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Friday, July 7, 2017

KBSZ - 1260 AM Apache Junction

KBSZ - 1260 AM Apache Junction, Online KBSZ - 1260 AM Apache Junction Radio internet, KBSZ - 1260 AM Apache Junction USA Radio if people ignore my words because I like to ignore What a strange guy you are yo A microphone eh call me A microphone what is it ah "Moomin" inside the little girl friends Do you like ah ah ah right I think what you like and that you and Rick that Fumi Tsutomu Kiyoshi like eh ah Shinu Si Fumi Tsutomu Kiyoshi Lectra Fumi Tsutomu Kiyoshi Lectra what ah do not tell you ha ah do what ah then what do not know it What is ah Well yo to drive carefully Fumi Tsutomu Kiyoshi Lectra ("Moomin") (Shina Fu Jin) love of freedom alone and music Shina Fu Jin whose real name is Fumi Tsutomu Kiyoshi Lectra What a strange name (A microphone) fearless both for anyone to think it's not polite to say Ha said in a really brother eat (good morning) (to borrow money not yet) I heard things that did not transfer students looks like her dad does not have to borrow money to escape the really ah ah you want to change schools at this time are generally not over ah good eh Johnson so she has to wear uniforms, ah ... yo good morning ah this ah this is my place of because it is really like eh So you could play the piano ah before the bomb now do not play a because no piano at home do not know where the shoes go did you see my desk a no matter where there really people who do such a small childish That ... is true because my father we fled over the whole of Japan this is where Why do for class to start the know immediately over Xiang you to look at Xiang then the guitar ah that is his father's ah is the youngest Why me eh Why, and I say because ... no other person can speak I know boy it does not matter I can only speak to your friends Do you like music, right you do not like what ah general it but you are Fumi Tsutomu Kiyoshi Lectra ah to who's song Do not worry band eh We are a band it I'm back come back disturb eh Yeah Ayaya my friend I called Takimoto Mizuho disturb This is really ... here Yeah Ayaya so I was not in my friends house Why not go to your home Well what I "called" What's (Note: This refers to the use of honorifics) only thing wrong with the total it really hurts ah this what ah you really will be the powerful before school and then studied before not looks like before and then again before the school before or ... eh how the ah no I see good tune You really powerful Well because remember the point to eh you do not play I ah, I will not play the tuning Yeah that how to practice ah ... ah the good things you are still a little thing ah I'm back how the hush whisper point ah what what how the [advanced guitar playing method] ah eh I can not not the finger quick release where should press Qula Well not entirely ah I can not friends eh here is the string ... really still want more Yeah, like instruments then the piano you will play it very words to say but I do not ah I went to ask my father to see it electric piano, then if it is maybe some of my dad's friend was really ah Oh really good really good This is really getting interesting right ah ah you just look at it crooked halter really not liked ah it is because what ah or forget ah man you are really not enough I'd think you're a man ah ha at me such a beautiful say such things against the beauty of what I fail to remember I'd been clutching tightly Oh remember (Note: Japanese front and catch the same word) What ah you air hum What ah you laugh no ah super well done eh That ... ah That ... how the no my mother ... What friends Oh that my mother I tell you to come home for dinner today. I I just do not bring people back to my home friends then I respectfully than from life slightly Xiang you get past this ah, I come to help you can do ah it took you to go this brother, this is your girlfriend idiot than your friends call said that not me any ha ha Oh what friends do you my father came to help the next busy good eh sit sit very hot pot Mizuho you sit good Oh, very hot came to the ah beware beware Qiang Oh, good to eat disturb come play this game sister goodbye Yeah cold go really? Well ... ... Come on, although the father of Raymond not give you such a thing is not there but there is a condition conditions? ah it can be played show it to us here show? Wait, that ... ... play! Definitely play! ! oh, ah the good If you point to what heavy rock I might be able to Zimo ah but you okay ah of course, the line right ah young and good ah and the! eh? Wait a minute -No, no eighteen thousand points ah, I just look elsewhere ah not okay ah -No, no ... ... ah not really What? What's playing in front of all right we will be able to Do not be afraid it does not matter G ... ... Here is the sound HERE right, right then from here good -has been playing down prepared this is where HERE well then start from here Hey how? ah? do this right ah? sea election? I have decided (flash mob collected in the master (only original song) delivery details see official website) said to be original song eh ah ah what ah how do? of course, is the composer friends who for ah? eh, I? yes, you I am not your friends it does not matter if you will be able to it does not matter how you speak and the teacher as Well praise the students a pleasant

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