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Monday, June 19, 2017

KMVP Gospel 860AM Radio Phoenix

KMVP Gospel 860AM Radio Phoenix, Online KMVP Gospel 860AM Radio Phoenix Radio internet, KMVP Gospel 860AM Radio Phoenixv USA Radio CHARLES: Oh, watch out! Ah! (YELLING) (MAN SCREAMING) Sit back. Bring me the tracker. You. Who the hell are you? Hey! I asked you a question. Who are you? You know who she is, Logan. No, I don't. Does she remind you of anybody? I read about you when I was a kid. I believe you're thinking of someone else. Hmm. (PANTING) Now, if I'm not mistaken, you used to work for my team. You were helping round up all those old mutes. What changed? You got religion? I'm gonna need you to do one more thing for the good guys Radio and track one more special mute for me. I'm not helping you. Of course, you'd say that. But I got a theory that people don't really change. Beware of the light. Caliban, I bet that's what your mama told you every day when you was a kid. (CLICKING TONGUE) Beware of the light. (WHIMPERING) (CALIBAN SCREAMING) Now, let's not bring out the worst in each other. The girl is not worth it, trust me. She's not a natural -up like you. She's a business mistake, a R&D gone bad. There's liability. They can't have things with patents running around, hurting people, can they? We need to get her off the board before she hurts anybody else. Someone you care about, maybe. (SKIN SIZZLES) (GROANING) So, get to sniffin'. My name is Gabriela López. I am a nurse. And for years, I worked for Transigen Research in Mexico City. Transigen is owned by an American company. What I am about to show you is illegal Radio in the U.S. And Canada. (CHILDREN SINGING) They told us we were part of a pharmaceutical study. But, of course, that was a lie. These children were born in Transigen. They were born here, and have never left. They have never seen the sun or the ocean, rain or snow Radio or any of God's creatures. They have no birth certificates Radio no names, besides the ones we have given them. They were raised in the bellies of Mexican girls. Girls no one can find anymore. Their fathers are semillas genéticas Radio special seeds in bottles. (CHILDREN SINGING IN SPANISH ON VIDEO) Birthday? No birth. DR. RICE: María. We do not dress them up for Halloween. We do not call them "baby" or kiss boo-boos. Don't think of them as children. Think of them as things Radio with patents and copyrights. Comprende? Si, señor. GABRIELA: They thought we were too poor and stupid to understand. We're poor, yes Radio but we are not stupid. TRAINER: Use your powers. (BOY GRUNTING) (YELLING) (RUMBLING) GABRIELA: This is business. They are making soldiers. Killers. (SIGHS) These are babies of mutantes Radio (BEEPS) CHARLES: North Dakota. LOGAN: Mmm. You took that woman's money. You said you would take the child there. (RATTLING) What is she? She's your daughter, Logan. Alkali has your genetic code. Not just mine. Logan Radio I don't want to talk about it. I don't wanna hear about it anymore. Logan Radio Just stop. I have to pee. (RATTLING) Last ride. (COIN RATTLES) You're welcome. CHARLES: Stop it. For God's sake, I can do this myself! LOGAN: Yeah, well, you're not doing it. Just get on with it. Not with you standing there. Trust me, I'm not lookin'. (COUGHS) (SIGHS) (CASH REGISTER WHIRRING) (CLEARS THROAT) STORE CLERK: Hello. Hi, there! You know you gotta pay for that, right? (CHIPS CRUNCHING) Hey! Where's your mommy and daddy, huh? (SIGHS) Come on. That's enough. These, too. (LAURA GROWLING) Shit! Not okay! Sorry. Um, do you sell phone chargers? Uh Radio (LAURA GRUNTING) Come on. Get in the car. (VEHICLES PASSING) (COUGHING) (CELLPHONE BUZZING) GABRIELA: As the children became older Radio Laura. Laura. Radio they became more difficult. They could not be controlled. (GABRIELA SPEAKING SPANISH) The company made their bodies into weapons. Tried to teach them to kill. But they did not want to fight. (GUARD SPEAKING SPANISH) (BOY YELLING) A soldier who will not fight is useless. (SIGHS) Inside this building, they are working on something new. Something they think is better than the children. Something they say is without a soul. MAN: Would you like to hear my full lab report, Dr. Rice? DR. RICE: You can't get good sushi here. It's the Mexican equivalent of Denver, Colorado. (INDISTINCT TALKING) GABRIELA: They must have been successful. About a week ago, they told us to shut our program down. (GIRL SCREAMING) They started putting the children to sleep. (INDISTINCT CLAMORING) (PIERCE LAUGHING) We are going to save as many children as we can. I read about a place, up north. A place for mutants. They call it Eden. (GABRIELA SPEAKING SPANISH) (MAN SCREAMING) GABRIELA: If you are watching this, it means that I am dead. I am not sure if any other children survived. We were separated. There is no more money. That was a lie. She's not my child. But I love her. You may not love her. But she is your child. Please. I beg you Radio take her to safety. (SIGHS) (CARS HONKING) (DANCE MUSIC PLAYING IN DISTANCE) (PEOPLE CHATTERING) Is this where we're hiding out? LOGAN: We're not hiding out. We're gonna get a couple of hours' sleep Radio clean up, get some new clothes, get a new ride and get outta here. WOMAN: (ON SPEAKER) Harrah's Hotel

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