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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

KGPS-LP 98.7 FM Kingman

KGPS-LP 98.7 FM Kingman, Online KGPS-LP 98.7 FM Kingman Radio internet, KGPS-LP 98.7 FM Kingman USA Radio If there were a civilisation in our galaxy that was using the energy of millions or billions of stars, we would see evidence of that energy usage in the form of waste heat. As more fast radio bursts were discovered, so the regular pattern disappeared. And nothing like the heat produced by a Type III civilisation has ever been seen in our galaxy. There are hundreds of billions of galaxies in our universe so there's certainly still room for these very, very advanced civilisations to exist somewhere in our universe. But, wherever those civilisations might be, for as long as we have been looking Radio Radio they have remained elusive. In the spring of , Frank Drake arrived in Green Bank to fulfil the dream he'd had since childhood. I had been waiting for many, many years for this opportunity to answer that question, are there other civilisations out there? It was very exciting, because at that time, for all we knew, every star had a planet that was sending intelligent signals. We might succeed the first day, in the first hour. It was here that Frank conducted Project Ozma, the first scientific search for extraterrestrials. We did in fact attach a loudspeaker just in case a miracle happened and we actually heard someone talking to us. It was not out of the question. We had a tape recorder that was recording everything coming in. So when we first turned it on, of course everybody was wondering, what are we going to hear? What we heard was noise. Static, nothing. Project Ozma heard no alien communications. And it's been the same story for every subsequent search. We've done a great deal of searching in the last -plus years, and we've learned that we're going to have to search perhaps a million stars and countless frequency channels before we have a good chance of success. But, after more than half a century, Frank's own search is drawing to a close. If I had this to do all over, I would still do it. In fact, probably put more time into it because I've come to realise that's what's required to succeed. And to me that time is not time wasted. Because the eventual discovery is of such importance that it justifies not just one human life being dedicated to succeeding, but many. Are we alone? If we are, then that tells us something about the preciousness of life on Earth. And if we're not alone Radio Radio then what discovery could possibly be more important? Come with us. Breakthrough Listen takes the search for intelligent life in the universe to a completely new level. In , Russian billionaire Yuri Milner put down million of his own money to conduct the most comprehensive search for extraterrestrials ever undertaken. This was once a dream, it is now a truly scientific quest. The th century Radio Radio we stepped out from our planet to space, to the moon, to the solar system. In the st century, we'll find out about life on a galactic scale. And the search begins with Tabby's Star. KIC is one of the best targets we've had in a long time for study searches. We're going to be using the -metre Green Bank telescope, the largest fully steerable radio telescope on the planet, paired with a brand-new set of instrumentation we've installed as part of the Breakthrough Listen project. This instrumentation allows us to conduct a very sensitive search over a huge amount of the radio spectrum. Now, if Tabby's Star does indeed have a Dyson sphere around it, and it is inhabited by a very advanced civilisation, perhaps that civilisation might have technology like we use on Earth, perhaps radio technology. And if they do, we could detect it with this telescope. Tonight represents perhaps the best chance humanity has ever had to make contact with extraterrestrials. Hey, Dave. Could you put Vegas back in mode one? This evening is a very exciting night. Turned back on and then Radio We've been waiting for it for over a year, so, yeah, I think we're all pretty excited about what's happening. What's next? Is Tabby's Star next? Tabby's Star is next, yes. All right, time for you to push the button! Right, here we go. We're off. Here we go. Once it's moved into position,

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