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Sunday, July 9, 2017

KIHP - 1310 AM Mesa

KIHP - 1310 AM Mesa, Online KIHP - 1310 AM Mesa Radio internet, KIHP - 1310 AM Mesa USA Radio you were in the war? I tried, I got there a little late. I served in the Red Cross Ambulance Corps. Yes, the soldiers were all so afraid of cooties. And you were not? No, sir, it's just they had served at war and faced bombs and gas... and now god forbid someone's blanket touch them. These drawings are good. I take you one week on trial, yes? After we talk salary. Uh, well, where do I go? Home... you start work on Monday. Great. Thank you, sir. WALT Finally, Pesman offered me a job... See you Monday. at a salary of $ a month. During that one week trial period, I worked at this drawing board... and during the day, I never left it. If I had to go to the toilet, I just held it until noon. That's about the time I made the acquaintance of Ubbe Iwerks. Hey. It's you with your crazy hair. What are you doing? He speaks. It'll ruin the artwork, put it out. You know, you're the only person in here who works harder than me. I'd like to keep it that way. You ever take a break? Do you ever stop talking? Walt. Ubbe... now get back to work. WALT In the six weeks that I worked there... I learned tricks of the commercial trade. Until Pesman lost a large tractor account, which required him to let me go. At least if I was in a theater I would expect it to end when the show was done. I'm sorry you lost your job with Pesman. You'll find something. You can become an actor. I'll be fine. The question is... will you be okay? He's going to be just fine. Edna, no, don't start with that, okay? We've been over this, I will be fine. The Navy has the best TB treatments in the country, you know that. I'll miss you. After I settle in, you'll come out and see me. It'll be sooner than you think. I just-- I don't understand why you have to go alone. It doesn't make any sense. What happens if you get sick on the train? You're being silly, honey. Look, where will we stay, in the hospital? He's a tough cookie... don't worry. Everyone stop bothering me, I'm going to miss my train. Take care of her, okay? You know I will. I can't believe they let you go, too. The other guys have wives and such. I live with my mom. But that's no reason. It should be about the quality of the work. Why is it that people who run things always lack vision? I don't think it have anything to do with vision. They just didn't have the money to pay me. Times are tough, that's for sure. I've been looking for work for months. Back to delivering newspapers just to make ends meet. Well, ever since my dad left my mom, it's pretty much up to me. What? We've got too much talent, Ubbe. I've been thinking, you and I could make a pretty good team. What are you saying? Have you ever thought of having your own studio? No... I'm just an artist. You're more than that, but so am I. I don't know anything about business. Well, neither do I, but we could learn. Disney Iwerks. Sounds like an optimist. Hah... optometrist. Right. Iwerks Disney? That's not much better. It's perfect. Where are you going? We got a company to start. Well... what do you think? It's a barn. It's our company headquarters. But it's a barn. I have been developing the latest technique in animation. Forget about that cut-out method we were using at Pesman's. We are going to create things the way that the theatrical cartoonists do. And you can draw fast enough for us to do it. That's your desk. WALT There we were, our little commercial art shop was born. I sent a letter to my mom to get the $ I had earned while I was in the Red Cross... from drawing caricatures for my friends to send to girlfriends and families back home. My parents sent me half of the money, which was enough to get started. Just right up here, boys. Ubbe, look who's here! Ah, hey, Fred. Hi. He's coming aboard to join the team. Pesman fire you, too? No, this is just my after-hours endeavor. This is my brother Hugh. Hi. He's a first-rate animator. Welcome to our corporate headquarters. Fred's told me a lot about you. Interesting, uh, haircut. Yeah, thanks. Quite a palace you've got here. I told you, Fred, it's just a start. It's only the beginning. Nowhere to go but up. Let me show you what we're working on. I've already created several animations based upon local happenings. How so? Pesman always had us drawing about news stories, because that's what sold. Right. So I've created animations based upon the same happenings. Take a serious story and make people laugh. See, I read the paper, and I take the headline... and make that into an animation. Pot holes, a serious problem in Kansas City. Perfect, let's do that next. Pot holes? Says right here in the Kansas City Telegram. So, we're going to tell people news they already know. I guess that's why they call it a tell-egram. We're not going to tell them anything, we're making people laugh. A Laugh-o-Gram... Laugh-o-Gram? That's it. Ubbe, you're great with lettering. Can you create a title card that says, "Newman Laugh-o-Grams"? So these are going to be shown in Newman's theater? Is he asking to buy a Laugh-o-Gram? No... but he will. Mr. Newman... What can I do for you? I have an animation here that might be of interest to your theater.

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