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Thursday, June 29, 2017

KUAZ-FM - 89.1 FM Tucson

KUAZ-FM - 89.1 FM Tucson, Online KUAZ-FM - 89.1 FM Tucson Radio internet, KUAZ-FM - 89.1 FM Tucson USA Radio Mr. Darnell, into my office. Fellas, come on up. What was that all about? I said no one move during the school song. If you can't understand that, find another job. I was picking up paper! You contradicted me in front of my students! They'remystudents! They are my students, mr. Darnell! Just what are you trying to prove? I'm working my ass off for you. I took the demotion. I'm doing my job! You're just getting your rocks off by treating me like trash. No, sir. That's what you were picking up. God damn it! You give me the goddamn respect you would want yourself, or i will kick your black ass! You are suspended, sir, as of right now! Get out! Ahh! Oh, my god! What is going on? Mr. Darnell is suspended. Indefinitely. You don't have the power to suspend a teacher! Then i can recommend. Get me the forms. Yes, sir. Please, mr. Darnell is more than a football coach. He teaches english! Not anymore. The state practice test is tomorrow. Why do this now? Ms. Levias- mr. Clark? What do you want? What? It could wait. Mr. Clark, do you have any idea of the chaos you have caused around here? Nobody knows what you're doing! That's exactly the way i like it! Never made first period for one year straight forget a diploma, it's education i hate i feel like droppin' my books and just strafin' it 'cause the way i'm feelin', i ain't makin' it i ain't makin' it school's the place i don't really want to be in the day i quit, that's it, i'm leavin' when people tell me about gettin' grades up my reply-"am i gettin' paid or what?" Bright in the morning, my alarm awakes me my mom won't, she's a witch, she hates me failin' all my classes, i don't give a damn success, i ain't makin' it stay to your right. Let's get to your classes. Come on, now. We got seconds to the bell. Let's go. Sams, sams, come here. Where you going? Lunch. Try to eat some vegetables for a change, ok? Lay off those muffins. See you later. Don't bunch up down there, people. That doesn't concern you. We'll tell you about it later. All right, richard. It's all yours. We have two groups to thank- the black and hispanic alumnl- for giving us sofas and armchairs. It makes the school seem, as mr. Clark would say, a home away from home. Having fun? I am. I haven't heard a word about those test scores. They'll send them- send them how? By pony express? Am i supposed to wait for them? Get yourself down to trenton, where they're probably on some desk. Bring them back here where they can do some good. But now, ladies and gentlemen, for the grand finale- ms. Levias, if you would- our very own passaic river falls. Good job. You're doing very well, son. I'm very proud of you. Mr. Clark, come to the cafeteria quick! Some guy's beating up kid ray! Hey, stop it! Stop it! Come on, old man. I been waitin' for this. Come on. Come on. Get this disgrace to his race out of here! You already threw this disgrace out once. Then what's he doing back? Someone must have let him in from the inside. I want every door in this school chained and locked- all of them! Yes, sir. Hi, mr. Clark. Oh, hi, kids. How you doin'? Hi, mr. Clark. What's up? Hi, nathalee. Kaneesha, what's the matter, doll? Kaneesha? Now, i told you if you have any problems, you come and see me. Come on, now. I've known you more than half your life. What's the matter? How are your grades? They're not too good. Well, why not? You're a smart girl. You shouldn't be having any problems. I don't have no place to live. Well, where's your mother? She don't want me no more. Now, here. Come with me. Come on. I'll see what i can do about this. Ms. Levias, you know kaneesha carter here. You go on in to miss ruiz. Is he all right? He'll survive. Kaneesha here is having a problem at home. Pull her file, talk to her, get back to me. Come on, kaneesha. Because it never made a difference i never paid attention to the sound of my own despair trick or treat! There was never no feelin' never not needing that child even though i couldn't always be there and time don't wait on love, now life don't wait for a break in the weather what if i'm left with no love at all? No love at all? Who's there? Mrs. Carter? Mrs. Carter doesn't live here. Kaneesha: Mama, it's me. It's joan levias from eastside. I'm here with mr. Clark. 'Cause time don't wait on love, now and life don't send you an invitation been a long time, mrs. Carter. Please. Come in. No love at all i've been meaning to come by and talk to you. Mind if i try and act civilized for a moment? Offered you two a seat. Mrs. Carter, i ran into kaneesha in the halls. Was talking about her grades. She says you don't want her around anymore. I don't expect your sympathy, but i ruined my life. I know that's my business to deal with that. It's been hard enough. Joe: When kaneesha was in the fifth grade, you were one of my most active parents. You were always at school helping out. We don't mean to pry, mrs. Carter, but kaneesha has a gift. She has that spark. We have to look after her. Why would she think you wouldn't want her? I had kaneesha when i was . I didn't want no welfare, so i quit school, worked, came home at night, didn't have no life. So when she was old enough to take care of herself, i ran out and got one. Is that what you're doing now? I'm just now getting back on my feet, you know? As i get clean Radio i see myself for what i am Radio and i hate it. And i don't want her to see me like this no more. So when the people from the foster home came by, i thought it was the right thing to do. Why would i want to get rid of her? I love her Radio more than myself. Mrs. Carter Radio if we helped you find a job, a better place to live, would that help? Because, frankly, i don't see kaneesha making it without you. Do you understand? Yeah. Good. Thanks, bob. We'll talk tomorrow. What was that all about? Chains on the doors. Thought you people didn't like chains. You see this yet? You know, all of your shit comes down on my head. Oh, frank, look. This is- no. You let me talk. It's like you're a big bird with radar. I'm tired of getting hit. Is this my fault? This is nothing! I've got union lawyers threatening me. There's talk of a walkout.

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