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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

KAZG - 1440 AM Scottsdale

KAZG - 1440 AM Scottsdale, Online KAZG - 1440 AM Scottsdale Radio internet, KAZG - 1440 AM Scottsdale USA Radio Look, I really gotta get back. Sweetheart, I don't know if I'm buying this guy. Oh? Gretta swears by him' Gretta believes in Atlantis, okay? This-this is the type of guy you have a beer with, not the kind of guy that has a connection to the supernatural realm. Okay. We're good here. Mind if I get myself a glass of water? Yes, please. The glasses are... oh. Well, that was crazy. [laughs] I got, uh, pulled into their world for a little while there. I saw this, like, red sky and a rock formation. It was crazy. So you actually spoke to them? Oh, yeah, big time. [sighs] All right, so here's the good news' Actually, it's all good news. Yeah. First off, yes, your house is haunted, but the ghosts are ambivalent. In fact, they're actually kind of cool. I'm sorry. What-what do you mean by that? They're good. Good ghosts. Wow. So there's more than one? Oh, yeah. Yeah, there's two. There's a guy, who it sounds like you saw, and a lady. Huh. Okay, but what about the chair and the brushes? Those seem like fairly aggressive moves. Yeah, they were just trying to make contact. I think they just... they just wanted to make some noises before they showed themselves to you. They didn't want to scare you. Yeah, well, that approach obviously didn't work. Yeah. Okay. So how do we get rid of 'em? Well, that's the thing. You don't. I'm confused. I thought-I thought we were hiring you to get, uh, rid of the ghosts. Yeah. That is what I would be doing for an additional fee if I felt that the presence was malevolent, but that's not the case. Like, if anything, you should consider yourself lucky. Lucky? Yes, lucky. What you have here is an amazing natural phenomenon. Just try to think of it as like an Aurora Borealis that only you get to see, because it is contained to your house, and your house alone. So you're saying that we cannot get rid of them' No. I don't- Maybe you could, but it- In my opinion, that'd be kind of an asshole move. These entities are just trying to go about their lives. Yeah. Look, you trying to get rid of them would be tantamount to them trying to get of you. How would you like that? . Okay- You all occupy the same space. They're just in a different dimension. It just so happens that, for whatever reason, the membrane is somewhat permeable here, so you can see each other. This... It's not a big deal. It's not something that needs to be fixed. You know what I mean? Yeah. I mean, I think that makes sense to me. Whoa, wait. Sweetheart. So you're saying we have to live with these things. No. I'm not saying you have to. [laughs] I'm saying you get to. [snaps fingers] Whoa. You need a cleansing. [blows] You want one, too? Second one's % off. Mmm. I am going to miss that mountain air. Yeah, me, too. So you managed to get, uh, some painting done up in Prescott? Uh, no, not really. Spent most of the weekend dealing with, uh... [chuckles] What? [sighs] You're not gonna believe this, but... my house is haunted. Okay, are you sure you're not just imagining this? I mean, we did a -ton of acid back in the day. No, man. I mean, I wish. There's something up there. And this dude, he said you should just live with it, like it's no big deal? Yeah, that's exactly what he said, and then that it's "special and good." Well, that's bull. I mean, that's your cabin. You worked hard for that. You shouldn't just leave it haunted. Right? I mean, I don't know. That's my opinion. I don't know either. I don't know what the hell to do about it. You know, Marcus had to deal with some weird type of ghost at his place that he bought on Holly Oak. Really? What happened? Well, they move in. At first, everything's fine, and then they start to realize that the guest room is just really funky. You know, it has a feeling. When you walk in, you feel totally oppressed, like you... you feel this pressure bearing down on you. Then his parents come to stay. They're up at : A.M. They're saying they have to leave, that it's too creepy. Marcus can't get his own parents to stay a second longer. So, Marcus, he hires this guy. I think his name's, like, Icy or Izzy or something, and this dude is just a straight-up ghost assassin' They bring him to the room. He just walks in. He feels the energy. He zeroes in on the bed, and he's like, "When did you get this bed?" And they say, "We got it right when we moved in from an antique store." This dude rips off the mattress, right'? There's these wooden slats that hold up the mattress. There's one slat that's, like, oily and black and just weird and different. This dude's like, " bingo." He takes that slat, and he feels it, and then he just thinks, goes in a different place or whatever the , and he's like, "This, this is from a gallows that hung , men." Whoa. And then this dude, he took the piece of wood out, and immediately, immediately the house was normal. So he totally fixed it for them? Yeah, man. I can get his number, if you want, from Marcus. I mean, if it was me and there was a ghost in my house, even if that was friendly, I would not want that there. I mean, you don't want a haunted cabin. It's the last thing I want. Exactly. I'm getting his number for you.

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