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Saturday, June 17, 2017

WZST Variety 101 100.9 FM Westover

WZST Variety 101 100.9 FM Westover, Online WZST Variety 101 100.9 FM Westover Radio internet, WZST Variety 101 100.9 FM Westover USA Radio That's what these are for. (GROANS) CHARLES: Eating his curds and whey Then came a big spider Which sat down beside her And frightened Miss Muffet Radio (DOOR OPENING) (SIGHS) Friends, I have good news for you today! It's not about what you do. It's not about your deeds. You can't live up to God's rules. He knows that you can't. It's okay, we're imperfect. Make way, sir. I said make way! The new Quesalupa from Taco Bell! Get it with chicken! Get it with steak! And with the cheese baked right in the shell Radio it's the next big thing! Go now while supplies last. Who are you? You know who I am. You're the man who puts me to sleep. We both could use some sleep. No! No! (PANTING) What are you doing to me? Charles. Come on, now. (GRUNTING) (GROANING) (HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) (GRUNTING WEAKLY) (WHIMPERING) (RINGING STOPS) (BOTH GASPING) (GASPING) How long have I been here? (LOGAN COUGHS) CHARLES: What are these? LOGAN: You remember what they are. The shots mellow the seizures. The pills keep them from happening. How about you blow on them to make them safe? off, Logan. So you remember who I am now. I always know who you are. It's just sometimes I don't recognize you. Take the pills. You leave me alone with that albino. He doesn't listen to me. I know a damn speciation when I see one. A what? Speciation. New mutant, a young one. There are forces trying to kill them. Forces? They want help. (GRUNTS) Forces, forces. It's too bad you're not in that business anymore. They don't want me, they want you. (SCOFFS) Oh, yes, that's how stupid they are. They're waiting for you at the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty was a long time ago, Charles, a long time. There are no new mutants. Understand? Hasn't been a new one born in years. Not anywhere. You always thought Radio we were part of God's plan. But maybe Radio Maybe we were God's mistake. What a disappointment you are. When I found you Radio you were pursuing a career as a cage fighter. A warm capper to a life as an assassin. Hooked on barbiturates. You were an animal. But we took you in. I gave you a family. And they're gone now. Logan. Logan Radio What did you do? What did you do? Answer me! Why are we here? No one should live like this. Drugged in a tank! It's for your own good. No, it's not! You're waiting for me to die. (CROSSING BELLS RINGING) (GRUNTING) (TRAIN CLACKING) (DOOR OPENS) I don't wanna fight, but there's things we need to discuss. What things? Well, would it be considered nagging if I was to repeat my previous observation Radio that the dose is too low to suppress the seizures? It's what the guy gave me. Wasn't in a position to make demands. I almost died this morning. That seizure was Radio It was barely a minute. It felt a lot longer than a minute. I couldn't breathe. You're less affected. You know he needs a higher dose. And I know you got more money squirreled away. That money's to get us out of here. No, not us. You and him. You're saving to buy a Sunseeker. "Sun" is the keyword. I hardly see myself cowering below decks like Nosferatu. Do you? Folding your underpants, and making him spotted . Found this in your pocket. (SNIFFS) Adamantium. If you are planning to blow your brains out Radio could you wait till you're out on the high seas? I just mopped these floors. I don't need this shit. A year ago, you asked me to help you. And God knows I've tried. But I can't help you, Logan, not really, if you're not going to talk to me. I hear you at night. You're not sleeping. You don't wanna talk about that. Or the booze you're drinking. Or the pus you're wiping away from your knuckles. Or the blood I wash from your clothes. Or the fresh wounds in your chest. The ones that aren't healing. And I'm pretty sure, you don't wanna talk about the fact that you can't read the label on that bottle. It says, "lbuprofen." (MUG SHATTERS) That was my favorite mug. Stay out of my shit. Something's happening to you, Logan. On the inside you're sick. I can smell it. (DANCE MUSIC PLAYING) BRIDESMAID: Best night ever! (ALL CHEERING) Hey, driver. WOMAN: I love you. I love you. You're such a doll. Mr. Logan. Oh, Jesus. Please. We need a ride. Not available. Call a cab. My name is Gabriela Lopez. I don't wanna know your name, lady. There are men after us. We need to get out of here. (LOGAN COUGHS) Go north, cross to Canada. Anyone can do that job. I'll give you $,. How did you find me, huh? 'Cause you are up my life, lady! The people after you, they're on my ass now! Sightings were posted. Laura, go inside. What sightings? People said someone who looked like the Wolverine was in El Paso, driving. Said he looked old. (WINDOWPANE SHATTERS) WOMAN: Hey! I told you to stop it with that ball! Bad girl! No, please. I told you, bad girl! No, please. Mamacita's gonna have to pay for that. Stop, please. No. Shit! They're gonna have to pay for damages. (MUMBLES) And she has cash. I've seen it. You should get your fat ass back in your office. You'll get your money. Don't let her call anyone, please. They will find us. They will kill us. (GABRIELA BREATHING HEAVILY) I am a nurse. Was. In Mexico City.

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