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Thursday, June 15, 2017

KPYT-LP 100.3 FM Tucson

KPYT-LP 100.3 FM Tucson, Online KPYT-LP 100.3 FM Tucson Radio internet, KPYT-LP 100.3 FM Tucson USA Radio God isn't like that. This was not God's doing. He didn't stop it. He doesn't stop a lot of things that cause him pain. What happened to Missy was the work of evil. And no one in your world is immune from it. You want the promise of a pain-free life. Yeah. Yeah. There isn't one. [muffled chuckle] As long as there is another will in this universe, free not to follow God, evil can find a way in. There's gotta be a better way. And there is. But the better way involves trust. [sighs] I don't wanna be the judge anymore. [water splashing] II' [children chattering] [children laughing] Missy Radio [laughs] She can't hear you. Can she see me? No. But she knows you're here. She okay? More than you know. [Jesus] Missy! Does she forgive me? For what? Couldn't save her. Couldn't get to her in time. Missy doesn't think that. And neither does Nan or Papa. It's time to let that go. II' [Mack sighs] How was it'? Terrible. And wonderful. I'm very proud of you, my friend. Thank you. For letting me see her. Oh. It wasn't my idea. [water sloshing] [Jesus laughs] This always works better when we do it together, don't you think? II' [both laughing] God has time to catch a few rays? [chuckles] Honey, you have no idea how much I'm doin' right now. Papa Radio Yes, Mackenzie? I've been pretty hard on you. Sorry. I had no idea. It's okay. It's in the past now, where it belongs. Maybe we can start growing together without it. Hmm? I'd like that. Thank you for letting me see Missy. [chuckles] It was entirely my pleasure. I can't begin to describe the joy it gave me to see you two together. And Missy's a special girl. [whispers] Oh, yeah. You understand now. I can work incredible good out of unspeakable tragedies. But that doesn't mean I orchestrate the tragedies. After everything I've felt in my heart towards you Radio Why would you keep working on me'? Because that's what love does. I don't really understand relationships, do I? But you still love me anyway. [chuckles] Men. Such idiots sometimes. Did I hear God just call me an idiot? [Papa chuckles] If the shoe fits, yes, sir. If the shoe fits. Freshen up, Mack. Got a big night ahead. Someone gonna tell me where we're goin'? Look around, Mackenzie. Don't forget to enjoy the journey. II' [Jesus] Here we are. This is it? [Sarayu] To your eyes. Just for tonight Radio we'd love for you to get a glimpse of what we see. II' What are those? [Sarayu] Not "what". Who. Papa's children from every tongue, tribe and nation. What you call personality and emotion, we see as color and light. What's happening with that one? Why is he focused on us? He's focused on you. Is that Radio Dad. Mack, I'm so sorry. For everything. I was blind, and I couldn't see you. I couldn't see anyone. Yeah, I know. I know. I was scared. Wwmm I didn't know what to do. Son, I forgive you. You've become the father I could never be. And I'm so proud of you. Can you ever forgive me? I'll see you again, son. Yeah Radio Let's go home. [door opens] [man] Mack. Wake up. It's time for us to go. Papa? [chuckles] Good morning, son. You're messin' with me, aren't ya'? Oh, always. [sighs] For what we have to do today, you're gonna need a father. II' Where are we going? Almost there. [Papa groans] [sighs] We're here to do something that's going to be very painful for you. Please, don't. Son, we're on a healing trail to bring closure to this part of your journey. You want me to forgive him? Mmm-hmm. He killed my daughter. I wanna hurt him. I want him to hurt Radio like he hurt me. I want you to hurt him. I know you do. But he, too, is my son. And I want to redeem him. "Redeem him"? He should burn in hell. So, we're back to you as the judge? II' [sobbing] So, you just let him get away with it? Nobody gets away with anything. Everything bears consequences. What he did Radio Was horrible. I'm not asking you to excuse what he did. I'm asking you to trust me to do what's right and to know what's best. And then what? Forgiveness doesn't establish a relationship. It's just about letting go of his throat. Mack, the pain inside is devouring you, robbing you of joy and crippling your capacity to love. I can't. You're not stuck because you can't. You're stuck because you won't. II' You don't have to do this alone. I'm here with you. I don't know how. Just say it out loud. 'III I forgive Radio I forgive you. [soft piano playing] Mackenzie, you're such a joy. I'm still angry. Of course you are. No one lets go all at once. You might have to do it , times before it gets any easier. But it Will. Let's go. II' Let's bring Missy home. [Mack] I forgive you. I forgive you. I forgive you. II' [crying] Please, please! [continues crying] [We Are Messengers' "I'll Think About You" playing] [sighs heavily] [Jesus chanting prayers indistinctly] It does a body good to let the healing waters flow. Those are your tears, Mackenzie. We've been collecting them for a long time. Here you go. Thanks. Mackenzie, we have something for you to consider. You can remain here with us, or go home to Nan and your children. [sighs] Either way, we promise to be with you always. What about Missy? If you stay,

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