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Monday, July 3, 2017

La Onda 1190 Tolleson

La Onda 1190 Tolleson, Online La Onda 1190 Tolleson Radio internet, La Onda 1190 Tolleson USA Radio really? Mm-hmm. okay. who's winning? she is. you seem happier, eric. that's not a bad thing. you can't be a grouch forever. it's just nice to see you smiling again. craig? hey! what are you doing here? it's been awhile. I wanted to see you. that's sweet, but you should see me at my home, not here. you're never there. i've tried to catch you at home all week, but you're always here or studying. [ footsteps approaching ] ah, the man himself. look, i'm sorry i haven't been around. i've been really busy lately. i understand. i just hate to see anna disappointed when we make plans and you have to bail. i see anna at work all the time, and she's fine with it. all right, i hate to be disappointed. i just want to see you more, get to know you, go out to dinner. craig, you're a nice guy. anna's your cousin, and i know she's just trying to do us both a favor. but i can't just drop everything and go to a movie with you. i can't ditch my family to go to a restaurant. you ditch them for here? what? when i stopped by the other day, your dad said he hardly sees you anymore. why are you getting into my life? i barely know you and you're visiting my family? i'm not. I'm just Radio are you dating this guy? because if you are, there's no way that any of us can compete with mr. Riches. now you're being mean. No, i'm not. i just don't want to see you get dragged down to his level. his level? despite what you or others may think, eric's actually a nice guy. eric? [ chuckles ] that's informal. you expect me to call him "mr. Landry" all the time? it'd make me feel better. anna and i call our boss by his first name. what's the difference? the difference here is your boss is rich and questionable. questionable? i have to get back to work. fine. Just be careful. i don't like the idea of you working for this beast. don't call him that. look, i appreciate your concern, craig, but i won't let you disrespect him, especially not when you're standing on his property. belle: eric? yeah? are you going somewhere? i thought i lost this. oh. You got a message from kyle kincaid. he wants to know if thursday still works for you. oh. It's a dinner meeting with him and the ceo. are you free that night? me? yeah, it's a business dinner. I'd like my assistant with me. uh, yeah, i have a class, but i should be done by :. then i'll pick you up at :. okay. so tonight's the big date? it's a business meeting, that's all. a business meeting that you're going to get all dolled up for. do you even have a dress? of course. But it's no big deal. please don't tell craig. because craig will get jealous. It's okay. he's my cousin, but you're my friend, and i'm not going to force you to date him if you prefer somebody else. thank you. but it's still not a date, by the way. i don't think of eric as anything other than my boss. is he picking you up at your house? Yeah. well, he thinks it's a date. no, it's logistics. i have a class until :. he's picking me up on the way. uh-huh. Okay. sure. you look very nice. thank you. It's nice to see that suit somewhere other than the dry cleaner's. kyle. David. This is belle. it's nice to meet you. my date, julie. this is my wife, diane. hello. Hi. so, eric, let me tell you what we're thinking. it's good to have you here. it's nice eric brought somebody finally. what do you mean? he usually comes to these things alone. really? we'll have to shut down that division and let people go, but we think the new model will be worth it. you've factored in the cost of pensions and severance and so forth? of course. are you all right? what? sorry? did you want to add something? well, are you sure you want to let go of the people you already have? layoffs are a part of business. yes, but a new model is going to take a lot of manpower. with a little training, couldn't they easily take over the new production? or we can find new people who already know how to do the job. eric: your current people could be trained. it'll take time and money, but in the long run, you'd be better off. you don't know some of our people, though. change doesn't come easy. well, it never does, but when faced with the alternative, you'd be surprised how many employees are willing to go through new training. you wouldn't have to worry about new hires or quick turnovers, overloading your h.R. Department. think of all the time and money that's wasted on employees that bail after the initial bonus kicks in. and they won't all be ready to work. you're going to need to train them, at least on your company policies and procedures, if not further. maybe that's something you can look into, eric, when you come up to our new york facility. sure. it was so nice to meet you both. it was very nice to meet you, too. thank you so much. good night. you did well tonight. [ chuckles ] i don't think kyle appreciated what i had to say. he doesn't have your compassion. compassion's not a bad thing in business. i didn't say it was. do you have some time right now? this is beautiful. so peaceful. i didn't even know this place was up here. it's hidden away well enough. oh. Thank you.

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