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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Faith Talk 1360 Glendale

Faith Talk 1360 Glendale, Online Faith Talk 1360 Glendale Radio internet, Faith Talk 1360 Glendale USA Radio That's all you've written? That's it. You are a terrible secretary. Thank you for driving me. Of course... any time. They're waiting for me. Well, they're not going anywhere, are they? Stay and talk with me for a while. Tell me more about yourself. I had thought that I'd be going back to Idaho some day. And my sister told me about the job. And Bridgit is your sister? No, Bridgit's my friend. When you step out of the office, you just forget everything. You do that to me. It's a beautiful night. It sure is. Lily, can I ask you for a favor? Anything, Walt. Have you cashed your check yet? No, I haven't. Well, ah... do you mind holding off for a little while? Of course... is everything all right? Yes! Just a little rough patch. Everything will be back to normal in a week. You're such a hard worker, you never take a break. You learned in Idaho that there's no substitute for hard work. I learned that from my father. He sounds like a wise man. Well, he does know the value of hard work. Right before I was born, he worked as a carpenter... on the World's Fair buildings for a dollar a day. Somehow out of that, he and my mother saved enough to go into business together. I don't know how they did it, but eventually he moved to Chicago as a contractor... so my mother would draw up the plans and my father would build the houses. They were a real team. My father always wanted to get back to the farm... so he took what he had made and bought a farm in Marceline... acres, beautiful orchard there. Huh, then my father got sick and we were forced to sell it. But he never gave up. He sold that farm and he took the money and we moved to Kansas. Ever since then... I've been trying to chase after my dreams... despite my father's disapproval. You sound a lot like him. I'd love to meet him. Let's see what your family thinks of me first. I'll wear my best suit. Disney Brothers. It's Mintz, is Walter available? It's urgent. I'll check. One moment, please. Walter? What is it? There's a Mintz on the phone, he said it's urgent. What is it now? I've got it. Charles... look, we're very busy here today. Good, and Walter, look... I've just had a chance to finish review of the last Alice animation. I must say, I am quite disappointed with you and your team. Ah, you need a new Alice. The quality is not presentable. Well, Charles, I'm sorry to hear that you feel that way. Virginia has worked for us before. Well, find somebody else. Look... Walter, I want to help you. I'm going to be sending my brother-in-law George to join you and your team. He's an expert. He's going to teach you... how to deliver the quality the Mintz name demands. Show him the utmost courtesy. Charles, this is not a day care. We run a very tight... operation here. Walter, I'm not asking. Good day. This guy shows no respect. Okay, please take one step to your left. Ah, no, your other left. Okay, great. Ah, be frightened, there's a bear coming. Though she has a nice smile. So, you're happy to be frightened? This is getting very expensive. Yes, I know. Go ahead and cut. These lines remind me of "Alice's Day at Sea". Yes, and we fixed those, Fred. That's why we need to fix this... when we put it on film, it's going to be jerky. Then I guess we won't let you splice anymore. Or let you direct. Oh, man. Said by the man who used to work here. Good morning. Hi, Lily... ah, we'll go over my schedule in a minute. You know, Walt, I think she wants a man, not a boy. That's true, you know, for a big shot... your face is as clean as a pair of gams. I could grow a mustache faster than any of you boys. Look on me, ye peaches and despair. Well, peach, you're going to have to shave that if you want in. It'll just be back tomorrow. What's the pay off, Walt? A trip to Tijuana, on company time. For anyone who beats me. And the winner gets to be... my best man. What? Hey... nice job! You better win, even if you have to paste one on. Roy's wedding was so nice. And it looked beautiful. Now at least I can shave. Why would you? You look more... yourself. Now that you have a place to yourself, are you going to learn how to cook? I was hoping that you would do that for me. Cook? Cook, raise children, everything. Walt Disney, what are you-- We talked about saving for a new car. I'll let you decide... a new car or a ring? You can't ask me that. Will you be my Mrs. Disney? Yes! I want to make you the happiest girl in the world. Yes. Good day, my name is George Winkler. I am here to see Mr. Walt Disney. Come on in. Hey, Walt, there's a George Winkler here to see you. Hugh, Hugh, Margaret's brother is here, can you please show him around? George, nice to see you again, as you can see we're very busy... so I hope you don't mind if Hugh shows you around. Great. Of course. Good day, George, I'm Hugh Harmon, one of the ah, lead designers here. Nice to m-- Nice to meet you. Mr. Mintz sent me here to help with the quality of the work. And who is Mr. Mintz? You don't know? No, I-- I'm sorry, I don't. He is the one paying for this entire operation. Oh, Margaret's husband... tell him he needs to pay us more. Fred, let me show you around the studio.

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