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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

W258BI US Country 99.5 New London

W258BI US Country 99.5 New London, Online W258BI US Country 99.5 New London Radio internet, W258BI US Country 99.5 New London USA Radio Your wrath. You lost me there. Come on. Everybody knows you punish the people who disappoint you. Hmm. Nope. [Chuckles] I don't need to punish people. Sin is its own punishment. As difficult as it is for you to accept, I'm in the middle of everything you perceive to be a mess, workin' for your good. That's what I do. How can you say that? After all the pain and suffering in the world, what possible good comes from a little girl being murdered by a sick monster? See, you may not cause those things, but you certainly don't stop 'em. Mackenzie, you're trying to make sense of your world based on a very incomplete picture. It's like looking through the knothole of your pain. The real underlying flaw in your life is that you don't think that I'm good. I am! And if you knew me and how much I love you, then even when you don't understand, you could know that I am at work in your life for good. And then you would trust me. Trust you? Why would I do that? My daughter is dead. And there's nothing you can say that will everjustify what happened to her. [plates shatter] [sighs] Looking for the way out'? If you are looking for your truck, it's up that way, just beyond the trees. You might need these, though. Thanks. Just to be clear, we're not justifying anything. [sighs] We'd like to heal it, if you'd let us. Before you go, there's something in the garden I was hoping you could help me with before tomorrow's celebration. What celebration? If you wanna know, you'll stick around. II' [animal calls] Wow. Well, this is wild. [chuckles] That isn't the word in your head. Okay, this is a mess. It is, isn't it? [soft chuckle] So beautiful. There's something very special I want to plant here tomorrow. To prepare the ground, we have to dig up all the roots, or they'll return and harm the new growth. But this is gorgeous. Uh-huh. You can start over there. Careful. That one's deadly. What's it doing here if it's poisonous? You're presuming that poison is bad. Uh-huh. On its own, the sap from this twig would kill you. But combine it with the nectar from this flower, and suddenly it contains incredible healing properties. Let me ask you, how confident are you in your ability to discern good from evil? Usually pretty obvious. And your basis for something being good is what? Well, if it helps me Radio or the people that I love. And evil? It's harmful. If it hurts someone I care about. So, pretty much, you are the judge? Yeah, I guess. You ever been wrong? Or changed your opinion over time? I mean, sure. And there are billions like you Radio each determining what you think is good and evil. And when your good clashes with your neighbor's evil, arguments ensue. Wars break out. Because all insist on playing God. You weren't meant to do any of that. All on your own. This was always meant to be a conversation between friends. What do you think? It's still a mess. [soft chuckle] Yes, it is, Mack. Wild, wonderful, and perfectly in process. This mess is you. II' [hammering] [hammering continues] So Radio you decided to stay. Thinking about it. Sarayu can be very persuasive, huh? If only I was smart enough to understand a word she said. [laughs] So, uh, if you're up for a walk, there's something on the far side of the lake I'd like to show you. I just have to finish up in the shed, and I'll meet you down there. You can take the boat out, if you want. Left my pole in it, if you're feeling lucky. II' [Kate] Daddy! Daddy! [boat rocks] [thud] [thud] [panting] No, no, no, no, no. [Jesus] Mack! Mack, it's okay. Why are you doing this to me? [Jesus] This isn't me. You told me to come out here. [Jesus] Mack, this is happening inside you. You're letting it consume you, and you don't have to. No, no, no, no, no. [Jesus] Just take a deep breath and listen to my voice. Don't look at it, Mack. Look here. Missy! Don't think about the past. Don't think about the pain. Look at me. Everything is gonna be okay. Look at me! Trust me, none of this can hurt you. Just keep your eyes on me. Breathe. Good, Mack. I'm not going anywhere. [breathes calmly] Now, let's get you out of this boat. What? You heard me.

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