only woman on the entire island. Well, uh, I'll leave you two young people together. (Dr Moreau) I've got work to do. (Parker)Won't you sit down? You come from the sea? Well, around it. Three days on an upturned lifeboat. You go away? Tomorrow morning. (Panther Woman) I wish you would not go away. (Parker) Oh, that's very nice of you, but I must. (Panther Woman) You'll come back? Again? (Parker) Well I-I don't know. How does it happen that you're the only woman on this island? Did, uh, Dr Moreau bring you here? Pardon me if I seem to be too inquisitive. (Moreau) Quickly, please! (grunting on screen) Get out! They're vivisecting a human being. They're cutting a living man to pieces. Now I know about his natives. They're his victims. I did love it that it was in black and white. Yeah, yeah, I haven't... I haven't seen a black-and-white movie in a long time. My favourite part was when the lead guy kissed the wild panther girl. (laughing) You look... you look like her. You do. You guys could be twins. Well, thank you for treating me to dinner and a movie. I'm happy I could. We should do it every weekend. Yeah. Now that you're the cupcake queen of Paterson. Cupcake queen of Paterson. I love it.

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