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Sunday, June 11, 2017

KTMG Magic 99.1 Prescott

KTMG Magic 99.1 Prescott, Online KTMG Magic 99.1 Prescott Radio internet, KTMG Magic 99.1 Prescott USA Radio Who would stoop this low? Should we call the police? Call the police? Yeah, and say what? "A letter showed up in my mailbox with no tracks in the snow, and it might've been signed by God"? There were no tracks? Just forget it. Mack Radio Mack! [TV announcer speaking indistinctly] II' [door opens] ' [Nan] Mack! Hey! [door shuts] We're home! Hey, Dad. Hey, champ. You okay? Yeah, I just slipped on the ice last night. [sighs] Let me see. It's fine. It's just a little bump. What's that? It's just a work thing. Where's Kate? She'll be in in a minute. Tried calling you this morning. You did? Must've really been out. Hey, Dad. Dad? Can I go finish my homework at Ally's? You've seen the weather out, right? It's only two streets away. Another time. Hey, you. Hey. What? I just wanted to say hi. Hi. Can I g? Yeah. How was she at Arlene's? Uh Radio same as always. She comes out of her shell for a minute, and then retreats. So I'm gonna take her to my brother's this weekend. He knows a counselor that we could try, and Radio thought maybe you could join us. I'm pretty sure that's the last thing that she'd want. I Radio think it's best if it's just you guys. I gotta get changed and go run some errands in town. Mack. Yeah? Don't forget we love each other. And you don't know anything about it? Well, there's no stamp. No. Well, if it's not stamped, it's not delivered. Well, you want your mail while you're here? II' [indistinct whispering] [engine starts] What do you need a four-wheel drive for? Mack Radio Come on. We been friends for a long time. Just shoot straight with me. Is this about that note? [sighs] You're not thinking about going back there, are you? [sighs] Well Radio Have you talked with Nan about this at all? No, I don't want to upset her. She's barely holding it together right now. Have you prayed about it'? I just want your truck. [laughs] But you know this isn't a good idea, right? I mean, what if it is that guy? And then he's trying to get you out there for who knows what reason. We don't know that yet. You already think about the other possibility? What? You think it's God'? You're the one who said there were no tracks in the snow. Well, maybe it'd been out there for a few days and I didn't see it. I don't know. It's completely crazy. But I gotta do something, and this is all I got. But I'm gonna go with you. Sure, fine. I hope it goes well with her. Yeah. I hope it goes well with you, too. Sweetie, can you take this? [Josh] Yeah. Thanks. Text me when you get there? [sighs] Look Radio I know that you are wrestling with something. And it's okay if you don't know how to talk about it. It's just that we've lost so much already. I don't wanna lose you, too. Okay? [engine starts] [honks] Tent. Bags. Food. Coleman lantern. Snowshoes. Just in case. Where's your pole? [laughs] I didn't know we were goin' fishin'. We should probably have something to do when we finally figure out I've lost my mind. All right. I'll grab my stuff. [engine starting] II' [Willie] You're not thinkin' about goin' back there, are you? [Nan] I don't wanna lose you, too. [Missy giggles] [horn blaring] [tires screeching] [panting] [mumbles] [exhales] ([whispers] He)'- Where are you? I'm here. Come on out. II' You couldn't even let us have her body buried properly. You coward. Why? God! God! [screaming] Wwmm I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Sorry. [footsteps approaching] You led me here. Now you don't have the guts to show. Some Papa you are. Pretty chilly out here, huh? Got a fire goin' inside, if you wanna warm up. Come on, Mack. I know someone who'd love to see you. II' [birds chirping] [wings fluttering] [softly] NQ_ [woman exclaims excitedly] [man, laughing] I told you. [laughter] Mackenzie Allen Phillips. Mmm-mmm! Mmm Radio [laughs] My, my, my. Look at you. Do I know you? Not very well. But we can work on that. I've been so lookin' forward to this, to finally see you face to face. Can I take your coat? And that gun. We wouldn't want anyone to get hurt, now would we? I understand. It's confusing. We all do. You will do this on your terms and time. How about some introductions? I'm Elousia. I have a lot of names, but that's one of my favorites. Or, if you want, you can call me what Nan does. You know Nan? Oh, yes. Very well. Are you saying that you're Radio lam. The "I am"? I am that I am. [both laughing] Look at that. Already quotin' Scripture. And you've met my son. Great to see you, Mack. Your son? Of course. And I'm Sarayu. Sarah who? [all laugh] Sarayu. It means "a breath of wind." Right. So Radio which one of you is Radio I am. And you have no idea how much I love you. It's okay, baby. Let it go. We all collect things we value, don't we? I collect tears. Right. It's good to meet you guys. I'll be right back. II' [door closes] Why'd I have to wake up? [Jesus] Think you dropped this. You wrote this? We're so happy you accepted our invitation. This is nuts. What am I doing here? What am I supposed to do? [chuckles] You're not supposed to do anything. You're free to do whatever you like. You can go fishing. Or hiking. Help Sarayu in the garden. Or you can go talk to Papa in the kitchen.

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