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Monday, July 17, 2017

KMOG - 1420 AM Payson

KMOG - 1420 AM Payson, Online KMOG - 1420 AM Payson Radio internet, KMOG - 1420 AM Payson USA Radio You weren't there in Kansas, Lil. It was the worst time in my life, and I came out here a failure. I don't want that to happen again. You will never be a failure. You have too much goodness inside of you... that is why we're all here. If you give up, you're giving up on all of us. It must be very tiring for you, working all these long hours. And for so little money. Perhaps we make better situation for you, huh? It's late... let's go home. Charles, there are only one or two left. It's time to make our move. What's this? It's a letter from Charles Mintz with a deal requesting your presence in New York. What's wrong? I'm not going. You have to. Charles can say all he wants to in a wire, but if you're there in person... I think maybe he'll back down. And he'll back down even if I'm not there. He's nothing without me... without us. You wanted this, remember? The marquee says Walt Disney. It's your responsibility to go and make this right. Hey, hey! You can do this, kid. All aboard, all aboard. I am certainly glad that I'm not going to New York alone. Well, I thought this could be like a second honeymoon. Yes, as long as Charlie comes to his senses... or I'll be forced to find another distributor. WALT I didn't like the look of the future. The cartoon business didn't seem to be going anywhere except in circles. Pictures were kicked out in a hurry and made to a price. Money was the only object. I resented that. Walter, so very nice to see you. You must be the lovely Lillian... George has told me so much about. Mr. Mintz, pleasure to meet you. Oh, the pleasure is all mine. Perhaps you could excuse us for a minute, dear? Certainly. I'll wait for you. Please. Thank you. Have you had a chance to review my offer? I have, uh, and there's still a few terms that we need to go over. Ah, just to insure that we don't sacrifice the quality of the animations. Ah, what do you have in mind? Well, for starters, we need $, per short... and percent of the gross profits. Walter. Walter. Who are we kidding? I'm in the business of making money. Now best I can do is $, and percent of net profits. Now, I don't want to hear anything else. I can't accept that offer. Well, I am sorry, Walter, but I split profits with Universal. Look, the more I review the numbers, the less I'm inclined to spend. I suggest you take this offer. I really wish we could quit fooling around. Why don't you give me hours? hours and the deal is off the table. Fine. He's got me backed against the corner. I don't know what else to do. I don't understand why you need them? It's not that simple. Winkler Pictures is the largest animation studio in the world. They control everything. If I had the money, then I would produce the work myself. Everything would be different. You'll find the money. I've already been down that road. Well, what then? I could go directly to the studio... and make a deal with them myself... bypass Winkler. Will that work? It's worth a chance. I'll go in the morning before I meet with Mintz. Hey, there's no substitute for hard work. So, Walter, sit down. Walter, what do I owe this unexpected visit? Well, as you know, we've had great success with the Alice comedies... and now with Oswald the Rabbit. At this time, we'd like to partner directly with MGM... in order to distribute our future animations. Walter, we love Oswald... but, everyone in town knows that the rights belong to Mintz... and frankly, we're not going to release another cartoon for the rest of the year. Mr. Quimby, if you could just give me a chance, we have some great new ideas in the pipeline. Walter, I am sorry. Thank you for stopping by. Thanks for taking the time to see me. Everyone agrees, it's just not the same. What are you saying, Fred? Ubbe, you know how highly I think of the work you do. Do you really think there will always be a Walt Disney Studios? You of all people know it takes time to get ahead. Yeah, well, this is different. Charles and George have made me the new director of animation for their studio. You? One animator is going to do it all? Good luck. Your friends, Hugh and Rudy... they are both already under contract. Walt and Roy treated you like a family. We're a team! Good luck. You're a traitor, Fred! Don't you forget it! Get out, get out! So much potential. Mr. Goldstein, I feel that it's time I started working directly with Universal. We just signed a three-year deal with Mintz. You know that. There's little room for us to maneuver with him in there. But you pay Charles for Oswald. Isn't there some way you can intervene? If you could just hold on for a year. Hold on? Mr. Goldstein, Mr. Laemmle from Universal Studios is on the line. I was talking with a young animator this morning. He says anytime he sees something new, something that makes your eyes pop... the Disney name is attached. Then that should make you realize the part that Disney plays in making Oswald. Walter, we know the part you play, you are the best. One year, then we'll talk about a deal directly between Disney and Universal. You know that I don't have a year! Everyone in town knows that the rights belong to Mintz.

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