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Monday, July 31, 2017

Buddha Hits

Buddha Hits, Buddha Hits online radio, Buddha Hits internet radio fm... Add to your site. Well, how do you like it? Not bad. Not bad at all, not bad. The cream of the crop. Perfection. Oh yeah, we're gonna have fun. Little drink, baby? No thanks. Never mix business with booze. You're a real pro. Go ahead and have one if you like. I think I will. Celebrate what's coming up. Yeah, Harry. Big surprises ahead. Well, here's to you. Here's to you, Harry. Hey Radio What Radio What's going on? This is goodbye, Harry. Okay, why don't you guys unload the stuff, and I'll go tell my father we're here. She's dead. You two stay here. Neil, come on. Oh, Jesus Christ. That crazy broad. She's gone insane. Quick, call the police. I'm gonna go after her. Kim, listen to me. Maybe you're hurt, but this is crazy. You're a riot, you know? A million laughs. You think this has anything to do with you or jealousy? Kim, listen. You've got it all screwed up. Let's talk, huh? Oh, now you want to talk, huh? Now you have time for me. Yeah, that thing with Annette Radio Listen, she was just a Radio She was a Radio Jesus, Kim! Some more, Kevin, I love it when you squirm. Bitch. God damn stupid broad! I see, the one with the necktie isn't it? I. B. Singer Radio Kobundo Radio Excuse me, where is the Kobundo? The Kobundo? You go down there. There's a school. It's nearby, on the left. Thank you very much. Can I sit here? -Sure. You come often to this class Radio When you're naked in front of people, what part do you hide first? You Radio You like contemporary poetry? Do you? Kind of, yes. During Nishimura's seminary we commented on Nobuo Ayukawa. Didn't you think it's ridiculous? "The existence of the father" as the essence of Ayukawas poems. years after the war Radio -Sorry, I'd like to read. There are many of you today. We'll try not to waste time. Last time we talked about poets in post-war Japan. We'll continue on that topic. Here you go! You scared me! It's been a while! What's up? -A job. Huh? -A part-time job. Really? Poor thing. Yeah What about you? Why are you wearing a scarf? Look. ls he a vampire? You seem happy. But I'm not happy at all. I don't really want to get married anymore. The other day, his father came from the countryside. He introduced him to me. Apparently he liked me. I love him too. But not enough to marry him. Though, I'd have regrets if we break up. Tsuneo. Sorry. I thought you were someone else. No worries. Let's hang out together! No thanks. Tsuneo Radio we lived together for one year, and you went away without a word. Welcome back. When I realized it, another man was in my room. and I Radio I Radio I Radio Come on. You know, men are not usually allowed here. Usually. But I just saw a man coming out of the room next door. He was going out? Then you'll go back home tonight too. Generally, that's not what a man and a woman do when they're together. Don't you think so? -Yeah, yeah. What's this? Did the wanderer give it to you? Easy. There you go! Come on! Missed it! One more try! I got it! Good! Well done. We ran away too, to Kitanotani. As I thought! Really? It's getting better and better, isn't it? Wow! That's so great! Try it! No thanks. Want to stop? I'm tired of it. A last one. Open the tulip! It's inside! What's going on? A fight? Looking for trouble, bastard? Should I fight too? No. , he's here. It's not the right time. Ok, I'll go for a walk. minutes- I'll be waiting. Hello Mariko. Hello. Back from shopping? No, from the pachinko. The pachinko? Amazing! I was lucky. The color of this box is so beautiful! No need to compliment such things. About the rent Radio I'll pay you in the middle of the month. That'll make two months. OK. Thank you very much. I don't want to intrude in your business but you seem to be in a gap. I quit my job. You should try to find another one. Yes. How long have we been eating melons? Mr. Takamizawa offered me to work in his wife's hair salon. Thank you. It looks delicious. -It looks great. It has a nice color. Enjoy your meal. It tastes good. -Will you take it? You have a spoon don't you? Will you take it? Well, the rent bills are building up. I have no choice. Mari. Are you on the pill?

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