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Saturday, July 1, 2017

KFNX - 1100 AM Phoenix

KFNX - 1100 AM Phoenix, Online KFNX - 1100 AM Phoenix Radio internet, KFNX - 1100 AM Phoenix USA Radio into one of those rehab clinics. he hasn't had a drink in five years. hard times. but he pulled through okay, all things considered. built himself a good consulting firm and all. it keeps him busy. then why is he so Radio mean? yeah. everybody takes hard times differently. for eric, he still blames god. and all those rumors don't help either. i should go. thanks for talking with me. i should have time then. just a couple of days, to start. if we need more, we'll talk. okay. Bye, mark. eric? I have to go to my other job now. it's :. yeah. I have the ending shift, and then i have class after that. fine. i'd like to take these home to read tonight, if that's all right, i'm a little busy here. Do you think i care? [ cellphone rings ] hello? Craig: hey! hi, craig. What's up? want to go out to dinner? i already ate, but thanks. what about a movie? Anna's been wanting to i'm in the middle of something, but maybe this weekend. oh, okay. what are you doing? reading. you're going to blow us off for a book? work, actually. if you're sure. yeah. I appreciate the invite, though. I really do. okay. okay. Bye. was that craig? yes, kelli. is he a good kisser? kelli, we're not even dating. well, he is a boy. when you kiss a guy, how do you coordinate everything? i mean, does the girl tilt her head to the right and the guy to the left? or the guy to the right and the girl to the left? wait. Whose left? are you really asking me this? it's a good question. how do you know not to hit heads? and what about noses? you're not going to show me, are you? no. I'm kicking you out of my room. so you haven't kissed craig? did you finish reading the reports? yes. okay. Tell me what you learned. i thought your analysis was pretty good. that means so much to me. you're really smart. i figured you'd have to be intelligent with what you do. but what you've written down and figured out, you're really smart. now that we've established i'm smart, did you learn anything? okay. companies obviously come to you for recommendations on how to be more efficient and profitable. and from what you wrote, they all can improve. they'll be thrilled to hear that. you find faults i've never thought about, and your analysis makes my head spin, with revenues and cutting back debt. i'm just a little bit confused on your recommendations, though. oh, really? it seems like you're a little harsh on them. i'm wondering why. you're supposed to be helping them. i am helping them. i tell them what they're doing wrong. shouldn't you be a little nicer? my clients don't pay me for fluffy compliments. you view the company as an entity, right? Right. but it's run by people. people are influenced by emotions. wouldn't it help to be a little more diplomatic? you read a few reports, and you think you know it all. that's enough. Shut the door behind you! eric, i'm just i don't care! you don't know what you're talking about. [ door slams ] [ footsteps ] [ door slams ] you're done for the day. pick up my shirt from the dry cleaner on your way in tomorrow. okay, jessica. we'll see you later. thank you. mm-hmm. you're quiet today. i'm working. ah. Speaking of, how's your other boss? [ groans ] is it really worth it? i mean, your dad could find another job, eventually. it took him months to find this one, plus, with james on his mission and mike and kelli Radio we need the stability. what about you? you're the one who's working with the beast. i wouldn't call him that. he does deserve some respect, even if Radio you know. Yeah. good evening, eric. mrs. Haygood. i found these in the theater room. do you want them in here? yes. dinner's nearly ready. will belle be around to join us? do you see her here? just wondering. don't be too long or the food will get cold. i'll be in in a few minutes. [ coughs ] gosh! i'm so sorry. i thought you were already in the office. i should have checked. it's a good thing i wasn't in the shower. yeah. i'm just going to wait in the office. i'm taking the day off. i'm not feeling very well. did you want me to get you something? or mrs. Haygood or your doctor?

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