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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Radio Kasa 1540 AM Phoenix

Radio Kasa 1540 AM Phoenix, Online Radio Kasa 1540 AM Phoenix Radio internet, Radio Kasa 1540 AM Phoenix USA Radio And the eyeball juice just goes everywhere. I mean, it was the grossest thing I've ever done in my life. You know? Just... I have no idea why I did it. It was so disgusting. Well, like, did this lady haunt you or something, or... I wish. I wish it was that easy. So the Garcia girls take off, and my buddies and I decide to go to Denny's and drink. And we sit down in the booth, and I notice on Ronnie's cheek, there's a piece of eye, you know, like a lens from that lady's eyeball And so I grab the piece of the eye off of his cheek and run into the bathroom, and I just flush it down, and when I get out of the stall, there's this... beautiful, hot woman in a tight red leather dress. You know, red lips, black hair, and before I could even wash my hands, she comes over to me and grabs my dick and says, "I saw you out there, little strong man' I saw you out there, little boy." What'd you do? . [scoffs] Before I could do anything, she's like, "Let's go back to my big mansion, and I'll you." Seriously? Seriously. So we go out to the parking lot, and right before my eyes is a brand-new, beautiful white, uh, Lamborghini Testarossa. She floors it all the way to the mansion, and she sucks and s my brains out. Like, that I had never done before or after, and, like, very, very satisfying stuff. Before the sun comes up, I get dropped off at home, and I pass out. The next day, I get on my bike, and I ride over to where the mansion was, and it's a vacant lot. It was gone. I- I never saw that lady again' Do you-do you think it was a dream? Well, I don't know. Can a dream give you gonorrhea? Because she gave me gonorrhea. Or should I say, he did? Because I didn't a lady that night. I ed the Devil. [wind chimes clinking] [ominous music] [] Am Os! Wh-What is it? I saw her. Where? My room. Ooh, I feel her. I feel her, Dan. I feel you, you shifty beast! Show yourself! Come out, asshole! You don't see her? No, but I feel her. I feel her in spades. What do we do now? Bury this. [birds chirping] . [groans] Os? [soft knock] Can I come in? Uh, yeah. Hey, um, sorry about that. I- I didn't think you would be up' I had to get naked to feel the energy of the living room on my bare skin. . Okay- And I fell into a trance, so, yeah, sorry. Uh-huh. Bacon and eggs? [singing to self] [instrumental piano music] [] [Os wheezing] You feel anything? Oh, hell yeah. Tons of stuff. Little mini-histories and . But, uh, not them. God damn. Uh, is that stuff gonna stain the wood? No. It's just tap water. Whoa. What is it? This thing has got a funky, funky energy. You-You attached to this? No. It's just a rock my son found. You don't happen to know where he found it, do you? I do. It's from Chipmunk Rock. Take me there now. What are you looking for? Oh, I'm not looking for anything. I'm feeling for something. Hmm. You don't feel this? Oh, God. [soft rumbling] [grunts] [vomits] [Spits] Is there anything you need me to bring when I come up tomorrow? Uh, you know, it's funny you should ask, babe. I'm thinking I might just come back to LA I'm kind of sick of it out here. Okay. Is something wrong? I mean, you've been acting weird all week. No, every/thing's fine. I'm-It's just- Dan, dinner! Who was that? Nothing. Can I- Can I call you back? Okay. I'll }us& see you tomorrow. Okay. Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow' Bye. Bye. Dan, come on! It's getting cold. [metal clangs] . God damn it. Damn it. . Hey, man, so I think I'm just gonna sit this one out Really? Yeah, yeah. I'm bushed. We were up talking pretty late last night. You don't want to see this ghost trap? Ifs my favorite. It uses magnets. No, I'm-I'm tired. I'm gonna turn in. Okay, man. Good night. [distant thumping] [distant grunting] Get the out of here... What do you want?! Come out, you stupid lazy bitch! Leave my friends alone! Huh? What do you want'? Huh?! Huh?! What you need?! Ah, I know what you want. You want some sweet stuff, don't you? [grunts] . There you go, you stupid bitch! Drink my wine, you goddamn whore. Come out! [Sputters] [wheezes] [muffled muttering] [coughs] [panting] Get the out of here, you stupid devil.

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