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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

KXEG - 1280 AM Phoenix

KXEG - 1280 AM Phoenix, Online KXEG - 1280 AM Phoenix Radio internet, KXEG - 1280 AM Phoenix USA Radio Good to meet you. Arm down a fraction of an inch. Hey, nice to meet-- nice to meet you, guys. Crank. Crank. Rudy, you have to keep it even... otherwise, its not going to look right. Right, um, I'm sorry, it's just I'm not used to it is all. You know, it doesn't help that the rig shakes. It shakes? Yes, it's like-- it's like an earthquake. Oh, I hadn't noticed. Crank. Man, my shoulder hurts. You did say that you wanted to learn animation, right? Yes. Crank. Cranking. Okay, my fellow cameramen, animators... lady. You all know Leslie Mace, our sales manager and envoy to New York City. I've just been handed a telegram. Look, the long and short of it is, we've just closed a deal with Pictoral Inc... for the delivery of six animations. Recompense totals $, cash, U.S. currency. Now, this is for non-theatrical release... so that means we can still sell these to movie houses. This is great news, Walt, congratulations. To work. To work. So does this mean that I get to be paid now? Look, kid, the deal is that we have to finish the six animations before we collect. Who's going to pay for the animation? You let me worry about that. You'll get paid soon enough. Oh, Mr. Newman! I've been trying to reach you! I haven't been paid by Feld in over a month. Look, I can't pay for your animations any more. I need to make a profit. Please... I need these to keep afloat. Look, I have a brand, new animation, it'll be ready next week. It's something you'll be very interested in. Look, kid, you got spirit, I like that, but times are changing. Come on, let's go. Well, can I at least collect on last month's? Damn it! That doesn't sound good. Walt? Not now, Ubbe! Hey, did-- What happened to my stuff? Don't be so surprised, Disney. You haven't paid your rent in two months. I just need another week. Another week? What do you think, I'm running a free housing project? Well, can I at least get my things? Sorry, Disney, come back when you got the money. It's Sunday, Walt, why don't you go home. I-- I can't. I got locked out... I owe some rent. That's not good. How much? Few months. Level with me, Walt. There was some bull hunting around here for you the other day. Looked like... a paper server. You going to be okay? I don't know. You get behind... some people aren't so patient, you know? I can be patient. I got some clams put away from my time at the studio... if you need, you just let me know. I know you're good for it. I'll chip in also. My pockets are pretty empty at the moment. Please, you guys don't have to worry about me. Al least let us pay the rent. Yeah, how much do you pay? No, I-- I can't. It's all I've got. There's more where that came from. Look, I wish I could help, Dis, but this is how I make my money. It's okay, Friz. I'm going to pay both of you back, with interest... I promise. Well, whenever you got the money, I'm not going anywhere. Hey, um, I guess you probably owe on this dump, too. A little. You should make a list. Let's get to work. Right, so they crack the joke at each other... and then they laugh so much, they die laughing. Okay. My check is for five dollars. How much was it-- You said $ a week. Things are a little tight right now, so can I just owe you? How much longer can we wait? I haven't been paid for weeks. Look, I can't keep doing this. I'm sorry. I-- I got to find something else. Good luck, folks. Come on, Friz, just stick it out... have some faith. It's easy to have faith when you have savings, Rudy. I'm not that lucky. You stick it out, though. You shouldn't lead people on if all you have is wooden nickels. Fred. Hugh! I'm sorry, Walt. Don't worry about it. We'll figure something out. Yes, Mace, I'm looking at the telegram right now. Am I reading this correctly? That Pictoral is bankrupt? Yes, but what am I supposed to do with all the money that I've laid out. You've ruined my company! Walt! What are you doing messing up my barn? I thought I told you to do your chores! Let me tell you something about life. Always finish what you start, and anything worth doing, is worth doing well. You understand me? Sorry, Papa. Mm-hm. Fate was against letting me be a successful cartoonist. Gosh, how I used to envy the guys who were knocking out... what looked like Big Jack in those days. And I wondered if I could ever reach the top. Feelings of disappointment can either drown you or shape you. And sometimes, it may just be a new beginning. I decided to write a letter to Margaret J. Winkler... the New York distributor of Out of the Inkwell and Felix the Cat series. And told her with regard to Alice's Wonderland... that I had just discovered something new and clever in animated cartoons. So if you give her a really big nose, when she bounces up and down... the nose is going to go-- a floppy nose. I think it's funny. I think we'd be good if we talk to Walt about it. That is really funny. You okay, Walt? Alice-- live-action series. M.J. Winkler wants to see it. M.J. Winkler? Felix the Cat, M.J. Winkler? We have to finish Alice. I mean, this is our chance. Don't you guys remember, it's um, uh-- We had Alice, the live-action girl, she goes into the world of animation.

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