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Friday, July 21, 2017

KPHX - 1480 AM Phoenix

KPHX - 1480 AM Phoenix, Online KPHX - 1480 AM Phoenix Radio internet, KPHX - 1480 AM Phoenix USA Radio Dan, are stuck between the living and the dead' It's for various reasons, of course. Some are suicides, where they slit their wrist and then right after were like, "Never mind." Well, guess what. I mean, you don't get that luxury You know, you did it, and you're dead. But most ghosts just miss the carnal delights of being alive. You know, stuff we take for granted: , food, especially stinky food like these stinky fishes' Wine, like a fine merlot, such as this. When they come to sip and bite, I catch the ers in my boxes, and they're trapped forever like rats. Now, the outer two boxes have been triple-blessed, but the middle box, Mama Bear, cursed by a priest. I didn't know that priests did curses. Most won't, but if you get deep enough in the sub regions of the Vatican, you'll find priests more than willing to do it. Not a lot, but they're out there. So how did you get into this- Shh. [whispering] We have to be quiet now. Come sit by me. [whispering] Now, what'd you ask me? [whispering] Just, um... how did you get into this? This seems like an odd line of work. [whispering] Says the painter of death circles. [chuckles] Um... how did I get into ghost hunting? I, uh... I saw Satan. You saw Satan? Yeah. Straight up saw the goofball. He was, uh... just there, you know? I was young. I was lying in bed. I looked towards the window, and there he was, just staring at me. What did he look like? Just classic. You know, horns, red, um, cat eyes, which surprised me. Fangs-a lot of Halloween-y stuff' That's... crazy. [scoffs] Telling me, dude. Like, completely confirmed to me that the spirit world is real and that going to church with Auntie Betty and... and kneeling down by your bed at night to pray isn't enough. You know, I mean, we're at war. Don't let anyone tell you differently' We are at war. Yeah, I mean, that doesn't really line up with my worldview, but I can see- Your worldview. I mean, this isn't a, uh, NPR roundtable. Worldview. Speaking of worldview, Danny boy, mine's getting a bit too crisp and a bit too dainty. Why don't you, uh, top me off here? Um, do you... Should we be drinking this much'? Seems a little- Oh, hell, yeah. No, I drink all the time when I'm ghost hunting. Okay. It helps, you know, ease... ease me into it, relaxes me, gives me a bit of a childlike view on things, helps me see ghosts, to be perfectly frank. All right, well, in that case, I say we make a toast... Shh. You see that? Yeah. Yeah. Holy . Holy . Holy . Holy . ' [gasps] What do we do? What do we do? Os, what do I do? Os! We're gonna need a garbage bag! Okay! Get another garbage bag! Don't let it touch your body. Okay. Keep it away from your body. Okay. It has to be at least inches. Okay, bring it over. Gently. Uh-huh. Just lower it down. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Get out of here. Uh-huh. [laughs] ' Bam! That's it? That's it! One down! Yeah! Wow. Want to go get a cheeseburger? Thank you for the burgers. They're good. You're welcome. They are good burgers. [owl heating] [panting] [sighs] [distant whistling] Hey. Hey. sorry. I can't sleep so good. What is that thing? It's my Nic-Nip. I'm quitting smoking, and this gives me a little nip of nicotine. All right, I'm going back to sleep. Cool. [whistling continues] [birds chirping] [scraping sounds] Hey, there he is. Good morning. Want some, uh, eggs and bacon? Yeah, sure. There you go, sir. Thank you. Oh, whoa! Oh, yeah. I put, uh, some alcohol in it. Gotta keep the buzz going for the, uh, ghost hunting. It's a little too early for me for that. Oh, come on, man. This is your, uh, vacation home, you know? Time to relax. [laughs] All right. 'n. I haven't had an Irish coffee in, like, years, so... God, I haven't had one since... yesterday. [both laugh] Seriously. Cheers. So, um, there's not much we can do, uh, during the day, as far as the whole ghost trapping is concerned. Um, you know, I was thinking maybe we go downtown and, uh, do something? Maybe go to a store or go hiking? Oh. You know, I was actually gonna get some painting done today' Oh, okay. Yeah, that's cool. Um, I'll just, uh... I'll do something alone.

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