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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

KUAZ 1550 AM Tucson

KUAZ 1550 AM Tucson, Online KUAZ 1550 AM Tucson Radio internet, KUAZ 1550 AM Tucson USA Radio I'll get something here. . Okay- Hey, man, look, um, if you haven't found anything by time I get back, I think we're-we're good here. Good? Yeah. I-I think we're done with the whole ghost double-check. Yeah, just, you know, as a friend, can you just please let me really dig in here'? You know, let me do my thing' Os, we're done. Why are you being like this? I mean, do you even think of me as your friend? Os, we-we really just son of met each other. I mean, we've been together four, four and a half days. You know, entwined. That's something. Os, you know, to-to have a friendship with someone, it needs to build overtime, and there's lots of- Do you- You know what I'm saying. Whatever, dude. I... Don't worry about it. I'll just keep working. All right, well, I'm gonna grab lunch, and, um, I'll be back in a bit. [instrumental piano music] [] Yeah, well, you want to know what I did with your wedding ring, huh? You want to know where it is? I fed it to a prostitute! ! No, no more ghosts. You know, I think it was a one-time thing, you know? You know, I can't wait 'till you guys get here. Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that stuff' I really shouldn't have said it. Uh, just please call me back. Okay? Love, Oscar. Oh, uh, P.S., don't do this divorce. [instrumental music] [] Os says go. [grunts] [glove buzzing] [glove buzzing] [glove buzzing] Ah! ! [grunting] Oh, what the ? Os, what the are you doing?! in' chopping it. It's still tainted. This is an antique. This was my grandmother's. God damn, man. in' out of your mind? in' bad news. God damn it, dude. I'm sorry. I just- New has come to light, and I had to act. Point blank, there's a third ghost. Look, Os, it's the same ghost, okay? I made up the thing last night about scaring the ghost away. It didn't happen. What the , man? You got me spinning in a goddamn house of mirrors here. Why'd you lie to me? Because I'm just' I'm uncomfortable with this, you know, with-with all Of this. Why? Is it 'cause I was naked? Yeah, frankly, and I just- Dude, that was for a reason. People are naked all the time for a reason. Look, I just started thinking about what Joey said, and I agree. I don't think the ghosts are causing any harm here. Harm? You mind talking about harm? How 'bout possessing your firstborn son? Jazz! I'm talking about Jazz, Danny! I just... I think we've done all we can to the ghosts. We're not done. I mean, we've barely just begun. I think we have to be done. Listen to me. You know I only have your best interests in mind' The least you can do is give me two minutes. Just two minutes. Okay, Os. What'd you figure out? Okay. Thank you. Now, you said that your family bought this land, like, a longtime ago, right? Yeah. Okay, now, is it too much for me to assume that you and Mary would make love up here, you know, out in a tent or what have you? Yeah, that probably happened. [snaps fingers] Bingo. I knew it. Now those paintings, the mysterious uh, circle paintings, you started painting those when Mary was first pregnant with Jazz, and-and you said that the idea came to you in a flash, right? Nope. I never said that. I know where you got that idea. You got that idea from Satan. Os, I think I've heard enough. I want you to leave. Dude, think about it. The paintings, the thousands of paintings that you did while your little precious boy was sleeping next to you. They're not just circles, they're a portal, and when Jazz came home from Chipmunk Rock, he was carrying not just a rock, but a key that unlocked that portal that you been painting. Os, I want you to leave, okay? Why aren't you listening to me? I figured it out for you. God, your son is possessed by a demon, possibly Satan himself, dude. I don't care. I don't care. I don't care if there are ghosts here, okay? This my home. I don't like the way you're talking to me. I need you to leave. Do you understand what I'm saying? This is bigger than that! It's bigger than us! This is about Satan! This is about being at the front lines of Hell and not-not backing down! Dan. where are you going?! Leave! Leave my home! No. Lam not abandoning my post. Leave! No! [panting] Okay, let's take a breather. Sorry. I got a little passionate You know, I feel very strongly about this, buddy. But, I mean, imagine you're in bed with your wife, and you're cozy, and you wake up 'cause there's some discomfort in your butt and you look up, and it's your son, and he's got his thumb jammed up your asshole singing, "Hello, Daddy. Hello, Daddy. Hello, Daddy." Go. Go. Go on. Oh, you want to get physical, you ! How many push-ups can you do?! Seriously, how many push-ups can you do? Huh? You motherer. Oh, ? Real mature, man. Hi. I have a hostile person in my home who refuses to leave. Dude, let me get my . I'm going. Buttermilk Road. Dan, please, I'm going. I'm going. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Seriously. I thought we were on to something great here' Uh, actually, never mind. He's leaving on his own. No, that-that's not necessary. Okay. Sorry. Thank you. Dude, can you give me a hand? Seriously. Come on. I'm leaving. You're getting what you want, dude' Please? Okay, on the count of three

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