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Friday, June 9, 2017

KOFH - Maxima 99.1 Nogales

KOFH - Maxima 99.1 Nogales, Online KOFH - Maxima 99.1 Nogales Radio internet, KOFH - Maxima 99.1 Nogales USA Radio But all that changed in an instant Radio when the Great Sadness came uninvited. [Mack] No, you can't drive, it's too dangerous. No, I haven't seen anything like it. Yeah, of course I'll be fine. I'll heat up that rice thing. Just a little tired, I guess. I was gonna clear up the driveway before dark. Call me in the morning. Yeah, you, too. [phone beeps] II' [spluttering] [engine stops] I ain't seen a storm like this in years. It's a good thing Nan and the kids are off the roads. You want some help over there? Grab my shovel. Knock it out in no time. I'm okay. Shouldn't take too long. Thanks for the gas. How about some dinner tonight? Maggie made chicken pot pie. Nah, Nan left me food in the fridge. Maybe next time. All right. Thanks. All right. [Kate] Hey, Dad. Dad? [Mack] Hmm? [Kate] Dad, catch. [Mack] There's no room. [chuckles] You might wanna put this somewhere where you can find it. First aid. If we get stung by bees, we'll use river mud, right, Josh? Yeah. [sighs] Mom, are you sure you can't get out of your seminar? Come on, come on, you guys are gonna have a great time. I have faith in your Dad's mothering skills. [Kate] You do? Hey. Hey, hey, hey, young lady, what have you got there? My insect collection. Your what? Hey, are you packing bugs? No, Daddy. No? This is Dixie and Donna, the carpet beetles. Wanda, the walking stick. And that's Carl, the caterpillar. "Carl, the caterpillar." I like it. Can I take them? Please? [sighs] We can't leave Carl, the caterpillar, behind. Not a good idea. No. I'm sorry. I tried. Summer's last hurrah? It's gonna be an awful lonely weekend around here. I'll bring you back a six-pound brown. All right. None of that store-bought stuff. I can tell the difference. [Mack chuckles] Hey, Willie, have you got a moment? Sure. Cool. We gotta Radio we gotta go. Hey, a little patience, please. Kids? Okay, okay. Come on. [Mack growls] Cheese? [Nan] Okay. [shutter clicks] Good-looking bunch. Sure? Okay! Get outta here! Goodbye! II' Hey, kids, look there. Remember? The falls. Daddy, we have to stop! Let's go see the waterfall. No stopping. We gotta get to the campground before dark. Well, have you told Missy the story of the Indian princess? What princess? Come on, Dad, you have to! You have to tell her the story. We have to go back. Please! We can't go back. We can't keep pulling off every exit. Come on. The answer is no. [Mack] A long time ago, there was an Indian princess. [Missy] What did she look like? [Mack] Well, she was very pretty. [Missy] What color was her hair? Like this. Do you want me to tell you the story? Okay. Well, this princess was the only daughter of the eldest chief. And he was the leader of a great tribe. Till one summer, a terrible sickness spread through the land. It was so fierce even the strongest warriors fell ill. They were on the verge of death. So, all the chiefs met to see what they could do. Princess' father, he told of a prophecy. The illness could only be stopped if the daughter of a chief gave up her life for her people. After a long debate, they knew they couldn't ask for such a sacrifice. And the princess, when she heard about this prophecy, she knew what she had to do, 'cause she loved her people so much. One morning, she climbed up to those rocks. And without hesitation, she jumped. [sniffles] The next morning, a great healing came over the tribe. The sick began to rise from their beds. Everyone rejoiced. But the chief knew that his daughter was missing. He knew what she had done. His hear': Broke. His tears rolled down his cheek. He cried out, asking for his daughter's sacrifice to be remembered. The Great Spirit was so moved by his tears that he answered his prayers. Water began to fall. Right there. That's how Multnomah Falls was created. Ready to go? Shotgun. A little patience, please. You got that off your Mommy, didn't ya? [Mack] Careful near the water. [Kate, laughing] Okay, Dad, sure. Hey, let me give you a hand with that. [grunting] There we go. I'm Mack. Emil. That's my wife, Vicki. Those two yours? They are. Seem to be getting on. Yeah, well, I suppose we should, too, or this whole thing's gonna get awkward.

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