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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Radio Phoenix

Radio Phoenix, Online Radio Phoenix Radio internet, Radio Phoenix USA Radio Do you know his strength? He is over taken five strong elephants with a single hand. Ask him to win over me. Hey Obulesu, finish that idiot. You go to graveyard on dying. Graveyard is where I am at. ::. --> ::. align:center Who are you sir? Friend, I am a friend. Do you need the power over this village? Why do you ask so sir? Power is like a sweet. It tastes very sweet. Opposition is like a medicine and tastes very bitter. I am waiting for that chair from years. You need the chair in the centre of this village and I need the forest around this village. I will enter the fight this time from your side. Understood sir, power is mine and forest is yours. A small request sir. Do not win over Pichaiah Naidu in the contest, but kill him. Satisfaction when enemy dies before eyes is different than when he loses in the competition. NaiduYes That Gundappa Naidu is saying to make some strong guy get into competition this time over you. No strength can stand before my goal to safe guard my village from such idiots can stand before my strong will power. Sir, your grandson decorated you with bindi be foreten years and sent you for the competition. It would be good if he comes even now sir. Do you have no sense bloody?Why are you reminding all those now? What he said is true.No idea whether I exist after the next ten years. Thus, my grandson should come for this Sankranthi. How will the guy not interested even to talk with you from ten years come now? Yes uncle, how are you? I am waiting for death dear Oh no, what happened? Will my grandson come at least for this Sankranthi? I have been trying father in law. Dad! Say he will not come unless I die and I will die. You do not talk so dadI will some how convince and send him. I know dear that he will listen to you. You take care dad See you dear You managed great dude See, he will come now No idea, when would he understand the pain of dad. We shall somehow send him there for this Sankranthi. Where is he? He is been to airport for receiving Priya Merry Christmas my dear children. This is for you. and this is for you. Some good used to take place as and when Santa clause gave me some good gift in childhood. Bye children. My child.. Merry Christmas. Thank you Santa, Merry Christmas God bless you. Santa Clause gifted me after many years That means, something good will happen to me today. Mr Rao Yes, thank you Santa Has Mr Rao sent you? Yes, Mr Rao sent me Yes What happened? I lost my hand bag and even my phone is in that. Not the passport, right? Passport is with me Do not be tensed losing that,but get relaxed for having at least this Everything is an experience and still we met for the first time. It happened so and we can never forget anytime. Thinking positive so... Experiences will be left behind. She is hit back Yes, thank you Hello! Chai, a big fight is on here at the train terminal Yes, please come fast Ok, I am coming. Hello Yes A small issue in between and we will look into that and go, Ok?Ok Stop it! I will slipper if you speak again No shame to message asking to come for giving send off bloody? I texted as you texted first Hey, you texted first You kept You kept You kept You kept I kept Why did you text bro? I texted from your phone as you were daily crying in drink that Sheila has not texted you. Are you crying for me daily? Are you not crying for him? What, is she too crying for me? Bro, it is just a small ego problem in between you both. No problem eliminating that. Say sorry to Sheila. Sorry I am also sorry It's Okay.. Go give hug.Okay bro. Come dear.. Love you.. Love you too. It is my habit to appreciate when someone does a good deed. I liked your attitude to make two get together. I am impressed. Bro, train is still late by three hours it seems.Who would wait? There is two pegs of Vodka, come on let us go. Hey, put your brain in a fridge and think with mine in such times. It is just patched up. Convert that into a plant and enjoy the fruits bloody. I didn't eat fruits. She will eat go What if uncle calls? We will switch it off I will kill you kill bloody Sheila..Wait, I am coming Shall I wait for three hours? I cannot, I get bored. Bore? If you ever rewind the highlight scenes of our life, they are visible in d in these three hours Yes, but conditions apply You got to see only in my point of view for these three hours. A new world can be seen by you only then. By the way I am Chai! I am Meera! Total moving world is like a mirror Will it not show you like as you are? If you dream in a new way Sleep gets impressed saying you to need to leave. Let us move the leg like the earth asks Let us turn around and let the enjoyment start Let us open up like the air blows Flowers dropping are the reference for this small life Let us once give shake hand though danger is saying no Let us give way to adventure saying welcome Let us make the hangover stand to a side though it is coming Let us break the thought if there is a border Come crossing the magical valleys coming across your path Listen and follow your heart directly saying to listen No idea what is the destiny, remember this today

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