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Thursday, July 13, 2017

La Mejor 1400 AM

La Mejor 1400 AM, Online La Mejor 1400 AM Radio internet, La Mejor 1400 AM USA Radio with animators doing the acting, photographing, etc. It is my intention to employ only trained and experienced people. Good. The first picture of this new idea, which I have just completed... was made in Kansas City under big difficulties. I would appreciate an interview with your representative here... that I may screen several comedies and explain my new idea. Sincerely-- What on earth is going on here? Oh, well, Walt is just writing a letter to a very prestigious animation studio... in New York asking for an interview. Animation? Hm. Walt, why do you keep playing around with this fairytale? Robert! Why don't you go out and get yourself a real job? Please, Robert! Well, it's just foolishness, Charlotte, for God sakes. Don't let him discourage you, Walt. Here, I think the letter is finished. Thank you. Let me go tend to Robert. Oh, one more thing, um... since you don't park your car in the garage... do you mind if I use it? WALT I had a dream and I was determined to make my dream come true. Similar to my father, Uncle Robert never thought I could make a living drawing pictures. Despite his constant disapproval... Aunt Charlotte convinced him to loan me $. I purchased an old dilapidated Pathe camera for $... and I set out to finish the Alice reel. Why are you clapping? I'm sorry Mrs. Winkler, but that's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I've never seen anything like that before. Then why did you stop clapping? What do you think, dear? Well, it's no Felix the Cat, but it's-- it's wonderful. Who made it? Walt Disney... a young chap from Kansas City, who just moved to California. I just sent him a letter commissioning more just like that. Looking forward to meeting him. So am I. Oh, ah, when did this come in? Ah, this morning, but you got in so late last night... I thought it best not to wake you. Roy! Excuse me, sir, but it's far too late to be visiting. What-- what are you doing here? M.J. Winkler. Who-- what? I, uh-- Felix the Cat, Out of the Inkwell? Nurse, can I just talk with my brother for one minute, please? All right, you two, but please make it a quick minute. I have a contract to do Alice comedies for M.J. Winkler. Well, congratulations. I finally figured out what I was doing wrong in Kansas City. I'm crazy about animation, but I spent so much time doing the business... that it cut part of the creative side out of me. I can't do it by myself. I need someone that I can trust. I need someone who knows finance. Oh, no, no, Walt, no. No, absolutely not, I-- I'm not well enough. I-- And you never will get well if you're stuck in here. What, are you a doctor now? Think about it, Roy, you're here around sick people every day. And you have nothing to do but think about being sick. What if-- what if you were busy? Come on, you could be with family, making money. I'd say it's worth a shot. You should have gone into sales, kid. You're a natural. So, you'll do it? On one condition. What's that? You need to be straight with me on everything. I need to know what's going on, no matter how small you might think it is. It's a deal. I'm not finished. I won't ask you to hire Edna... but I need you to steer clear of any office romance. I've already decided that I won't marry until I've saved $,. Now get out of here before someone puts you in quarantine. You know, some of these guys are contagious. I'll get the whole team back together. Ubbe, Rudy, everyone. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Mr. Disney, your brother will need his rest now. Yeah, I'll see you soon, Roy. Good to see you, my friend. Good to see you, still smoking those cheap cigarettes? We have a lot to catch up on. I bet. Look at the size of this room. Look how large it is. Tall ceilings, lots of space for desks... perfect for your workshop. There's certainly enough space to swing a cat in. And it's only $ a month, and we'll throw the desk in on top of that. Sounds great. You think about it, we'll walk outside and you let us know. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks. Yeah, I think this will work. Get the equipment in here. And ah, oh, ah, I forgot to let you know that Rudy and Hugh... said yes, so they're going to be coming out. And Fred? Well, you know, you invite one guy and you invite them all, right? Unless they're still angry with me. Probably. Well, we'll see what happens. But, even if everybody says yes... we're still going to need more animators. Just remember we have a budget, Walt. Any new animators you take on will have to work for less than the normal wage. Who's going to do that? Women. Roy Disney. Edna, it's true. You just got the right to vote, women need jobs. He's right, Edna, women are detail oriented... they can ink and paint. Women are the ones that go to the shows... so if they like it, then the men will go, too. Well, you can rest assured, I won't be working here. We've already discussed that, honey. But I will be here often. So now what, Dis? Dis? What am I, Dis #? I mean, I think I-- I am the ultimate Dis. Roy! He is still recovering! I can take this rapscallion any day. Well, now that Ubbe is here, my drawing days are over. I think I'm going to focus on writing, directing and producing.

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