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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

KAFF - Flagstaff Country 930 AM Flagstaff

KAFF - Flagstaff Country 930 AM Flagstaff, Online KAFF - Flagstaff Country 930 AM Flagstaff Radio internet, KAFF - Flagstaff Country 930 AM Flagstaff USA Radio Good to know. She uses her front claws for hunting Radio and the back claws defensively. LOGAN: Oh, yeah? Thus, ensuring their survival. (COUGHS) (HORN HONKS) Hey, hey! (HORSES NEIGHING) CHARLES: We should help them. No, we have to keep going. Someone will come along. Someone has come along. FEMALE AUTOMATED VOICE: Alert. Alert. Whoa, whoa, whoa. (SHUSHING) Hey, uh, you need a hand? (TRUCK STARTING) Ready? Go! Ah. Good, got it. Come on, let's get home. Laura! Thank you so much for your help. I'm Kathryn. James. This is my son, Nate. Hi. Hey. That's your daughter? Yeah, that's Laura, and that's my dad Radio Chuck. Come on, Laura, let's go. Well, can we show our appreciation and treat the three of you to a decent meal? We don't live far from here. Uh, no, thanks. That would be lovely! (HELICOPTER BLADES WHIRRING) (INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER) My name is Dr. Rice. But you can call me Zander if you like. My colleague tells me you've been somewhat resistant. He believes you've been dispensing delayed information Radio to allow your friends to stay one step ahead. I'm offering you the possibility of redemption, Caliban. To protect the world, and in the process, save your friends. The girl is a rather small price to pay for that. Unlike you, she's impure. She wasn't made by nature. She's a mistake of my own. I did what I could and they burned me and beat me. Your colleagues are savages. (CHUCKLES) I agree. The Reavers were very ineffective. But I'm bringing new tools to bear. But I still need someone to point us in the right direction. No, I can't help you. (PANTING) Breathe, breathe. Now, what does he have? The old man. Alzheimer's? ALS? A degenerative brain disease in the world's most dangerous brain? What a combo. (HORSE NEIGHING) KATHRYN: Be nice. Now, you know we got company. CHARLES: That's wonderful. KATHRYN: Everybody, have a seat. WILL: Nate, sit up. James, why don't you sit at the end of the table? KATHRYN: You wanna say grace? Say grace, baby. Uh, thank you, God, for this food Radio and for our new friends, the Howletts. Mmm. They came to our aid. Amen. Amen. WILL: Here we go. Here you go, Charles. Thank you, sir. LOGAN: Mmm-hmm. Oh, there's plenty more if she wants. She's fine. Thank you. CHARLES: This is delicious. KATHRYN: Oh, thank you. CHARLES: It's so good. Where are you all headed? Uh Radio Oregon. South Dakota. Um Radio Well, Oregon and then South Dakota. Vacation? Uh Radio Yes. Uh, long overdue. We're city folk. Always wanted to take a road trip, see the country. Um Radio And meet the people in it. KATHRYN: That sounds lovely. Been trying to get Will here to take a vacation for years now. Oh. If we go traipsing all over the country, who's gonna take care of this place? KATHRYN: Exactly. I say, let it go. And live off what? The Lord will provide. WILL: I'm still waiting for the Lord to provide me with a new thresher. KATHRYN: All the same, I'd love to travel someday. And I bet you will. I could drop out of school. Okay, let's not go that far. I mean, I'll do it. KATHRYN: No. No. NATE: Why not? You wanna travel, I wanna travel. KATHRYN: Son. Son. WILL: That sounds good to you, right? This is the perfect plan. Why would you want to do that, Nate? Careful, you're speaking to a man who ran a school Radio for a lot of years. Right, Charles? (STAMMERS) Yes, it was a Radio It was a special needs school. Um Radio Uh-huh. That's a good description. He was there, too. Oh, yeah, no. Um Radio I got kicked out a few times. (LAUGHS) I wish I could say you were a good pupil, but the words would choke me. (ALL LAUGHING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER AND LAUGHTER) (HORSE NEIGHING) Ma'am, I can't thank you enough for this. Uh, it was great. But we have a long drive ahead of us, so Radio But you need to rest, don't you? LOGAN: Yeah, we'll find a motel somewhere. The nearest one is two hours from here and it's not even that nice. We have a perfectly fine room upstairs for your father and your daughter and you can sleep in the living room on the convertible. Kathryn, it's very, very nice of you, but we really should go. We can leave early in the morning. Break of dawn, as it were. (LOGAN STAMMERS) Okay, why don't we wash up, Pop? Okay. Sit. KATHRYN: Um, sweetie, you want some dessert? Two days on the road, only one meal, and hardly any sleep. She's , I'm . Well, that's reasons to keep moving. I'm not a box of avocados, Logan. LOGAN: And then what? We stay the night, then what? Then we take her to her friends in Eden. And then we buy the Sunseeker. Take the pills. (WATER SPURTING) WILL: Oh, shit! (PIPES CREAKING) What's going on? Nate! Go fill up the tub before we lose pressure. Honey, check the sink. KATHRYN: They shut it off again. They are just not going to let this thing go. Well, you might as well handle it now. It can wait till the morning. We just had rain last night. KATHRYN: We got three houseguests and a sink full of dishes. All right, all right. The pump station that supplies us is a mile and a half from here. Sometimes it gets itself shut off. By assholes. WILL: Hey! No. My son is happy to go with you. No, no, no, that's fine.

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